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White people,

the Spaniards, the English, the French, the Russians, the Portuguese,
and the rest of the colonizing Europeans in “North and South America”
killed 70 to 100 million human lives
using smallpox as a cowardly weapon of mass destruction.

To this day they pretend that it was not used intentionally.

Yet all of the circumstantial evidence is there.

There is not one place on the planet where Europeans went that they

did not use or attempt to use smallpox as a weapon of ethnic cleansing.

First it was used in the Canary Islands, causing 100% extinction.

Then in the Caribbean Islands, causing 98% extinction.

Then on to "North and South America" causing 95% extinction.

After that they used it in Hawaii, Easter Island, Australia,

New Zealand, South Africa, and everywhere else that they found

non-white people had no immunity to the smallpox virus.

In their primitive knowledge, Europeans didn't understand

the exact science of how smallpox was spread

with a rapid deadliness on populations who had no immunity.

They didn't need to know the exact science,

all they needed to know was that once they exposed

the non-white populations to someone who had already

had smallpox and survived that there would be

deadly consequences.

This was consistently used by the white race

as a means of "cleaning" the lands and continents

of their non-white owners.

The result was "free" land, a terrorized remnant populations

that was then easily enslaved.

This is not a very noble story to tell about the secret

of how the white race "acquired" all of it wealth

and all of "its land" around the world.


But white people still say that they did not intentionally use smallpox as a weapon.
They claim that it was accidental, done unknowingly.
They falsely claim that they wouldn’t, couldn't, are incapable of, do such a monstrous thing
—as if the holocaust had never happened to the Jews in Europe in the 20th century,
or the extermination of the people of Tasmania in the 19th century,
the extermination of the people of Tierra del Fuego,
the extermination of millions of non-white people throughout our planet.

Yeah, they would never do such a thing, that’s what the Jews thought too of the Germans.
They thought, “The Germans are too civilized to do such things....”
The Jews were wrong, and Gypsies were wrong and many others

suffered thinking that Europeans were a civilized people.

That was the fate of all of those who had the misfortune
to be under Nazi rule, who died, were killed, in a most uncivilized, savage Germanic way.

It’s sick when you hear Europeans speak of the Nazis,
and it tells you a lot about most Europeans throughout our planet,
in the way they admiringly speak of the Nazis,
“The orderly, punctual, clean, and efficient way...”
that the Germans exterminated Jews and Gypsies.
These are cloaked words of outrageous admiration.
Those words are used to soften the savage acts of the Germans.

Those words are used to somehow forgive the Germans,

they couldn't help themselves in their "efficiency".

This one example of how a significant number of evil Europeans view evil

gives you an idea of what ties the evil hearts of the white supremacy of today
to the white supremacy of the last 500 years.
This racist mentality of modern white supremacy

ties to the white supremacy of all of the crimes that have been committed
against non-whites all around the world.

Europeans have a tendency to produce serial killers, mass killings, mass gruesome killings.
Greed and cruelty seem to be a specialty of Europeans.

It has now become part of white supremacist culture: enslavements,
lynchings, bombing homes, mutilations, and other savage crimes.

It's true that all races do all of these crimes to some extent.

But no one has done it quite with the amount of hate and evil that white supremacy does it.

White supremacy holds the record of the number of human beings killed for not being white (Aryan).

They also hold the record for the amount of human beings enslaved

and the amount of land stolen from non-white people.

Terrorism, thievery, enslavement, and genocide have been the calling cards

of white supremacy.

But the majority of white people do not know of these crimes

as anything that they should be ashamed of.

Sadly, even when they are presented with the evidence

they reject responsibility.

These "innocent" white people,
these Aryans, Germanics, Anglo-Saxons, the Spaniards,
would never do anything as monstrous
as to try to wipe out a whole race of human beings.

The truth is that they have been there, done that, again and again,
and again and again,
throughout our planet.

Still they pretend to be innocents when they are accused of so many monstrous crimes.
They pretend to be innocent victims themselves,
that they are being attacked just for being part of the white race.
They pretend as if they have nothing to do with all of the crimes of their ancestors.
They pretend as if they are not today profiting from those crimes.
They pretend all of this with all of the blood still on their hands,
their fingerprints everywhere at the sites of the crimes around the world,
with witnesses out of their own race saying this, confessions,
documentation everywhere.

These are the collective crimes of Europeans because they have all benefited
from the crimes in the past and they benefit from the crimes now.

So, they sit with all of our land and wealth in their control,
and say, “What? ! What did we do?”
So innocently they play it out.
Blood on their hands, our land at their feet,
our wealth in their banks,
our civilizations in ruins,
our people impoverished and robbed of their continent, their dignity, their independence.

If you look close you can see our people’s massacred bodies everywhere on this continent.

But white people say that all of that killing was a result of war

and that they did all of those massacres "honorably".

Yeah, right, Europeans just coincidentally, accidentally, and consistently
kept spreading smallpox everywhere that they went as a pattern of their "warfare".

There is a pattern of uncivilized European behavior going back
to their invasion of the Canary Islands, in the killing of the Guache people,
in the Atlantic off the coast of Africa.

Europeans first used smallpox in the Canary Islands, in the 1400’s.
There were 80,000 Guanche people in 1402 when the Europeans first invaded.
By the 1500’s there were no Guanche left, all were killed by smallpox
or the massacres perpetrated by the Europeans,
making Canary Islanders EXTINCT.

This monstrous behavior became the pattern of European behavior
around the world:
invasion, extortion, thefts of gold and silver, thefts of food from granaries,
kidnapping, grave robberies, enslavement, murder, massacres,
rapes, and use of smallpox as a weapon.

So by the time they then came to our people in the Caribbean islands in 1492,
their evil ways had been perfected,
making the majority of our people in those islands EXTINCT in less than 50 years.
That is roughly 5 to 10 million human lives killed for the joy and profit of Europeans.
This was mostly done with the use of smallpox.

Invasion, extortion, thefts of gold and silver, thefts of food from granaries,
kidnapping, grave robberies, enslavement, murder, massacres,
rapes, and use of smallpox as a weapon
became a pattern of European savage behavior for the next 500 years.

Keep in mind that the original Jamaicans, Haitians, and other people
of the Caribbean were not African people,
they were Nican Tlaca, Indigenous people.
They were killed to the point of extinction.
Only the Nican Tlaca names remain: Jamaica, Haiti, Taino, Cuba, Caribs.

These European beasts-as-men then went on to Mexico,
killing 95% of a population of the 25 to 30 million human beings,
again with smallpox
destroying civilizations, burning libraries, destroying schools and universities,
in addition to invasion, extortion, thefts of gold and silver, thefts of food from granaries,
kidnapping, grave robberies, enslavement, murder, massacres,
rapes, and use of smallpox as a weapon.

They then went to Peru and did the same thing all over again,
destroying another civilization
(in addition to the Mexica, Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec, Huaxtec, Purepecha, and Otomi);
and then to Florida and the rest
of what became known as the “Southeastern United States”
and did the same thing all over again:
invasion, extortion, thefts of gold and silver, thefts of food from granaries,
kidnapping, grave robberies, enslavement, murder, massacres,
rapes, and use of smallpox as a weapon.

They then went on to spreading smallpox at Jamestown, under the English Europeans,
and then the rest of what they called “New England”;
and then the Spaniards went into California
and in setting up the missions, again they began using smallpox
where it was 100% effective as a weapon
in those Nazi-like concentration camps called “Missions”,
missions of enslavement, suffering, rapes, genocide and destruction.

Eventually they went on to other places in the world that white people wanted to rob
like Hawaii, Easter Island, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.
Their greed was insatiable.
Their greed and evil were habitual crimes
that they now portray as adolescent pranks.
“You did something bad, that’s cool man!
That’s bad. You massacred them. We punked their asses.”

All these words have a deep ugly history.
All of these words are supposed to be funny.
All of these words speak volumes of the amoral culture from which they come:
white supremacy.

European morality and ethics were non-existent from the point that we encountered them.
Even people like De Las Casas who feebly championed our rights
was for slavery of Africans.
What little Europeans had of being civilized was all jettisoned
way back to 1453 when the Pope gave the Papal Bull that gave them permission
to rob, kill, enslave, and do unreined harm upon the non-white races of humanity.

Immorality and crimes were sanctioned by the church.
They tried to use smallpox everywhere they went to see if it was effective,
and were happy to find places where the people had no immunity.
They only failed to wipe out the populations of China and India
because the people there had immunity to smallpox.

Yeah all the land of China and India
would be theirs today if only smallpox had been effective.
But the people of China and India were immune to the smallpox weapon.
Today China and India would be European descent nations
if only the Chinese and Indians had not developed an immunity to their savage weapons.
So much evidence of this crime of using smallpox as a weapon of mass destruciton
but still the Europeans worldwide try to brush it off as myth or exaggerations.
But the world still trembles with fear to think
to accuse the worldwide Europeans of the many monstrous and racist crimes
that they have committed against humanity.

Yeah it was all a coincidence, a lot of consistent coincidence, accidents, supposedly;
the unknown use of smallpox had struck again,
and again and again
everywhere they went (coincidentally),
again and again and again and again
as a weapon of mass destruction.
Everywhere they went they tried to use it.
There is not one place on the planet that they did not try to use it.
Even little Easter Island out in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Ocean
was a victim of this smallpox weapon.

It was an easy and profitable weapon.
They used it everywhere they went.
It was a convenient and cheap weapon,
an easy and cowardly way to cleanse the land,
to kill the people
to steal the land.

Can we without hesitation call these people fellow human beings civilized or moral?
Can we say this of those who would do such things to the true owners of the land,
to fellow human beings?

In modern days and even in the 1500’s
circumstantial evidence for murder has had people imprisoned or executed
for less evidence than this list of coincidences, these circumstances.
But still they walk around free and still profiting from their crimes.

Humanity is so cowardly in assigning them their ownership of crimes
and suiting them with their proper massive guilt and shame that they are missing.

They pretend to be so civilized
in their whiteness, the pale of humanity.

Truth, truth, truth,
the truth is everywhere.
The evidence is everywhere
but we are afraid of our pale brothers.
The truth is there
if we study the evidence, the truth,
if we open our eyes.
Only then can we see the crimes.
Only then will we be outraged
and demand justice.

But the white man controls media and education worldwide
and that means that it will be a very long while before
this smallpox beast finds its European master.

But you reading this can help spreading knowledge.

Begin by reading COLONIZER’S MODEL OF THE WORLD by James Blaut
and AMERICAN HOLOCAUST by David Stannard.



The lies will lose their value, their damnable value,
when we call a lie a lie
and call the truth the truth
and start loudly demanding justice
for the injustices
of the 500 years of European crimes.


In this world of lies
there is this vague talk of “American Values”,
but all they can say is that
American Values are:
Freedom, Democracy, and
the Capitalist system,
along with hard work,
as the essence of “American Values”.

But how can those values be true
in the light of the freedom
that was stolen from Africans,
the Capitalist system that was founded
on land stolen, land stolen from the Indigenous people, the Nican Tlaca,
and a democracy that was based more on Iroquois democracy
than the false Greek elitist democracy (which was a plutocracy, rule of the few).
Hard honest work, a slave’s forced labor is not your work,
work on stolen land is not honest hard work if the land is not yours to work,
if you have stolen the land.
Anyone will work land,
on a hundred or thousands of acres
of so-called free land
if it is free to take, to steal,
from its rightful owners.

Everything Americans own is stolen.

What is the truth?
Stealing land, enslaving human beings, killing women and children,
using smallpox to ethnically cleanse the land of the owners of the land.
White supremacy, land thefts, massacres, slavery, greed,
lynchings, segregation,
broken treaties, Manifest Destiny,
and lies upon lies.
Those are the real American Value.
Those are not values, those are crimes.
Those are the crimes that damn a nation.

All of these crimes,
this evil done, are the works of an immoral people.
a people who should live in shame.
but as always shame can never be found
amongst people who commit such crimes.