Last updated June 19, 2010

This is a summary of the photos from our May 29, 2010 march in Phoenix. Below is an commentary by Citlalli Citlalmina Anahuac, Member of Mexica Movement and photos of the event. Video will follow in a few days for youtube, more photos will be added. You can see some of video of the march on Naui Ocelotl Huitzilopochtli's videos (that's him all the way on the right in the group shot below) on this link The part where you can see our participation is in the youtube video right below.


Special thanks to our Mexica Movement Supporters in Phoenix,
you made our job a lot easier. You are now officially the Representatives of Mexica Movement in Arizona. Cuauhtlatohuac Chimalli Huitzilopochtli is the Spokesperson for the Representatives of Mexica Movement in Arizona.

Olin Tezcatlipoca, Director Mexica Movement

From Citlalli Citlalmina Anahuac:

It was amazing! Thousands of people, marching in 90 plus-something-degrees, and smiling! We had never used so many Mexica Movement signs at a march before! It was a lot of work! Emails, phone calls, late nights, taking lunch time to buy stuff to prepare the posters, confusion, frustration,but we were there.

It is amazing to meet so many people, that are involved! Doing whatever they can. Lending their talents, their voice, their money, their cars, their homes, their time, their lives to end this white supremacy!

To my brothers and sisters in Arizona, especially to our Mexica Movement support team, I am so damn proud of all of you! We are all at different levels in awareness, different ages, backgrounds, but our unity factor is that we are working to end the colonialist white supremacist occupation of our mind, hearts, and lands!

Last week I attended a funeral of a 12 year old girl. This Saturday I marched to end the genocidal practices being legalized in Arizona, life is too short to not give a damn.

I come back to Cali feeling renewed of inspiration and courage. When I go to these events, my mind and heart get strengthened. I am reminded that struggle is worth it. I am reminded of how precious our health is to be able to use our bodies and our minds to create a collective imagination that will help liberate us so that we can think of a future where we are able to roam on our lands, as the rightful owners, to walk unashamed of our skin, and to actually give a damn about our community.

We stayed with a very educated white woman, Annette Sexton-Ruiz, who has time and time again, let us stay at her house. She has offered her time, her home, and her space to allow us to be able to participate and bring our message to AZ. She is amazing. She reminds me of all of my liberal white teachers who went out of their way to help their students in meetings, protests etc., I am very honored to have been given the opportunity to meet such a wonderful person. And I know, there are many like her, joining our people, and helping collectively heal from the damages of colonialism on both of our peoples psyche.

Our message in the Mexica Movement is that SB 1070 is GENOCIDE! We are fighting the ongoing persecution of who we are, revealing our hidden history, defending our present and our rightful struggle for liberation.

I am getting a little teary-eyed because it feels so over-whelming, but if tears will roll down my cheek they will be met with a huge smile.

I love everyone who loves truth and justice!

May our fight be a journey in which we all learn our heritage and regain our lands.

Peace, Truth, Liberation.

The flags of the Mexica Movement proudly fly next to our banners and posters that boldly reframe the question of who is the illegal and whose land this is, whose continent this is. This is our continent and this is our land. The only illegals are the Europeans who came after 1492.

Tlazocahmati to Citlalli Citlalmina Anahuac for being the coordinator of all of the work that went into making our trip and the presence of our message a success. And tlazocahmati to all of the other Members and supporters who contributed to our success. And yes, tlazocahmati to all of you who donated money to pay for the gas, food, banners, posters, and other materials that made all of this possible. Without your donations we would not have had the money to go to Arizona.

Olin Tezcatlipoca, Director of Mexica Movement.
This is the core team for Arizona, there were dozens of other supporters and volunteers who had to leave for California or elsewhere when we took this picture, but picture yourselves here with us. The photos that you see here are from various photographers (Yaocuicatl, Naui Huitzilopochtli, Robert Sanchez, Cuauhtlatohuac Chimalli Huitzilopochtli). In photo above LEFT TO RIGHT: Nelyollotl Toltecatl (muralist, writer, lecturer), Carlos Cordova (graphic artist for our posters, writer, lecturer), Opochmaitl (new incoming member, San Diego), Eddie Aguirre (supporter), Citlalli Citlalmina Anahuac (coordinator of event for Mexica Movement, poet, writer, lecturer), Christopher Xitco (supporter of Mexica Movement for truth and justice), CONTINUE BACK ROW: Cuauhtemoc Tlayohuac (Representative Mexica Movement Arizona), Cuauhtltohuac Chimalli Huitzilopochtli (Spokesperson Representatives of Mexica Movement Arizona), Adrian Monarrez (supporter), FRONT ROW: daughter of Beatrice Martinez (Supporter Mexica Movement Arizona), Olin Tezcatlipoca (Director/Founder Mexica Movement), Beatrice Martinez (Representative Mexica Movement Arizona), Xochitl (supporter Mexica Movement from San Francisco), Naui Ocelotl Huitzilopochtli (supporter Mexica Movement, Youtube warrior against white supremacy, and in the street he is also a warrior against whtie supremacy).
This is at the beginning where we lined up for the march. We talked to a lot of people, passed out fliers, explained posters.
There were a lot of youngsters who will be the warriors for our people. Older people marched with us because of the strong messages.
This young warrior-in-the-making took the poster he was going to carry. We thought he would get tired. We watched out for him. He didn't tire. Here he is. You will see the videos that he proudly carried this while chanting. We are proud of him. Young courage. We should all be like him.

To the left is our young hero who protested at the Capitol building and was arrested. See here

Heroes are being made all around us in this battle against white supremacy. We need warriors men and women to step up to the defense of our people. Join the Mexica Movement, support our work, donate money in any amount, stay informed, educate others what you are learning.

Below is a poem inspired during the march on May 29 by Mexica Movement Member Yaocuicatl:


And the warriors
Bound and twisted their hair
Armed with shields
Of knowledge

Voices loud and fearless

Messages of liberation
Piercing like arrows
Breaking ignorance

Ignorance that silences
Our minds,
Silences our courage

Ignorance is torn like paper
Crumbled and thrown on the ground

Arms collapsing
Still fighting

Can it be heard???

I Yaocuicatl

YES, SB1070 IS GENOCIDE---look at our faces. We are Nican Tlaca, Indigenous people. We are Full-blood and Mixed-blood united as one people against white supremacy.
This was our booth at the beginning of the march.
Reminding everyone that terrorism began in 1492 with the Europeans.
Unity, discipline, and the beauty of our people marching for a cause. Chants, music, meeting other courageous people, getting the message out that we will not sit back and watch white supremacy terrorize our people.
This is our main message to Nazi Arizona, to the world, and to the United Nations. The world has to see this aspect of these Nuremberg (Nazi) type laws. Tlazocahmati to Nelyollotl Toltecatl for all of the banners and art he has made to strengthen the presence of our messages.
The world needs to know the history behind SB1070, a history of white supremacy. We are not illegal on any part of our continent, not foreigners. WE ARE THE PEOPLE OF THIS CONTINENT, THE TRUE OWNERS OF THIS LAND, THIS CONTINENT. The U.S. has a long history of racist laws that kill and terrorize our people. It is a simple fact, just read the history books without making up excuses for the violence and injustice of white people against our people and other non-whites.
Messages for Arizona and for the world to see. Presente! Mexica Movement! To the world, we remind them to boycott Arizona!
Another reminder to the white supremacists who call us illegal. Beautiful how people kept up an strong presence throughout the march.

TO THE WHITE SUPREMACIST: GO BACK TO EUROPE. To the good white people: Let's talk truth and justice; let's repair the damage that white supremacists have done over the last 500 years. This is all about truth and justice, and human decency.

One of our many posters that we have created over the years to show our connection to our continent and the unity of our people: Tlazocahmati Carlos Cordova, member of Mexica Movement for the tremendous contributions that you have made to the education and liberation work for our people.
Reminding everyone that raids on our communities are still going on. Another Mexica Movement poster. Beautiful young warriors in the making. No complaints from them. Lots of chants from them. Beautiful hearts, beautiful minds. An inspiration to us all.
You can see families with their children. There were a few grandmothers and grandfathers. These people made a point to show their courage, spend their money to go to Phoenix, and to demand justice. Chris, a white supporter of our people, a supporter of the Mexica Movement. He has shown great courage to stand up for truth and justice, like other good and decent white people.
There are other white supporters against white supremacy, even amongst some of the older whites in Arizona there is support. These two beautiful human beings showed their support against SB1070 as we passed by their apartment building. It was a 7 mile-long march from Steele Park to the capital building. Estimates were from 50,000 to 80,00 people. It was peaceful and everyone was in good spirits, supportive, and determined to finish the seven miles. It was in the mid-90's but we did get some breezes.
Conference on the video and photography of Mexica Movement member Yaocuicatl with Olin Tezcatlipoca. You don't see him in too many photos because he is the guy doing the video or the photography. Tlazocahmati Yaocuicatl. Member Citlalli Citlalmina Anahuac and supporters (Eddie, Chris) rest up with Arizona Mexica Movement Spokesperson (Representative for Arizona) Cuauhtlatohuac Huitzilopochtli (bandana on head). This was at the end. We were tired feet, tired voices, tired minds---it was hot weather!
Photo on the left is of Eddie with Gaudencio Fernandez, the hero of Manassas, Virginia who came to join us in march. He drove all the way from Virginia. On the right in the whie tshirt holding a hat is Ed who came with diabetes but he was in the march and helping out. Next time you have an excuse as to why you don't come out and join us remember this man Gaudencio, and this man Ed, remember the old people marching, remember the little kids, remember that courage only takes a few steps. Don't abandon us or our people. If you lack courage, send money to help us. If you lack money, just send a dollar in an envelope. Everyone can afford that. But to do nothing, that also has a name. This is going to be a long fight. Utah is already planning its own SB1070. If you do nothing, you are helping white supremacy.