OF JANUARY 21, 2006

We need your participation and/or your financial support.
There are more protests coming up and we need your help.
Call us if you can join us for the next protest which will probably be at Van Nuys within the next few weeks.
We need your help before we get outnumbered by racists and vendidos.
Don't sit back while we do all the confrontation. Help out in whatever way that you can.
This is just the beginning of a long struggle against racists. Be part of the solution not part of the problem!
323/ 981-0352 or email us at

We arrived before any of the SOS or Minutemen arrived. Mexica Movement was ready for them.
The professional Burbank Police Department arrived to make sure all was orderly.
Burbank Police were polite and professional. We established the points where we were going to protest and where we expected the racists to be.
Burbank Police did an excellent job of keeping order and being respectful to all of the protesters.
Our flag is the symbol of the Mexica Movement. We are a Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) rights organization for the People of Mexica, "Central American", "Native American", and First Nation people of Canada.
The racists showed up in bigger numbers than they have ever turned out. Our numbers were about equal. We are here in front of the Day Labor site to defend it from the racists.
Here we are confronting the racists as they continued to arrive.
Again, Burbank Police kept order and were professional about it.
THE HATEFULL ANGRY & RACIST GRANDMOTHER. She remembers the "good ole days" when segregation was the law of the land and racism was something white people could be proud of.
The numbers grew on both sides as the morning progressed.
These racists hate BUSH because he is considering a "Guest Worker" program. Bush is not on our people's side because of this. He just wants to make sure that his friends get cheap labor and get richer than they are.
Read the stupid and hypocritical sign on the left. As if they care that our people are doing slave labor. It's all about racism with them. They would put our people in concentration camps if they could get away with it.
Here's that stupid self-hater again with her blue sign.
Look at this vendido shouting "USA, USA, I hate my people, I'm very stupid. I am a vendido." Well, not exactly what he said but what he meant to say. Notice the racist puppeteer in the white shirt moving the vendido from behind.
Here's a gusano of the worst kind...well, you have to hear his racist comments before you can learn to really dislike this guy.
We used our bullhorn to respond to their racist crap. Our favorite chant was, "Racists, go home to Europe."
The racist ramblings of the SOS and Minutemen grew tiresome after a while.
Note the Stolen Lands t-shirts which really upset the racists.
Here we are confronting them in the last few minutes of this day.
This is what racism looks like in Burbank.
This shot gives you an idea of how the protest was layed out.
We were on the left side directly across from the racists. Across the street were protesters from the anti-war organization ANSWER.
FOX news interviewed the racists and didn't want to hear our side of the protest.
Here is that vendido again with his pathetic racist vomit coming out of his mouth.
The racists grew tired and left.
We stayed until the last racist left.
This is the last racist (in white t-shirt)
Finally, even he leaves.
This is the other vendido that spoke against our people. Here you see him more animated in his hate for our people. Mexica Movement being interviewed by CBS radio affiliate. Mexica Movement being interview by NBC affiliate.