Northern Winds Pow Wow @ Chinese Gardens

May 8th-11th, 2009

On the weekend of May 8th through the 11th, we held an informative and fundraising booth at the annual Northern Winds Pow Wow located at the Chinese Gardens. A lot of our supporters came out to meet the members and supporters of the Mexica Movement. We had many conversations regarding the the lack in unity in our community regarding the Mexican, "Central American," and "Native American" community.

We were there all weekend long passing out flyers and fundraising with our posters.

Our booth all set up and ready to go Fundraising with our liberation posters.
The left view of our new exhibit. The right side of our exhibit. One day this will be a full museum.
People walk in and observe the exhibit and books. Olin Tezcatlipoca speaks with Professor Aki Maehara regarding our history.

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