Leimert African Community

Unites With Nican Tlaca and Progressive Whites

to Confront KKK Nazis

Last update July 1, 2007 Pictures below and Video links also.

Below is the Mexica Movement (John Q. Public is a Mexica Movement member) article from Indymedia:

JUNE 23, 2007, LEIMERT PARK -- Ex-Minuteman and ex-homeless advocate Ted Hayes led an "anti-illegal immigration" march/rally in the heart of the Crenshaw/Leimert Park community. The march took place, but the rally never happened. Members of the Minuteman Project and supporters of "Choose Black America" marched from the Baldwin Hills shopping center to the street adjacent to Leimert Park. The march was an attempt to recruit Black members to assist in the Minuteman Project.

Prior to the march, Hayes denounced "Black-Brown unity". In turn, members of the Crenshaw/Leimert Park community denounced Hayes and his support of the Minuteman Project.
See video on community response to Hayes' comments:

Meanwhile at Leimert Park, LAPD officers in riot gear and over 300 counter-protesters waited for the Minuteman marchers to arrive. LAPD refused to allow the marchers to proceed into the park, citing that they were concerned for the security of both the marchers and counter-protesters across the street. Despite over two hours of repeated promises --made by Ted Hayes-- to march into the park against police orders, the rally permit expired and the event was declared an unlawful assembly. The march into the park never took place, with Hayes and four others arrested by LAPD for the unlawful assembly.

Several members of the Minutemen expressed anger toward Hayes for promising a dramatic show of civil disobedience, but failing to follow through with it. One attendee -- who will only be described as "Roswell"-- exclaimed that "Ted Hayes blew it. This was his chance. He's finished." Another Minuteman -- who will be described as "Desert Storm"-- threw his hand in Hayes' face and said "All this just to end up Politically Correct?!" Other Minuteman supporters began to argue with Hayes and with each other.
See video of Minuteman infighting:

Ego and tempers flared between Hayes and Frank Jorge ("Latino Against Illegal Immigration") during a television interview.
See video of ego fight between Hayes and Jorge, as the television cameras are rolling:

At one point, an enraged Frank Jorge grabbed a megaphone and threatened the counter-protesters across the street. "If these policemen go away, I will cross that street and I will get it out with you, because you are pieces of s**t!"
See video of threat by Frank Jorge:

As the hours passed, and as Hayes continued to delay for more time to march into the park, his own members began to desert him. The march/rally was a disaster in many ways for Hayes. The local community was able to stand off the Minuteman/Hayes group, and infighting and calls for "Slave Reparations" offended many of the Minutemen in attendance (who muttered their disapproval unknowingly in front of this reporter.).

Five of the Minutemen members were arrested.

See video of Crenshaw/Leimert Park reaction to Ted Hayes and the Minutemen:



These are some of the pictures from confronting

the white supremacists and the uncle toms

This is what the white supremacists want us to forget!
African community forms unity with Nican Tlaca Mexica Movement members are present and forming contacts and alliances on Crenshaw.
The majority of the people defending against the white supremacists and the uncle toms were the African community.  They weren't fooled!
These old racist were probably segregationists. New and improved LAPD faces the racists. Normally LAPD faces our people.What a change.
Our two communities came united!   The word got out to the community.
Our unity blocked white supremacists from entering Leimet Park.  Their ugly game came to a stop and the uncle tom Ted Hayes was arrested for being stupid but should have been arrested for being stupid and an asshole.