FOR THOSE OF US WHO ARE "CENTRAL AMERICANS" (Salvadoreños, the Pipil of Cuscatlan; Guatemalans; Nicaraguans; Hondurans; and Costa Ricans), we need to be aware of how we are one people with Mexicans, Chicanos, "Native Americans" of the "United States", and "First Nation" people of Canada.

We need to be clear about how we are all part of Anahuac, part of this continent, part of our united mother-father Olmec civilization.

Anahuac is divided into nine European-descent controlled areas:

"El Salvador"
"Costa Rica"
and "the United States"

These artificial divisions of our continent and our people are the result of the last 500 years of European colonialism, Genocide, forced relocations, and other crimes.

There are over 150 million of us in all of the segments of occupied Anahuac ("North America").

We have 40,000 to 50,000 years of being on this continent, our land, without Europeans. That is a longer time than the 2,000 to 2,200 years that the Slavic and Germanic tribes (Germans, English, Dutch, Scandinavians, and French) have been in Europe (Slavic and Germanic tribes came out of central Asia).

The current colonized, ignorant and enslaved condition of our people does not permanently define us as a people. This has to be clearly understood!

We will change from being the ignorant slaves of the Europeans into an authentically free people, people who are free from all of the controls of the Europeans.

In order to change our present colonized condition, our people need to be taught our true and complete Pre-European Anahuac history in a way that is positive and constructive.

We so-called Central Americans need to see that there was no "Central America" until 1823.  The other "republics" that were formed after the breakup of "Central America" are artificial divisions.

When we know that all of the people who are of western Guatemala, "El Salvador", Nicaragua, and most of Costa Rica originally came out of what is now called Mexico.  Most of us in these countries came out of Mexico from the collapse of Teotihuacan sometime after 700 AD.

As for those of us of Guatemala and Honduras who are primarily of Maya descent, remember that there are more Maya in Mexico than the combined populations of Guatemala and Honduras. 

We need to see that there are artificial divisions between the so-called Chicanos and Mexicanos.  And that there are artificial divisions between us "Central Americans" and the Mexicanos.  We are the same people.  We have the same origins in civilization.  We have the same basic culture.  We all have basics of the Nahuatl language in the way we speak our version of Spanish.  Our foods are basically the same.  Our people look the same.  People can't tell the difference between a Salvadorean and a Mexican because there is no real difference.

We have been divided and kept ignorant of our unity.  We need to examine the lies that separate us.  We then need to look at what makes us one people.

We, as a race and as a nation, have been criminally, savagely, and unjustly enslaved by the Europeans into a poisonous sleep of death. Under this immoral spell, our nation has suffered the European terrorism of their biological warfare, the Genocide of 95% of our people (in Mexico and "Central America"), and in the rest of this our continent.  We have suffered poverty because of the theft of our land, and the almost total destruction of our heritage.

This series of European crimes have left us as a ruined people. These crimes have left us as an impoverished people, and as incomplete human beings. Under Europeans, we have suffered their parasitic sucking of the blood of our nation's wealth, and the slow-motion mass murder of us as a people.

We have to be the united Nican Tlaca people of Anahuac.  We have to see how Mexica society forms the perfect means for us to reconstruct our unity and our nation, and to forge the liberation that is needed.

"Central Americans" need to see that we are neither "Americans" nor are we Hispanics.  We need to see that we are the people of Anahuac, this continent, along with the Mexicans, Chicanos, "Native Americans", and "First Nation" people of Canada.