Last update March 1, 2009 These Photos by Pakal Hatuey

This was a great protest against white supremacy in Phoenix, Arizona. There was great unity and focus on the evil of what Joe Arpaio is doing in Maricopa county. These protests will continue until white supremacist Sheriff Joe Arpaio is removed from office and 287g is outlawed by the federal government.
Members and supporters of the Mexica Movement prepare for the march against Arpaio in Phoenix at the "Indian School". We thank the El Sereno students for loaning Mexica Movement their great banner. Supporters of the Mexica Movement and some white students from Pitzer College in California with some of our posters. Remember that this is above everthing else a fight for justice. This was a historic event. There were between 3,000 and 5,000 protestors. There were a lot of good white people who joined in the protest. Arpaio will be removed from office and justice will win.
Our posters were scattered amongst the marchers. Photographs and video recorded this historic event. A young man ready to march to defend his people.
More of the whites who joined in the protest against injustice. The flags of the Mexica Movement flying proud with our people. Our posters, our members and supporters add to the protest.
Members of ACORN in red tshirtstake part in the march and protest. The march begins by moving out of the "Indian School". The messages against Arpaio are clear.
The marchers are forced to march on the sidewalk. The police behave responsibly and decide that the crowd is too big. Police allow the marchers onto the street for safety's sake.
It was a 4 mile march. Phoenix now knows our people are organizing. It was mostly young people in the march. A few old timers joined in. One of our main messages gets out in this poster.
It was a hot day and a long march but we were almost downtown. STOP ARPAIO DOWN WITH RACISM! People came from California and other states to join in protest.
Finally the march reaches downtown. The chants were loud and fierce against Arpaio. White supremacists also recorded the event. Some wore gun holsters.
Finally we were at the Wells Fargo protest destination. White supremacists were there waiting for us. NOTICE gun in holster of coward on the left. It's legal in Arizona.
This guy probably wants to bring back slavery and segregation. Two more white supremacists. NOTICE gun in holster. Real brave! This guy wants an all white Arizona. Notice no young whites join them.