Mexica Movement

Meeting Dr. Michael D. Coe

Pictures by Citlalli Citlalmina Anahuac

Dr. Michael D. Coe


This was a great evening. Wish you all could have been with us. This is a very important man. You need to know who he is. We went out of our way to meet him for three days. It was worth every minute. Here i...s a wonderful human being (just happens to be white) who has done great work as an archeologist, scholar, teacher, writer, and thinker on the history of our people.

When I first met him a couple of days ago, I thanked him for his great work. I told him how we had all benefitted from his work and the work of Jacques Soustelle (Daily Life of the Aztecs) in that we were clear on our history, our heritage, and our idenitity. He said, "Good, that's why I wrote the books"

From that moment on he became my friend. I have been thanking him on every occasion.

Best part: Tonight when I raised my hand to ask a question, he said, "Oh, my friend Olin", I think I blushed with pride. I responded, "Yes, my friend Michael Coe"

A beautiful evening.


We first met Dr. Coe during the Olmec Symposium at LACMA 10.23.10.


We later met again at CSLA where he gave a presentation on the his history in connection to deciphering the Mayan code and the resources that became available.