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Anahuac Women Fight is a study group of women who are members and supporters of the Mexica Movement. This project includes the production of videos, essays, and blogs that speak on issues that affect our women and voice out our position on the process of decolonization and Nican Tlaca liberation.

The focus is regarding the issues that affect women in context to the full colonized experience as a people. The study group provides insights into what has been deemed effective to our lives as women and challenges the "Chicana/latina feminist" approach as contributing to the further colonization of our people by refusing to address the very labels used to mark the distinction of "Latina." Adding to this colonial use of imposed identities, we also challenge the passive acceptance of our condition by denouncing the "Mestiza" ideology, as a colonizing and apologetic mindset that welcomes the European occupation of our lands, culture, and dna. We have the right to live as a free people.