Showdown In Maywood, CA
Saturday, August 26, 2006

Maywood, CA crowd
The Mexica Movement counter-protested White Supremacists in Maywood, CA.
The white supremacists were upset that the City of Maywood has decided 
not to persecute our people who are undocumented (without colonial papers).

Mexica Movement was there -- along with the community of Maywood -- 
to remind the white supremacists of SOS/Minutemen as to 
who the real illegals are: Europeans since 1492!
We are the Indigenous owners of this continent.



Early Setup curious onlookers
As usual, Mexica Movement showed up before the White Supremacists arrived. Of course, our people have always been on this continent before the Europeans. We stand for unity with Mexicans, "Central Americans", "Native Americans", and Canadian First Nations. We are here! This is our land! The police set up blockades to keep the sides apart, and we set up our weapons of truth. People in the community become curious. They can't believe that we have the courage to tell the White Supremacists that this is our land!  
All Europeans Are Illegal On Our Continent Since 1492 white supremacists arrive white supremacists
This is the message that the White Supremacists don't want to hear. They prefer to call us "illegals" for existing on our own continent! They feel that they have every criminal right to divide our lands and our people as they see fit. We put the facts right back in their faces! Finally, the White supremacists of SOS/Minutemen begin to arrive. They already don't like what they see: Indigenous people confronting White Supremacy.

Their European people killed 95% of our population and they still think there are too many of us around!
It doesn't take long for them to start spewing their racist hate at us. Imagine that, they want us to "Shut Up" because The White Master has arrived! What monsters these people are.
white supremacist criminals weapons of truth white supremacist mode
What this White Supremacist fool doesn't realize is the criminality that his European people have committed against Indigenous People across this hemisphere: genocide, land theft, rape, slavery, destruction of our cities, and a thousand other forms of racist terrorism. Mexica Movement is ready for battle with our weapons of truth. They now go into full-blown White Supremacist mode. All that is missing are the "KKK" hoods on their heads.
crowd grows and grows Deport White Supremacists
The crowd begins to grow... ...and grow... Our side lets the White Supremacists know exactly who needs to be deported...all the way to Europe.
curious people courageous people Illegal European Invaders Go Back To Europe
Some people are curious and want to see our people standing up to the White Supremacists. Others are feeling the courage to confront those who want to terrorize our people with racist hate. We will not be called "illegals" on our own land! Our message is getting through to our people, as this home made sign shows. it reads: "Illegal European Invaders Go Back To Europe."
Maywood Police Mexica Movement front They get upset at us
Maywood Police are there to keep the sides apart. They have already decided they will put on their riot gear. This is what the White Supremacists got to read all day long. They really don't like being reminded of these facts. In fact, they start to get really upset at us.
White Supremacists leave Our people feel courage. Maywood, CA crowd
Finally, the White Supremacists have had enough. They call it quits. Our people feel good for standing up to the SOS/Minuteman White Supremacists.
This is what courage looks like in action!
This is a glimpse of  things to come:
our people rising up with knowledge and bravery.


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