May 19, 2006
Updated June 30, 2010



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This page has been updated to reflect the white supremacy legal terrorism in Arizona

We are the Nican Tlaca, the Indigenous people of this continent, that make this declaration to the world.

We are the Canadian "First Nation" people. We are the "Native Americans". We are the Indigenous people of Mexico, "Central America", "South America". We are, in our unity, the collective owners of this continent. We recognize no European "settler" (squatter-invader) borders on our continent. We recognize no borders that have been set by European colonizers in the last 500 years.

We are defending our people with our words and actions. We are defending our continent. We are defending the liberated future of our people, our Nican Tlaca nation.

To defend our people and our continent is not a crime. It is not "illegal" to defend your people. It is not "illegal" to travel/migrate on your own land, on your own continent. It is our right and our duty to defend ourselves from the terrorism that has been inflicted on us since 1492 by the hordes of illegal European immigrants. Illegal European settlers have no human right to declare us "illegals" on our own continent. The Nazis made laws in Germany that were legal but were savage, immoral, racist, and crimes against humanity. The same is going on now in Arizona and several other white supremacy cities, counties, and states across the settler nation called the "United States". These racist laws affect our people, but they are neither legal nor moral in the eyes of international law and common human decency.

Let us continue our declaration by being really clear that this whole "immigration and illegals" proposed legislation (all versions) is all about race and racism, racism against Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people), nothing less and nothing more. All the pretend talk of "borders" and "lost American jobs" is all a fraud.

This is all part of the same old legislative racism that defended slavery with laws, that defended segregation with laws, that defended "Indian Killings" with laws, that defended the theft of this whole continent from us the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people) with laws.

The reality is that the ongoing "immigration and illegals" debate is totally dishonest. This debate needs to be honest by first discussing the hidden history of illegal European immigration to our continent from 1492 to the present. This history of European illegal immigration onto our continent has to be discussed intelligently and aggressively by our people, so that the European descendants of those illegal invasions of our continent can see how they are the only real "illegal immigrants" on this continent. Nican Tlaca cannot under any circumstances be considered "illegal" on this continent.

The European criminal invasions, killings, massacres, and outright ethnocide that killed 95% of our population CANNOT BE SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET OF "THAT'S THE PAST". That Genocide which "emptied out the land" for Europeans, and allowed for the theft of our wealth of resources, is what unjustifiably enriched Europeans in Europe and Europeans on our continent. We will not "get over it" because it affects us everyday in our poverty, and in the denied access to the vast wealth of our continent. Europeans (whites) control not just the U.S. and Canada but they also control Mexico (Fox is a whiteman) and "Central America", so everyone can drop the pretense that Mexico and "Central America" are somehow controlled by our people, by Nican Tlaca, Indigenous people.

This whole continent has a history of racism from the point that Europeans came here illegally in 1492. The history begins with the illegal entry of Columbus in 1492, Cortez in 1519, Pizarro in 1532, De Soto in 1538, Oñate in 1598, Pirates at Jamestown 1607, Pilgrim racists in 1619, illegal takeover of "Louisiana Territory" in 1803, Texas in 1836, "Southwest" in 1848, and every inch of land on this continent that has been stolen by killing us (Nican Tlaca, the legitimate and only owners of all of this continent).

There is a long history of illegal Europeans committing crimes against our people on our continent. AND NOW THEY HAVE THE GUILTLESS, SHAMELESS, NERVE TO CALL US "ILLEGALS"? To say that we are criminal trespassers. What happened to truth, to morality, to a sense of justice? Or to guilt and shame for committing crimes? Christians? These are civilized people?


In this criminal historic context, the Post-1492 European-descent illegal immigrants that came to our continent over the last 500 years became the only group of people that could be referred to as “illegals”. WE, THE NICAN TLACA, INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF THIS CONTINENT, under no circumstances can be considered "illegal", no matter what we are labeled or what European languages we have been forced to speak. All treaties were broken by Europeans, thus they are all null and void. All treaties were signed under threat of more European terrorist attacks on our people, thus they are null and void.

1492 is the only starting point from which "illegals" can be spoken of on this continent. Without that starting point, European descent people speaking of any Nican Tlaca, Indigenous person of this continent, as an "illegal" today is all a criminal fraud and an immoral lie.

We the Nican Tlaca, collective Indigenous people, of this continent have a home, a homeland that is now called "North America" by the invaders from Europe . Our homeland is now illegally occupied and controlled by European descendants. We have no other home, nowhere else to go but this continent and we will not be limited by what Europeans say is our land and what is not our land. The Nican Tlaca, Indigenous people, of what is now called Mexico and "Central America" are part of the same people as the Indigenous people of Canada and the United States. We, the collective thinking and conscious Nican Tlaca of this continent, know that we are one people, one race, one culture, and we reject the illegal and artificial European divisions (borders) on our continent and their fraudulent divisions imposed on our people.

Europeans have no right to define who we are as a people. They also have no right to claim ownership of even one grain of sand from our beaches, not one drop of water, not one tree, nothing of this continent belongs to Europeans or their descendants. This whole continent belongs collectively to the Nican Tlaca, the Indigenous people of this continent.

Europeans have a home, a homeland that is called Europe. Europeans have broken and entered into our home, our continent. They have committed crime upon crime to cover up all knowledge of their genocidal crimes against our people, to destroy all our legal rights to our continent and all of its resources. They have divided us by borders, calling us by different false names, and raping our population. None of this takes away the fact that collectively all of the Nican Tlaca of this continent are one people, one race, one culture, and one nation that cannot be divided for the convenience, enrichment, and exploitation of Europeans. Our continent and our people have been artificially divided by Europeans for the purpose of stealing the wealth of our land, the wealth of our resources, and the slave labor of our people. Europeans cannot legally or morally take away from us our 50,000 years of racial unity on this continent, and they cannot take away from us our right to be on any part of our continent, and they cannot take away our ownership of this land, this continent, and all of its natural resources.

Yes, this is all about European racism. This is all about how Europeans are wanting to hold on to what they have stolen from us. This is all about maintaining the present and future industrial plantation of the white race on our continent, with the Indigenous population serving as impoverished and ignorant slaves.

What would white people do if they were in our position? Would they elect to continue as slaves to another race, or would they work and struggle to be free from the racism that dominates and terrorizes their lives, that impoverishes their people, that denies them their full humanity? If they would not remain slaves, why would they expect us to remain slaves, in ignorance, in a slow-motion genocide that guarantees the extermination of our people?

What do we want? First we just want the truth to come out to the whole world about the crimes of Europeans on our continent, and then we want justice.


The Mexica Movement is a Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) rights educational organization for the Nican Tlaca of all of "North America" (Canada, U.S., Mexico, and "Central America"). We are U.S. citizens, U.S.-born citizens, in our majority (which probably doesn't mean anything to the racists, but it is something that has to be made clear to honest and non-racist Europeans). We, as a movement, work to clarify important parts of the history of this continent, crucial facts, that are missing from all of these discussions on "Illegal immigration ". This education is also to educate our people and the rest of the world on our true identity and our true history.

We the people of Mexican and "Central American" descent are part of the Nican Tlaca, the Indigenous people, of this whole continent. We declare that we are not limited to dwell, or to think of ourselves, within the borders that the European colonial powers have set in place on our continent since 1492.

We declare the unity of all our people, the Indigenous people of this continent:"First Nation", "Native American", Indigenous Mexican, and Indigenous"Central American". We will not be separated by the European imposed borders, languages, religions, definitions, or ignorances that now artificially divide our people.

We have a natural right to travel freely anywhere within our continent, amongst our people —beyond the limits and borders that Europeans have illegally forced upon our people and our continent.

We also declare that the vast majority (over 95%) of the Mexican and “Central American” Population is Nican Tlaca. Our Full-blood (30%) and Mixed-blood (over 65%) population have equal rights to identity as Nican Tlaca, as the Indigenous People of this continent, and as the collective owners of this continent.

The Eurocentric racist nonsense of the “mestizo” labeling (defined by Europeans) of our population has only served as a means to dilute our humanity, to deprive us of our identity as Nican Tlaca, to confuse most of our people, and to take away our rights to our whole continent.

To clarify matters let’s look at an African descent person who is raped with European blood. Their child is called a “mulatto” by Europeans. That child is not considered part of the European race—no matter how light the child is. In fact, both the European and African people agree that the child becomes a person of African heritage and identity. That same simple logic applies to a Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) person who is raped (we have been collectively and continuously raped over the last 500 years). Our child of rape is called “mestizo” by Europeans. That child is not considered part of the European race. But somehow under European racist definition that child is considered disconnected from its Nican Tlaca identity and heritage. The reality is that the child is part of the Nican Tlaca race, no matter how light the child is. But Europeans have convinced our people that the Mixed-bloods are a new race. And many of our people believe this lie. Our people go so far as to think that the more they marry the lighter of our people (or white people) that it is an improvement of "the new race". This is just a form of racism, a form of Genocide. This is simply assimilation and genocide. It is self-hate. It is self-racism. It is European imposed collective suicide, suicide by ignorance and self-hate. You do not create a new race by destroying the Nican Tlaca to become an inferior and unequal part of the white race.

We reject the right of Europeans to define who we are. We reject their occupation of our continent. We reject the racist notion that we are forever doomed to serve the interests of Europeans on our continent. We reject the racist notion that we can never be free from Europeans. We reject the notion that Europeans will forever control our continent.


The SOS, Minutemen, CNN, FOX News, and other racist organizations and institutions have broken a major taboo by speaking in complaint against the underground economy that keeps key components of the U.S. economy thriving—with the hard work of Mexican and “Central American” undocumented Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) workers of this continent. Our people, the Nican Tlaca of this continent (U.S. born, citizens, documented, and undocumented), are the slaves (of European colonial capitalism). We are the drones who serve in the racist European control of our continent.

The non-corporate racists ("white trash"/KKK) want to make a loud complain about “illegals” crossing the Mexican “border” (but no complains about the undocumented white Canadians or the Europeans who successfully come to take middle and upper middle class jobs from Americans). The relatively recent racist colonialist game of labeling our people "Latino/Hispanic" as a way to make us seem "Quasi-European", and thus an element foreign to this continent has been mostly dropped. During the last few months of heavy racism that "Latino/Hispanic" labeling replace with "Mexican". Suddenly we (Nican Tlaca Mexicans and "Central Americans") are all now magically "Mexican". Racism has regained the shameless shine of the days of the days of the Klu Kux Klan, the Confederacy, Nazis, and other racist institutions of the white race.

Racists want to talk about “illegals” from Mexico stealing resources from "American (white)" taxpayers (schools, hospitals, and other public services). And in all of their racist talk they can actually see one truth, apart from all their lies, a truth that our own people cannot see: that Mexicans and "Central Americans" are the same people, the same Nican Tlaca Indigenous people of this continent. That's one truth that our own people have yet to come to terms with because of our ignorance of our Nican Tlaca heritage. Our people are still in colonial ignorance and a European imposed self-hate that has our people desperately trying to appear white, or to seemingly pass for white, or to be accepted as not Nican Tlaca.

And finally in all of this chaos and ignorance, racists claim that U.S. sovereignty is being violated, that the laws are not being obeyed (or enforced).

We would like to respond to all of this by first speaking of the monstrous injustices and acts of terrorism that have been committed against us, as the Nican Tlaca, the Indigenous people of this continent, over the last 500 years, from the point when the Europeans first illegally trespassed on our continent in 1492.

During the last 500 years our Nican Tlaca borders have been illegally crossed by Europeans (from the Atlantic Ocean) again and again. Europeans have collectively stolen the resources of our continent (resources which remain stolen property, stolen wealth, to this day). They stole the gold and silver treasuries of our cities (yes, we had cities larger than Europe in the 16th century) to begin what is called modern capitalism. They have used our wealth to enrich all Europeans worldwide and to impoverish our people. Our sovereignty (our independence) has been violated, in fact we are still an occupied and colonized continent to this day. We have been killed individually, massacred in the thousands, tortured, mutilated, enslaved, moved off our lands, relocated, and dehumanized by the evil that is European colonialism.

We most importantly want to point out that the largest holocaust in the history of humanity (33 million killed just in “North America”, 70 to 100 million killed in the whole Western Hemisphere) was inflicted on the majority of us by Europeans in the 16th and 17th centuries, and the rest of us in the 18th and 19th centuries. If they had not done that holocaust on our people there would have been no empty land for Europeans to “settle”, or more properly, to squat upon.

The secret of European success in the world today lies in their intentional use of smallpox and other biological weapons of mass destruction against us (killing 95% of our population). This holocaust is still of one of humanity’s worst unknown crimes. The full extent of this crime is little known outside of limited academic circles because it is not taught in the general education of the schools of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or "Central America"—or the rest of the world.

We have still not recovered from that holocaust against our population. Europeans think that there are too many of our people today. They don't know that there would be well over one billion Nican Tlaca in what is falsely called North America if that smallpox holocaust had not been savagely imposed on us by Europeans.

We have also suffered the destruction of our civilizations, the destruction of our culture, the massacres of our leadership, the ongoing theft of all of the wealth of the natural resources of this continent, and countless other crimes that have left us impoverished, and enslaved to Europeans.

When you know all of this history you should be forced to forget the false borders on our land, our continent. You will need to forget all racists notions of justified colonialism or necessary "conquest". You need to be honest about how this land, our continent was acquired—by theft, by murder, by massacres, by genocide, by lies, by monstrous immoral crimes against our people. We are only poor and in ignorance because Europeans have robbed us and killed our leadership—and destroyed our education system.

We will not be thrown out of our own home, our own land by those who invaded our continent. We will not allow the thieves (of the wealth of resources of our continent) to call us thieves. We will not allow the foreign illegal occupiers of our continent to call us foreigners, “illegals”, “aliens”. We will not allow our people to be newly terrorized by Europeans (Europeans like Schwarzennegger or Sensenbrenner) or the racist European descendants of the people who committed all these monstrous crimes against our people.

Yes we know that not all Europeans are racist. We know that some European descent people are actually helping to bring truth and justice to the world, and that some of our own people are betraying our people and are working with racists for the destruction of our people.

Yes, we want to talk about “illegals”, but in context of the last 500 years of European colonial crimes against our sovereignty. We also want to talk with the moral and honest Europeans about stolen resources, the stolen resources of this entire continent, our continent. We also want to talk about the “illegal” 1492 crossing of the Atlantic Ocean border by Europeans. But we all need to be on the same page of what is truth, logic, and justice, with the same rules that apply for whites applying for Nican Tlaca.

How dare these racists Europeans, these illegal occupiers of our continent, these beneficiaries of genocide, slavery, massacres, biological warfare, and countless other savage crimes, challenge our rights, as the Nican Tlaca, Indigenous people this continent, to move to any part of this our continent. The monstrous gall of these racists, these spiritual sons and daughters of Hitler, to challenge any of our people’s right to exist on any part of this continent.

We acknowledge that racism and colonialism still exists against our people in what is called “Canada”, “The U.S.”, Mexico, and the “Republics of Central America”. This whole continent, the whole Western Hemisphere, is still controlled by Europeans and their descendants. We are working to make sure that Justice will be achieved for us, as the only collective true owners of this continent.

Colonialism must be confronted for all of its ongoing crimes against us, the Indigenous people of this continent. The claim by European descent people that they had nothing to do with the crimes of the past, of their ancestors, and that they should not be held responsible rings hollow when the full equation is presented. European descent people on our continent cannot take all the wealth and benefits of being on this continent (that are a direct result of the crimes of theft and genocide by their ancestors) and then claim none of the responsibilities for the crimes, and also claim that they now own all of the property and wealth that their ancestors stole. You can't have it both ways. Don't reap the benefits of the crimes if you don't want to be associated with the crimes of your ancestors. Your mere presence on our continent is a benefit of the crimes of your ancestors. What does the law say about people who are in possession of stolen property? Do they get to keep the stolen property or are they in fact criminals for knowingly keeping stolen property?

The SOS, Minutemen, and the other racists need to learn some of this monstrous history of colonialism and genocide which will hopefully get them to know some shame, and then maybe the more honest and moral of them will work to make some justice out of the tragedy that their ancestors forced upon our people. Remember this even if you are not racist. Remember what truly civilized people do, what truly Christian people are supposed to do, what truly moral people should do, or else drop the pretense of being civilized or moral or Christian.

Can you be honest about all of what has been presented to you here? Or will you, European descent people, act like criminals and continue with things as they are. And, our people, are you going to let all these things continue as they are, with our people in ignorance, in poverty, in disgrace and dishonor?

Remember finally that we are all human beings and that we should all remember that old adage (not a European saying, it is a Middle Eastern saying): Treat other people the way that you would like to be treated. If we all remember that and we all live that adage then there is hope for justice, there is hope for all of the human race.

Action is the best form of prayer. Let us all work to peacefully resolve the injustices of the last 500 years.