These are just the worst of the white supremacist laws passed in the last two hundred years.

Presented by the Mexica Movement, a Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) Rights Educational Organization

Last Updated May 4, 2007

There is an ugly history of white supremacy in the form of racist immigration laws and laws that were meant to terrorized us, the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people) of this continent.  When we speak of our continent, we speak of it without the European colonial boundaries that separate our people.

You people of European descent who are not racists have to get a grip of reality and stop this "illegal immigrants" nonsense now.  Educate yourselves out of the mainstream media and outside of what you learned in high school. You should look into the reality of illegal European immigration onto our continent that has been going on since 1492 and look into your sense of justice, sense of truth, sense of logic, or even your own Judeo-Christian ethics to see how wrong you are in your attack on the people of Mexico and "Central America" that have migrated into the United States.

Look at the faces of these so-called "illegals" and you will see Nican Tlaca (falsely called "Indian") faces.  These are not European faces.  These are the faces of the true owners of this continent, the people whose land you are occupying.  You cannot corral us into areas that you "border off" so that we cannot migrate on our own lands, on our own continent. By any culture's standards, that is wrong.

The only real illegals on this continent are the Europeans who forced themselves onto our continent with violence, lies, slavery, genocide, and countless other crimes.  If you really are ethical-moral Judeo-Christian people, look at your history on our continent before you pass more white supremacist laws or before you call any of our people "illegal"

The racist laws listed in the boxes below are just the worst of the worst laws passed by the white supremacist congresses of the United States over the last two hundred years. 

Keep in mind that these were laws passed by people of European descent who entered our continent illegally. 

They, Europeans, invaded our continent beginning in 1492 with the Spaniard illegal immigration in the Caribbean and continued with the English illegal immigration in 1607 Jamestown. 

Throughout all of the centuries of illegal European immigration, squatters on our lands, and the thefts of our land and its wealth, Europeans have savagely killed 70 to 100 million (95%) of our people in the whole "Western Hemisphere" ("North and South America") through a series of terrorist acts of violence, spreading smallpox as a means of genocide, and the destruction of our civilizations (yes we had cities and civilizations!). 


YES 70 to 100 million of our people were killed by your European ancestors!  Look it up in the book written by a white man:  American Holocaust by David Stannard.  There are plenty of books documenting this.  And don't say that it was so long ago, and tell us to get over it, to forget about it.  Then you forget about Romans and Greeks, forget about Jesus and George Washington, forget about 911 (our people were killed there too).  Tell the Jewish people to forget about the Holocaust.  But you won't dare do that, so don't tell us to forget about our Holocaust that killed 95% of our population and stole 100% of our continent that is now called North and South America.  And remember that Mexico, "Central America" and "South America" are still controlled by whites (European descent people).  And don't tell us to go back where we came from, this whole continent is where we came from, Europeans came from Europe, so if you want to disrespect us, you should go back where you came from and take your white supremacy there.

Illegal European immigrants placed their illegal borders on our land with the point of a gun and other acts of terrorism.  And now they tell us that we cannot migrate from one part of our continent to another part. That would be something like, if Australia had been colonized by the English, French, and Dutch and had been divided by them, and the Australian aboriginal people could not travel from the Dutch to the French part or from the English to the Dutch part of their own land. That is criminal, immoral, and an injustice.  To say nothing of the immorality of the whole concept of colonialism.  But that is what white people are doing to us.  They are not only stealing our lands and resources, they are not allowing us to migrate from one part of our continent to another.  That sounds like the apartheid Pass System of South Africa or the Israeli apartheid system that limits Palestinian people from traveling from one part of their land to another part of their land.  It's all racism!  It's all an injustice. 




(CNN, FOX, KABC Radio, and all of the other racists

who are exploiting ignorance and promoting hate)!

This law set the pattern for racist immigration laws into what had been declared the new nation of "the United States of America".  This was a nation founded on stolen land, genocide of 95% of the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people), ethnic cleansing, broken treaties, lies, massacres, kidnapping African for the purpose of enslaving them to do work that they were too lazy to do themselves. White supremacy made a strong statement with this law.
This law was the white supremacist work of Andrew Jackson (the guy honored on the 20 dollar bill).  This was ethnic cleansing of the worst sort (Trail of Tears).  It stole land from Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people) and forced them to migrate to the west side of the Mississippi river.  Our people were promised that they would be given land there that would forever be theirs.  That was one of thousands of broken treaties and thousands of lies told by Europeans.
This law specifically excluded Chinese from immigrating into the U.S.  The intent was to keep out a non-white race that had grown in numbers during the building of the railroads in the West.  The Chinese had proven themselves to be hard workers and good business people.  This appeared to be too much competition for European-Americans who were used to having affirmative action protect them in their business practices. This law was blatant white supremacy.
This law favored British and Nordic descent people over Southern Europeans and Eastern Europeans.  The congress of 1924 made this law in order to assure that the United States would remain a majority Nordic descent nation. This was meant to keep out Italians, Eastern Europeans, and Jews from entering the United States in large numbers.  This law in effect was what kept Jews from entering the United States when they were fleeing the Nazi persecutions of Hitler's armies of occupation.  This law passed not that long ago.  This was a racist law in context of internal European racism.  This law is the background to a lot of the racist legislation being introduced in the last few months. Notice that in the current talk of "illegals" there is no concern for the "illegal" white Canadians or illegal Europeans who truly are taking American jobs, jobs that pay over S50,000.  They are not here to work in fields or to clean office buildings.
This was not a law, it was an racist "enforcement of immigration laws" that affected U.S. citizens of Mexican descent. This so-called "Mexican Repatriation" was a forced migration of over 500,000 people of Mexican descent from 1931 through 1934. But, there had been others who were "Repatriated" in the 20's.  One third of the Mexican descent population of the United States was summarily deported-repatriated to Mexico.  60% of those deported were children who were U.S. citizens.  Many who were not repatriated left on their own because of the white supremacist climate that had been generated by the government and the media.  This is the type of terrorism and racism that white supremacists want to happen with the current attempts to terrorize our people. Again the issue is truly about race and the history of Europeans illegally taking this continent. SEE LINK for more details: 
The Bracero Program in and of itself is racist, in that it acknowledges the need for the labor but refused to allow the needed labor to migrate as a permanent population.  If these were European workers, we know that they would have been allowed to permanently enter the U.S. and to be like the millions of Europeans who entered as part of the needed labor force of the eighteenth and early 20th century.  This was a law meant to keep out non-whites and to not allow Mexicans to re-enter land that was stolen from them by the United States in an unfair war of imperialist greed:  The Mexican American war of 1846-48.  But it was a law to "Keep America White" and to "Keep those Mexican Indians out of our country".  This was the most blatant of all the blatant white supremacist immigration laws ever passed in the last two hundred years.  So when people want to say that this is not about race, remind them of the Bracero Program.


FACTS  Y O U   S H O U L D   K N O W !

MEXICA    Mexica (Meh-shee-kah) is the original Nahuatl (the so-called Aztec language) way of pronouncing Mexican, Mexicano, and Chicano and Chicana. The Mexica was the last of our great Anahuac civilizations (1325 to 1521).  Mexica is the only one of our cultures and civilizations which has enough surviving material from which we can reconstruct our Anahuac nation.  The Mexica were victims of an ethnocide that left no one today who can authentically call themselves Mexica, much like in Italy there is no one who can authentically call themselves Roman.  Therefore, the rest of us who have lost all of our civilization identity and culture or tribal identity and culture, and even those of us who have a civilization or tribal identity, can and should embrace Mexica identity as a collective identity for all of us that we use in order to reconstruct our Anahuac nation and as a means of Liberation.  Mexica does not negate Maya or Huichol or Comanche or Shoshone or any of our other Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) civilizations or cultures.  Mexica is our point of unity and our means of reconstructing all of our nation.

ANAHUAC    Anahuac (Ah-nah-wak) is the true name of our nation. We are all part of the Anahuac civilization that gave us the Olmeca, Zapoteca, Teotihuacan-Toltec, Maya and Mexica civilizations. The Mexica part of our Anahuac heritage is how we can reconstruct ourselves as a Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) nation, as the Anahuac Nation. We have historic, cultural, linguistic, and racial factors that make us one Anahuac nation, which includes all of our civilizations and cultures. The Mexica heritage gives us a history, language, theology, and study base from which we can rebuild all of our Anahuac heritage.  We are a beautiful mosaic of civilizations and cultures throughout this whole continent that Europeans call "America".  But this is not "America", this is Anahuac.

NICAN TLACA    Nican Tlaca is our Nahuatl (Mexica) language way of saying "We the people here", in reference to all of us who are Indigenous to Cemanahuac (what Europeans call "the Western Hemisphere") and more specific to Anahuac which is the northern part of Cemanahuac (which is falsely called "North America"). Nican Tlaca refers to all of the people of our race in the "Western Hemisphere".  We are not Indians or indios because those are the people of a nation called India.  We are also not "Native American" because we are not related to Amerigo Vespucci, nor do we accept the concept of "Native" because it is always used in a derogatory manner.  Notice how there are no "Native" Europeans.

NOT MESTIZO    Mestizo is a racist term imposed on us by the Europeans.  Mestizo (Mixed-blood)as an identity denies us our full humanity, it enslaves us to the European world.  Full-blood or Mixed-blood we are still Nican Tlaca. Being Mixed-blood (so-called Mestizo) does not stop us from being Nican Tlaca, no matter how "white" one looks. The shades and physical looks of our Mixed-blood people are just scars from the rape of our nation. The scars do not define us! Our history, our heritage, and our continent ARE what defines us.

"CENTRAL AMERICA"    "Central America" was artificially created in 1823. Before that date we were all part of Anahuac. Anahuac includes Mexico, "Central America", Canada and the so-called U.S. We are not "Central Americans", therefore we use that term it quotes to reject it; while at the same time we know that most of our people are ignorant to its racist and colonial terms and that is the only way that they will know what we are talking about.  Much like us using the English or Spanish language, we use them in order to communicate with our people but we know that they are not our languages.  If we wrote the whole website just in Nahuatl or Maya the majority of our people would not understand a word of our website.

NOT HISPANIC    Hispanics are the Spaniards, the people of Spain. We are not Spaniards! We are Mexica! We are the people of Anahuac.  We are the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people) of this continent, the true owners of this continent.  We are not Spaniards or the property of Spain.  Calling ourselves "Hispanic" denies us our true Nican Tlaca Anahuac identity, history and heritage. It enslaves us to the interests of the "Spanish" white world. Calling our people Hispanic is racist.  Calling our people Hispanic is like calling the African descent people in the U.S. Britannic because they have British names and because they speak English.

NOT LATINO    Latinos are the Latins: Southern Europeans--the Spaniards, French, and Portuguese. Calling ourselves "Latino" makes us cultural slaves of Europeans. Like Hispanic, Latino is cultural suicide. It is cultural genocide. It betrays our true Nican Tlaca ancestors.

NOT RAZA    "Raza" is not an identity. "Raza" is basically the same thing as using the Eurocentric term "Mestizo"--it takes pride in Spanish blood (what little or nothing that we may have) and puts shame in our Nican Tlaca blood and culture. Calling ourselves "Raza" is a way of saying, "I'm not an 'Indio', I have some, mostly, Spanish blood". In Mexico "Dia de la Raza" is celebrated on October 12---Columbus Day. Imagine that! We are celebrating the rape of our mothers, the rape of our nation, the enslavement of our people.

EUROPEAN, WHITE AND CRIOLLO are basically the same thing. These are "White" people who are on our continent. Europeans can call themselves "Canadian" or "American" but their homeland is still Europe and they are still trespassing on our continent. A Criollo is someone of "authentic Spanish-European" descent who is still on our land exploiting our people, our resources and our wealth. GENOCIDE as defined by Raphael Lemkin, "...is the planned annihilation [killing] of a national [Mexican] or racial group by a variety of actions [biological warfare, oppression, enslavement] aimed at undermining the foundations essential to the survival of the group [Nican Tlaca of Anahuac] as a group.

MEXICA MOVEMENT is leading the way with actions that defend our people, actions that provide a vision for the liberation of our people, actions that confront the racism against us and the occupation of our continent by Europeans. We declare ourselves independent from the Hispanic-Latino European colonialism and racism that has enslaved us for over 500 years.


1) Study this document and go to our website for more information:  www.mexica-movement.org

2) Read the recommended books listed below under BIBLIOGRAPHY.

3) If you can't get your books from your local library buy them from the powells.com

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6) Once you understand our philosophy, and you have found the courage to change your life, become a part of the Mexica Movement.



None of these books are perfect, but they are the best of the best that are out there.  Read these with caution.  These books are from 90 to 100% right on the history and issues of our people.

(Read in this order, please)

1 Daily Life of the Aztecs by Jacques Soustelle

2 Mexico by Michael Coe

3 Mexico Profundo by Guillermo Bonfil Batalla

4 American Holocaust by David E. Stannard

5 Anahuac Book by Olin Tezcatlipoca  located on this website  click here

6 Year 501 by Noam Chomsky

7 Colonizer's Model of the World by J.M. Blaut

8 Mexica Handbook by Olin Tezcatlipoca

9 Mexico's Indigenous Past by Lopez Austin and Lopez Lujan

10 American Indian Contributions to the World by

Emory Dean Keoke & Kay Marie Porterfield


11Latin America: From Colonization To Globalization by Noam Chomsky

12Encyclopedia of World History 6th Edition by Peter Stam

13 Oxford Atlas of History 2002 by Oxford Press

14 Course of Mexican History by Michael C. Meyer and William L. Sherman

15Oxford History of Mexico 2000 by Michael Meyer and William Beezley

16 In the Language of Kings by Miguel Leon-Portilla

17 Skywatchers by Anthony F. Aveni

18 Flayed God (out of print, get used) by Roberta and Peter Markman





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