Los Angeles, California, Occupied Anahuac
April 15, 2005

Outreach being done at the beginning of the march. Posters being prepared for the march. Volunteers who helped carry signs.
Educating a local disc jockey on our history. The crowd grew to about 5,000 mostly student marchers. Some moms and dads were there too. Another volunteer with a sign.
The yellow-black Answer (progressive organization) signs were all over the place. They have a bigger budget than we do. Our banners went up The corner of Olympic and Broadway grew crowded.
The march was dedicated to Anthony Soltero, the boy who committed suicide when he was threatened by his vice principal with three years in prison for leading the walkouts at his middle school.    
Our message of Nican Tlaca soverignty over our continent is getting out, little by little.
Here we are at the end of the march passing out fliers and speaking with our people.