For those of you who are still wondering if Dobbs, Beck, Coulter, and all of the other loud mouth White Supremacists are just about law and order

or if they are Nazi Klu Klux Klan racists out of uniform and in plain clothes, take a look at this series of pages below that are on the internet.  They reveal a barely hidden truth about how these white supremacists (a tiny minority of European descent people) are fantasizing about doing evil to our people, and to Blacks, Jews, and other non-white, non-Nazi people.  If they can really get away with it, they would do it.  Much like some of the Germans fantasized about killing all the Jews, they did it once they were in the position to do it.  But for years before they spoke of this openly.  The mostly low-i.q. (some sociopathic average i.q. types too) European are a tiny minority amongst Europeans/European descendants, but they are loud, vulgar, without conscience, and violent.  The reality is that all races have that component, including our people, but Europeans are more in the position to execute their insane racist ideas, going back to 1492 with the likes of Columbus, Cortez, Oñate, De Soto, Jackson, Custer, Hitler, and the current Dobbs, Beck, Coulter, Buchanan, and their copycats.

This sociopathic genocidal mentality is white supremacy is what the "anti-illegals", "White Rights", Prussian Blue, Minutemen, KKK, and Neo-Nazis are all about.  If they could bring back slavery they would!  If they could kill all the "Indians" (Mexicans) they would.  If they could kill all humans on the planet that are not pure Nordic people, they would.  Be honest about this.



OF MEXICANS (not "illegals" or "Latinos", it's Mexicans). 

Hey, but it is all just a joke.  Hitler would have loved this joke. 

Beck Pic of Day

Check out how Glenn Beck promotes White Supremacy

"Hey, it's only a joke".  That's the common racist defense

when they kid about concentration camps, lynchings, slavery,

and other things that white people should be ashamed of.

Hey, Beck's a recovering alcoholic and you have to give him

some slack.  Remember Bush is in recovery too.  Cut him some




Notice in the cartoon how it's also an attack on Jewish people (flag).  Also notice how

it's all about our people coming here to get "free stuff".  Much like the "free stuff" that

Europeans got from us, like:  all of our continent and all of it's wealth.  They

don't have a problem with taking any of that.

Below is the headquarters of WHITE SUPREMACY INTERNATIONAL.

One good thing about these white supremacists: they admit that they're racists.



And of course our own people who are racist against their people

have no problem joining in this genocidal white supremacist game:


Above is just a sample of the white supremacist evil that Gustavo Arrellano is promoting.

Sadly, his book is a now a best seller, and guess who is buying it?  Mostly white

people are buying it to laugh at our people.  Vendidos buy this book too

because they hate our people, and anything to ridicule them or defile them

is a just a great thing. Remember it's only a joke.



Beck and Arrellano are the worst of these "funny" white supremacists.  What if we did a joke about Beck's mother or Arrellano's mother.  If we did a cartoon of their mothers as a prostitutes.  Just for fun.  To be funny.  Each mother in this cartoon would look just like their mother and have the same name: Beck's mother; Arrellano's mother.  You would see her doing her "professional hooker" work in alleys, in the backseat of cars, in sleazy hotel rooms.  When she would go home there would be a picture of her baby Beck or baby Arrellano on her condom riddled nightstand.  We'll call this cartoon "Beck's Mother is a Whore" and "Arrellano's Mother is a Whore".  Maybe they won't find that very funny. Especially if it was done daily and on mainstream media.  Not so funny, huh? Why is it that they feel that they can debase, dishonor, and defile our people and their culture on a daily basis.  What punks!  What cowards!  What vile turds of humanity they are!  What sons of whores these guys are!

And to the moms of these guys, our sincerest apologies.  But you did a poor job of raising these sociopathic racist beasts.