Riverside, California
February 11, 2006

In the picture above your can see the basic setup of the conference room. Our materials are against the side wall. Well over 300 persons attended. They came from different states and from Mexico. They were young and old, individuals and organizations, that gathered with a determination to confront the racism against our people. You will find more photos below.


Our people gathered here in Riverside, California to plan strategies to confront the racists of the KKK, Neo-Nazis, Minutemen, SOS, and the other racists that are trying to terrorize our people. The mood in the room was positive and hopeful, and calling for action, —and there was the planning of actions.

Our people are beginning to wake up. We just need to better educate them about the reality of how we got into the poverty and oppression that we are forced to live in today. We have to explain to them the realities of our beautiful history and of the monstrous history of European crimes against our people. We also have to explain to them that we are not "illegal" on any part of this continent. We are Nican Tlaca. We are the Indigenous people of this continent!

We have been forced to live in this racist oppression for the last 500 years of colonialism under European control in the USA, Mexico, "Central America", and Canada. We have been divided by colonial European borders and their imposed languages and culture.

We explained all of this throughout the day, again and again, during this summit. We spoke of ourselves as the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people), as the true collective owners of this whole continent. WE EXPLAINED WHY WE HAVE TO ASSERT OUR OWNERSHIP OF THIS CONTINENT. If we say nothing about our oppression and the theft of our continent, if we do not claim our continent, it means that we have given away our land, our wealth, our continent, and our independent future to Europeans. That silence, that cowardice, will mean that we accept the theft and our impoverishment as unchangeable and unchallengable realities. But we of the Mexica Movement will not accept the theft or our enslavement to Europeans. We will assert our collective Nican Tlaca rights to all of our continent!

We emphasized to all of the people that we spoke with on this day that Canadians, Israelis, Irish, British, and other Europeans who are here "undocumented" are never the concern of the racists when they speak of "illegals". The racist cities like Costa Mesa, California, that have passed racist laws against our people, will never enforce "anti-illegal" laws against people of European descent (this means that white Cubans, Argentine, Spaniards, and other European descent people will never be stopped by "patrols against illegals").

We reminded our people that we are not Hispanic by heritage, blood, or history. We explained that 99% of our history and heritage happened before 1492. We explained that we need to reject the Latino label because we are not "Latin's", nor are we descendants of Roman blood or Roman culture. The "Latino" labeling of our people is part of the European plan of Genocide against our people, part of the plan of destroying our rights of ownership to this whole continent.

We are Nican Tlaca in race. We are Full-blood and Mixed-blood Nican Tlaca. Being Mixed-blood is just a scar. That scar does not define us. We are collectively of Mexica culture in the core of our identity and our culture. We of the Zapotec, Maya, Nahuatl speakers, and all of the other Nican Tlaca people of this continent are also Mexica in the core of our culture, the culture of corn. Mexica culture and identity was the victim of a 16th century total ethnocide, therefore there are no blood Mexica today who can claim that honor. We are collectively resurrecting that culture and that identity because the majority of us have lost our civilization or cultural tie, our connection to ourselves as Nican Tlaca. We take our Mexica identity as part of the Anahuac nation that has been ripped apart by European borders, and the European enslavement of our people.

This is education and awakening are all part of the beginning of our people's resistance to Genocide, assimilation, and occupation. We will resist non-violently, but we will resist. We will resist by educating our people, and educating the people of European descent, on the history of our holocaust (Europeans killed 95% of our population in "North America", 33 million human lives were killed—mostly with the cowardly biological weapons of mass destruction in the form of smallpox). The whole world needs to know of our holocaust and of the other monstrous crimes that Europeans committed on our people over the last 500 years.

When all of this history is known, then we can talk about whose continent this is, and who has a right to all of the wealth of this continent and who has a right to determine who is "illegal" on this continent—and who can stay and who should go.

Mexica Movement members and supporters arrived early.
We laid out the materials that would educate our people.
Members and supporters got ready to educate, and dialogue with, the people who would come to our tables.
Here we got an Ethnic Studies professor from UC Riverside who was interested in our posters.
One of the participants at the summit reads the blow up of one of our posters.
Members speak with a young crowd that has gathered around our tables.
Our website is presented to those who don't have computers or who had not heard of the Mexica Movement.
Teachers and students kept coming up to ask questions.
The day progressed with our members and supporters in dialogues with our people. The video of our protests played all day long.
We explained to people a lot of the history and of the complicated confusions of identity and the power structures that govern our lives.
Here a participant at the summit looks at the "Arnold" poster.
People were continuously fascinated by the ongoing video of our protests against the Minutemen and SOS.
People came up to purchase posters and books. They expressed support for the work we are doing.
People came in waves to see videos, posters, protest signs, books on our history, and to talk about all of these materials.
Good conversations with educators and people involved in the defense of our people were the rule of the day.
Olin Tezcatlipoca, Director of the Mexica Movement spoke to the gathered assembly.
Olin spoke of our need to totally reject the use "Latino" and "Hispanic" as our identity, and to be strong in our identity as Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people).
Brown Berets drove all he way from Watsonville and made their points to the people in the audience.
The mayor of Maywood spoke of his city's declaration of a haven for the "documented and undocumented".
The people kept coming up to our tables all day long.
The dialogues continued in a sort of awakening fashion. The more they learned, the more they wanted to know.
History was explained and the sources of the history were shown to them.
People continued to show interest in the posters which were on display.
Our video of the protests against the Minutemen and SOS created a lot of interest by the people who continued to come up to our tables all day long. People signed up for the next protest.
Our website was shown to people people throughout the day.
Issues that needed to be explained were discussed.
Table with our posters, newsletter, books, and other materials.
People made notes of our signs.
Others took photos.
Our people will be taking actions against the racists. We are organizing and preparing to confront them in more effective ways.