This Is Our Continent

Nican Tlaca Mexica Anahuac
Last update March 1, 2006

by Olin Tezcatlipoca

Copyright 2005 Olin Tezcatlipoca



It’s time for liberation

It’s time for education

Time for Liberation
from 1492
Time for education
on the last 500 years...

Time for truth
The truth about Columbus
Truth of the crimes of the Europeans
500 years of crimes
of the Europeans
The truth of our ownership
of this continent
The truth of the holocaust
that happened
to us here
The truth that we are ignorant of

We are colonized
under the European false ownership
of our land, our continent.
We are colonized
under the false labels
of Hispanic and Latino
that make us foreigners
on our own land, our continent.

We are an occupied nation
We are a people enslaved to Europeans.

We need to learn
about colonialism and genocide.
Two important words.

How to be free
from the racism of the Europeans.
We need to learn how to be free from Europeans.

We need to think these thoughts.
Here we promote those thoughts:
we are not Hispanic and not Latino;
end the occupation of our continent;

end of the theft of the wealth
of our continent.

Think on the thoughts on this page

and you will free yourself

from the slavery of ignorance

in which we are all in, then

go out to free our people

with the knowledge you will gain

from these pages.

Education on the true history of our people.
THE ANSWER to anything in our lives.


That’s the answer!
That’s the answer!
That’s the answer!

on the beauty of our people.
Education on colonialism and genocide
and why we must be free
from Europeans.
Free from Europeans.
Our continent,
free from Europeans.
Our people free from Europeans.

The genius of our people
it's being wasted every day.
You should cry one day
when you wake
and know what that means.
They have us living
as slaves in ignorance.

Listen my people
we are all one people
on this continent.
Forget the borders.
Forget English and Spanish languages.
Forget “America”.
We are the Indigenous people of this continent.

We speak to you as the Mexica Movement
in the spirit of our last great civilization,
the Mexica, the so-called, miscalled, Aztecs.
We are Mexica Movement.
The Mexica are our guides
to the liberation of our people.
The name of our nation is Anahuac.
We are the Anahuac nation.
Anahuac is this whole continent.
We are the
people of Anahuac.

Mexicans, Chicanos, “Centro Americanos”,
Native Americans
We are all one people
Not European
Not of the Spanish
Not Hispanic
Not Latino
Not of the Latins
Not of the Whites
Not Raza
Not Mestizo
Rape does not define us
That’s what Raza and Mestizo do
They celebrate our rape
They take pride in our slavery

We are not the natural slaves of the white man
We are meant to be free
Not slaves of anyone

Nican Tlaca means Indigenous.
Indigenous means
that we are the original inhabitants
of this continent.
Listen Nican Tlaca,
all Indigenous
people of this
our continent.
Listen, we are Nican Tlaca:
the only owners
of this continent.
Forget North America,
USA, Canada, Mexico,
and "Central America"
---this whole continent is Anahuac.
This is our continent.
100% Nican Tlaca.
100% Indigenous.
100% Anahuac.

Listen my people
we were
once a great nation.
The nation of Anahuac.
A nation without Europeans
on our continent.

We were
once a great civilization
of large cities, large towns,
a great civilization.

We were once the greatest astronomers,
the greatest mathematicians,
a people
dedicated to science and logic,
law and justice;
dedicated to Our Creator,
our people, and our land.

We were once architects, engineers,
men and women
of books, of cities
---a people
in all our senses
to Our Creator.

We were thinkers, doers,
men and women
of knowledge, of wisdom,
a people of detailed science,
of deep understandings,
a people of tremendous industry,
vast commerce,
men and women of great intellect.
We were teachers, writers, artists,
mystics—people of honor,
people of pride,
people of dignity,
a people
of great accomplishments.

We were a people who were
morally and ethically
superior to any European
(see the list of their crimes against us
—what crimes did we commit against them?).

We were a people
who daily dedicated
our lives
to scientifically understanding
and explaining
the beauty of Creation
the beauty of Our Creator.

That is who we once were.
That is who we can be,

This knowledge is meant to help our people
reconstruct our nation, our culture,
our Nican Tlaca unity, our Anahuac unity,
our Mexica heritage.

This is more than just words.
This is meant to be a blueprint
for the road, the way, the guidance
to make us a liberated people,
once again.

Nican Tlaca
means Indigenous.
is this continent.
was our last great civilization.
is the heart and essence
of the reconstruction
and liberation
of our people.
Nican Tlaca.
Our people, our heritage, our nation.
Nican Tlaca.

Yes, the beauty of our people
The genius of our people
is being wasted every day
Let’s wake our people
Let’s shake our people
With knowledge and courage
Discipline and honor!

Our Anahuac continent!
Our people’s liberation!
Let them be
the order of the day
the order of justice
the order of our destiny

we live under occupation.
European occupation
on our continent
in the USA
in Mexico
in "Central America"
in what’s called Canada
This whole continent
is controlled by whites:
Mexico, controlled by Europeans;
"Central America", controlled by Europeans.
The white faces on Spanish language TV
The whites who control Mexico
and "Central America".

Our people controlled by white Cubanos
in the USA.

We are under European occupation USA
All of our continent
All of what they call
North America
is our continent
This is our homeland.
This is our continent.
This is all our land.
This is all our continent.

Today we are occupied
as a nation, as a people, as a continent

Today we’re poor
We’re ignorant
We kill each other
in gangs, in drugs,
We kill each other
for money, we’re fools
We kill each other
We kill each other
for no good reason.

We fear the white man
That’s why
we kill each other
We fear the white man
That’s why
we kill each other
We fear the white man
We fear the white man!
We fear the white man!

Yes, the beauty of my people
The genius of my people
is being wasted every day
Let’s wake our people
We live in ignorance
Let’s shake our people
They steal our lives
They steal our land

They steal the wealth of our continent
Let’s wake our people
Let’s shake our people
With knowledge and courage
Discipline and honor!

They say we’re foreigners
They say we’re a waste of life
Europeans, the great white race (hah!)
They see us as slaves
They need us ignorant
They need us
slaves in the fields
corporate slaves
janitors and cooks
token corporate capitalists
soldier slaves
gangster slaves
slaves in every way
They need us cowardly
They need us afraid
They got our land
They got our wealth
They got us ignorant
---of all our glory,
of all our history
They got us in dishonor!

They rob us every day
They rape us
with assimilation.
Assimilation is the slow motion kill.
Assimilation means marrying white
to kill the brown in us, to kill the heart of us.
Assimilation means the end of us.
Assimilation sucks us down into the white race.
Assimilation kills our race.
Assimilation is the death of us.
Assimilation is racism.

Assimilation is Genocide.

They’ve killed us of our heritage
They’ve killed us of our dignity
They have castrated us
culturally, mentally.
We behave as if we are the living dead
We might as well be dead

because we are slaves of the white man
The white man’s punk
The white man’s ignorant punk

But that can change
That must change
That will change

We are the Mexica Movement
saying it’s time
to think for our interests,
not the interests or the feelings of the Europeans
or their descendants on our continent.
It’s time for liberation
It’s time for education

We are the Mexica Movement
the one and only organization
for the total liberation of all of Anahuac.

Time for Liberation
from 1492
Time for education
on the last 500 years
Time for liberation
from all the Europeans
Time for truth
The truth of Columbus:
thief, murderous savage monster.
Truth of the crimes of the Europeans
genocidal users of biological weapons.

They killed 95% of us
with biological weapons.
Smallpox was their favorite weapon.
Weapons of mass destruction of our people.
They also enjoyed
doing torture, mutilation, rape, massacres.
These were
their dirty criminal pleasures,
sanctioned by European church and state.
500 years of crimes of the Europeans.
This we did not know!
This we need to know!
Europeans need to know!
The whole world needs to know!

The crimes of the Europeans!

The true savage nature of Europeans.

We must learn the truth
The truth of our ownership
of this continent
The truth of the holocaust
that happened here to us:
23 million of us killed
in Mexico and “Central America”
10 million more of us killed
in Canada and the “U.S.”
95% of us were killed.
Our Holocaust.
The truth is
we are ignorant
of all these crimes
committed against us
by Europeans.

We must learn the truth.
The complete truth.
This truth needs to be
in our breath, our heart, our blood, our bones, our minds, our culture.
The non-Eurocentric truth:
we are an occupied nation;
we are an occupied continent;
we are a people enslaved;
we are an occupied continent;

we are slaves of the parasitic genocidal Europeans.


out of slavery, out of disgrace, out of dishonor, out of this European-made hell.

Zapata said: Land and liberty
That means:
our continent, our liberation.
We need to learn
how to be free;
how to be free from Europeans.

We can think those thoughts,
plan our liberation:




using the intelligence, genius and collective idealism of our ancestors.

We of the Mexica Movement
think and live the actions of liberation.
We will not be cowards.
We all have to think
thoughts of liberation now.
Thoughts to bring about
the end of European occupation, oppression,
and enslavement of our people.

Here we promote those thoughts:
complete liberation;
complete with reparations and end of occupation.
We will be free.
Free from Europeans.
End of occupation.
The end of European occupation
means our people will be free.

The beauty of our people
The genius of our people
is being wasted every day.
Every day we are enslaved.
Can’t you see that?
Won’t you see that?

Let’s wake our people
Let’s shake our people
With knowledge and courage
Discipline and honor!
Our continent!
Our liberation!:
the order of the day
the order of justice
the order of our destiny

Here on this continent

we are descendants
of honorable people,
of great civilizations.

We created cities,
sciences, great achievements
while Europeans
were still savages in Europe.

We created agriculture and medicine,
astronomy and mathematics,
a calendar,
great architecture and art
here on this continent
If you don’t believe it,
look it up in the latest history books,
in encyclopedias,
in art books, archeology books.
Look it up if you don’t believe it.
But it is the truth!

Learn the truth
Erase the lies
Learn our pride
Learn the courage
Erase self-hate
Learn to say no
No to the whiteman
No to the thief
No to the occupier
No to the enslaver
No to the ignorance
No to our cowardice
No to our selfishness
No to wanting to be white
No to killing our own people through gangs
No to assimilation
No and no and no.

We say no to simulating white people
in a love for money
in greed and crime
in gangs that kill us
in lies that kill us
in behaving like white people,

dying hair, bleaching skin, blue-eyed contacts, dreaming of being white.

We say no to being happy slaves, suicidal slaves.

Liberation means to be free from Europeans.

But you need to know who you are, and why you need to be

free from Europeans.

Liberation is not about parties or having a priority of sex

and still pretending to be "revolutionary".

Life is not just about parties and sex.
For liberated people
life is about knowledge and courage,
honor and dignity,
discipline and participation
in the liberation of our people.

Don’t listen to that white person in you
telling you to ignore your people
and to just have fun with sports TV
and getting high, drunk, having sex.

Don't be the beast of the European.
When you behave cowardly, passive, meek, quiet,
what you are really saying is:
Forget My People,
it’s all about me and my pleasures.
That’s being cowardly, shameless, selfish, and suicidal---you are your people.
We are our people, our ancestors, our descendants.
When we are selfish we betray ourselves.
We deny our people their honor.
That’s being a traitor.
Especially when you know
the facts of our enslavement.

Life is not about getting high
and stealing what you can get away with.
Life is not about being born into slavery
and dying in slavery.
Life is about
collective accomplishments.
True accomplishments can only happen

within a liberated nation.

Mexica Movement speaks:
We will not be the white man’s punk!
by being too selfish to liberate our people.
We will not be the white man’s punk!
This is the end of that fool’s game.

It’s time for liberation.
It’s time for education.
It’s time for a disciplined liberation

through the Mexica Movement.

Time for Liberation
from 1492
Time for education
on the last 500 years
Time for truth
The truth of Columbus
Truth of the crimes of the Europeans
500 years of crimes of the Europeans
The truth of our ownership
of this continent
The truth of the holocaust
that happened here to us
The truth that we are ignorant of

Do you understand?
We are a colonized people.
We are officially slaves of Europeans.
They’ve stolen our continent.
That means they’ve stolen our wealth.
Where’s your anger and your
confrontation of this occupation
and ongoing colonization?
We are the 5% that have survived
a holocaust that killed 95% of our people,
23 million of our people were killed
in Mexico and "Central America",
another 10 million of us were killed
in what is called Canada and the USA.

But we care more about 6 million Jews.
We care more about the sufferings
of other people in the world,
not knowing that we are worse off
than the Palestinians
who at least have some hope of liberation.

We are victims of the largest genocide-holocaust

in the history of the world.

Examine our history!
Full of accomplishments, before the Europeans!
Examine our beauty, our genius.
Olmecs in Mexico and "Central America"
Olmec influence

all the way to the Anasazi in the "Southwest USA"
Cahokia in the "Midwest USA"
The Adena, the Hopewell,
Moundbuilders on the Mississippi,
in the "Southeast USA "
and the Iroquois nation
all the tribes of Canada, the "Western US"
all the ancient cities
of Mexico and "Central America"
This whole continent is ours.
We are one people.
Liberate that thought
into your mind.

Mexicans, "Central Americans",

"Native Americans",

and "First Nation People" of Canada

are all one people.

We have a beautiful heritage.
Cities, art, architecture
sciences, astronomy,
the world’s best calendar.
Olmecs Maya Mexica.
Civilization going back
5,000 years from Olmecs to Mexica
Maya to Toltec.
Olmec civilization and culture spreading
to all of this continent.
We are the children of Anahuac civilization!
We are the children of corn civilization!
We are the children of Our Creator!

We are descendants of a great people
We were a great people
until they came:
Europeans robbed and raped, enslaved,
culturally castrated,
dignity denied us.

But our people do not understand
racism and rape
thieves and liars
and that connection to our poverty,
our ignorance,
and our self-hate.
They do not understand

that there are monstrous crimes

that were committed by Europeans against us

and that those crimes are still going on.

Our people now have no hope,

no significant knowledge.
We have no leaders, courage, or vision

We do not understand colonization.
We do not understand Genocide.

But we have to understand
We have to understand
that this is our continent,
that participation in liberation is not a choice,
it is an obligation.

That it is a mandatory part of regaining our dignity.
Being a slave is not an option.
Slavery is something forced upon us.

Slavery is something we have to recognize, confront,

and work to ending as being a part of our lives.

Yes, we have to stop being ignorant
and cowardly, but first we have to
stop behaving like white people.

Stop the gangs
Stop the killings
Stop the drugs
Stop the killings
Stop the ignorance
Stop the killings

We are killing ourselves with ignorance and selfishness.

We are a great people
We don’t need all these gangs and killings
and ignorance and cowardice.
Those are the white man’s tools to keep us slaves.
We need liberation
We need a new liberated generation
We need a new generation of warriors
We need true courageous liberating warriors,
men and women warriors
Loyal to their people
Loyal to liberation
Liberating everyone of us,
men and women,
young and old.

We can do
without the white man in our lives
We can do
without assimilation
is death for us
is death for us
Occupation of our continent
is death for us

You need to know
we are under European
parasitic control
of our continent,
of our lives.

is racist
is parasitic
is immoral
is genocide
Genocide is the planned killing, destruction,
and enslavement of our people,
serving the greedy European pirate interests,
the interests
of the European colonizers on our continent.

We are under occupation
That means we are enslaved to Europeans.
That means
they’ve stolen our continent.
That means
they’ve taken our wealth from us.
That means
that they’ve taken our farmlands,
our oil, our gold, our mineral resources.
So that now, we are reduced to

paying them for our own land,

for bits and pieces of our own continent.
We pay them for our own resources.
That means we are being made fools of!

This enslavement of our people

and theft of our wealth

is what colonization is all about.
It’s the enslavement,
rape, impoverishment,
and destruction of our people.

This is what enslavement is all about.
But this is about more than crimes
of rape,
and other savage
European crimes.
This is mostly about the Genocide of our people.

We are alive
but we are as if we are dead.
We exist
but only as the property of Europeans
or Eurocentric in our minds,
a self-hating people.
We are the living dead.

All this you have to know
You have to understand this
in real
blood and bone
breath and heart terms.

We are NOT hispanic
We are NOT latino latina
We are NOT european
or half-european
and NOT mestizo
and NOT raza.
Mestizo and raza
are the spit of the spaniards.
The rape of the spaniards
The insult of the spaniards

We are not american
or mexican american
or latin american
or anything but Nican Tlaca.
the owners of this continent
the true owners of this WHOLE continent.

Don’t let them steal our heritage!
Don’t let them steal our Nican Tlaca Identity.
Don’t let them steal our ownership
of this continent.
This continent is not “America” or "the Americas"!
This northern continent is Anahuac.

The whole "Western Hemisphere" is Cemanahuac.
We are the Anahuac nation on this northern part

of Cemanahuac.
We are Nican Tlaca, Indigenous
to this continent.
We are cultural descendants of the Mexica,
our last great civilizations,
the only one from which
we can reconstruct our united nation,

The white man’s days
on our continent
Limited to how big our courage grows.
Limited to how strong our knowledge grows.
Limited to how fast our discipline grows.
Limited to how quick
all our people know
about liberation
and Anahuac.
Anahuac and liberation.

that our numbers are growing
in “The United States of America”.
We were only 4% in the 1970 census.
We were 14% in the 2000 census.
We are projected to be 25% in 2020.
We are projected to be over 50%
of the population of the “Western USA” in 2050.
We will easily be the majority
of the population of the "USA" in 2100.
We’ve got to be prepared for liberation then
by getting knowledge now.

This is our continent
but we don’t control it,
but it will be ours again, in our control.
Remove all doubt!
This is our continent!
We have no other home!
Europeans have a homeland!
It is called Europe.
Yes they have a homeland.
It’s called Europe.

It's not like they have nowhere else to go.

They’re here by force
It’s a forced in
Illegal entry!
They are trespassing criminals!
Pirates, thieves, slavers, liars;
killers of 23 million of our people
in Mexico and “Central America”.
10 million more of us killed
in Canada and the “U.S.”

95% of us were killed by Europeans.

Let's repeat this so that it sinks in:
Europeans are Criminals occupying our continent,
killers of 23 million of our people
in Mexico and “Central America”.
10 million more of us were killed
in Canada and the “U.S.”
95% of us were killed by Europeans.
in the 1500’s, 1600’s, 1700’s.

They killed 33 million of our people,
95% of us in Canada, U.S., Mexico,

and “Central America”.

And another 40 to 70 million more

were killed in what is called

"the Caribbean" and "South America".

It didn't stop there,

they did this smallpox weapon of mass destruction monstrosity

in Hawaii, South Africa, and other parts of the world.

We were killed by those savage Europeans
with biological warfare, the use of smallpox.
That is the dirty little monstrous secret
of the great white race.
Smallpox as a weapon.
How brave.
How honorable.
How proud they must be.
How monstrous.
Destruction of our civilizations
with the use of weapons of mass destruction
so that they could take our land---our continent!
Our land ready for farming.
Our land full of gold and silver.
The bountiful forests.
The huge land mass that is our continent.

Yeah, sure, they "earned" our free resources.

That's like a thief who breaks into a jewelry store:

he earned all the diamonds, the gold, the wealth

that he stole

because it was a lot of work breaking into the jewelry store.

Killing the owner of the store and its employees

was also a bit of work.

Now that thief can enjoy the fruits of his "labor".

What if we all did that.

Europeans have been doing just that to the non-white world.

We are the 5% that survived that rape and robbery.
We are the 5% that survived
We are the 5% surviving
We are the 5% surviving as ignorant slaves.
They need us to remain ignorant.

Again we need to be clear on our identity
Forget American.
Forget the limits of Aztlan, the “Southwest”.
Those are the limits of the Spaniards
to where they stole our land,
to where they went on our continent,
to who they raped of our people.

Those are the limits of the Spaniards.

Forget Aztlan and the "Southwest"
as the limits of who we are.
Look at this whole continent,
This entire continent
is ours.

Forget "Native American".
Forget Indio.
Forget Mestizo.
Forget Mexican, Salvadorian, Guatemalan.
Forget Chicano, Chicana, Honduran, Nicaraguan.
Forget “Native American”, “Central American”,
and “Costa Rican”.
We are all one people.
We all one nation.
We are all colonized.
We all need to be Anahuac-centered warriors
in order to be liberated.

We are the Anahuac nation.

We are the Mexica people.

We are Nican Tlaca, the people of this continent.

Without all our continent free,
without our people united as Nican Tlaca,
we will remain slaves to the Europeans.

Remember this whole continent
has been stolen from us.
the false separate red and brown,

Indian and Indio,

and the racism of mestizo and raza.
Africans who get raped by Europeans are called Mulattos,
and their children are part of the African race, not part of the European race.
Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people) who get raped (or "married")
by Europeans are called Mestizos, and we are part of the Nican Tlaca race,
we are not part of the white race—and we are not part of some "non" race
called Mestizos. Mestizos as a non-race serves the white race as slaves.
And forget "American" and Canadian.
Forget concepts of even “Central American”.
We are one people.
This is our land.
This is our continent.
This is our land.
This is our continent.
This is our only home.
We have no other home.
Europeans have Europe to go home to.
This is our only home.
We are slaves in our own home.

That is wrong in any culture, under any laws.

It is a crime against our humanity.

The genius of our people
is being wasted away.
Can’t you see that.
Won’t you see that.
We have to learn, teach, confront,
lead collectively.
Let’s wake our people
Let’s shake our people
With knowledge of Anahuac
and putting up examples of courage
in how we live our lives.
Discipline and honor!

This is our continent!
We need our liberation!:
That is the order of the day
the order of justice
the order of our destiny

But today we are still slaves and fools
Our land is still stolen.
Our continent is still occupied.

But in truth, in justice, in reality
we are not rightly their slaves, their property.
And of course our continent
is not theirs,
no matter how many times
and in how many ways
that they say our land is theirs.

But we still need

to say, to shout,

"This is all our continent,

       not one inch of our continent is European

            or "American" or Canadian or of the Spaniards.

But still
we are still
mostly ignorant of all of this, so how can our people

say it if they don't know it.
Most of our people are ignorant and cowardly.
We have no leaders.
We have no knowledge.
We have no warriors.
We have no future.
We have no past.
We have no honor.
We have no discipline.
We live in cowardice.
We live in ignorance.
We live in the whiteman’s hell.
It is their heaven
to have us
as the white man’s punks
the white man’s slave,
the white man’s fool.

But all of this can change.
All of this must change.
All of this will change.

The Romans fell and they are gone.
Greece all fell apart and they are no more.
The Nazis fell to ruins and they are but a memory.
Liberation is our destiny
and Europeans will be gone
from our continent,
of that
there should be no doubt.

we are growing in numbers.
We need to grow in knowledge.
We need to grow in courage.
We need to grown

in unity.
We need to all be

part of the plan
for liberation
of the Mexica Movement.
We need to speak in unity, in one voice.

We can change our condition
from this European hell we are in
to the road to liberation.

Our liberated destiny.
A destiny free from Europeans.

With knowledge
everything changes.
This is Anahuac,
this whole continent is ours.
This is Anahuac.
With knowledge
everything changes.
We are the people of Anahuac.
This is our continent.
We are Nican Tlaca, Indigenous.
We are Nican Tlaca,
the true owners
of this continent.

This is all our land.
Forget the borders.
Forget brown and red.
Forget English and Spanish as “our” languages.
Forget the traitors amongst us
and the cowardice that dominates our people.
Forget the whiteman’s money and individualism.
Forget selfishness and greed.
Forget the monstrous self-hate forced-upon-us:
wanting to be white.
The racist trick of wanting to be white is suicide.
They trick us
to be wanting to be white.
We are not white.
We are not European.
People of European descent are white.
We are not white

Malcolm X
was part white.
Yet his identity was not
as a part-white black man.
His identity was not part black.
His whole being was African.
So the same goes for us
if we are scarred with white blood,
that rape does not make us part white.
It only makes us victims of rape, of slavery.
It makes us victims of occupation of our continent.
It makes us victims of the occupation of our DNA.

We say
to our people who want to be European:
Be European in Europe!
Europe is the white land.
This is not the whiteman’s land.

This is not the whiteman's continent.

To those of our people
who are awake,
who are not playing headgames,
who are not cowards,
who are using their imagination,
who are not into posing revolutionary;
to those of our people,
sincere, intelligent, dedicated to justice,
dedicated to the liberation of our people;
to you, we say:
it’s time for liberation;
it’s time take action.

Action against our ignorance.
Action against our oppressors.
Action against the occupation of our continent.
Join the Mexica Movement.

But please don’t begin liberation
by participating in unearned rituals.
Please not in false rituals.
Liberation is not about
dressing up as a warrior.
It’s not about pretending to be warrior.
It’s not about pretty poetic mystical words
or incense or dance or sweatlodges or peyote.
It’s about courage and discipline.
It’s about learning our history
so that we can liberate with that knowledge.

Not enslaved to cowardice, false rituals, and other bullshit and treason
that dishonor our ancestors.

Cuauhtemoc was not eligible to participate in the rituals
and sacred dance on the feast of Huitzilopochtli
when the top leadership was massacred by Spaniards.
10,000 of our unarmed generals, teachers, top warriors, and other leaders were killed.
Cuauhtemoc was not there because he had not earned the right to be there
in the sacredness of those rituals.
That's the only reason why he was later alive to be elected ruler of the Mexica.

But today any mocoso or mocosa feels qualified to do "Aztec dance"
and other ceremonies that were only permitted to those who had earned them.
Cuauhtemoc had not earned his place in sacred rituals
but today's danzantes feel that they are better qualified than Cuauhtemoc.

There is so much dishonor today amongst our people.
Liberation is about regaining our people's honor.
It’s about stopping the monstrosity of
being simulated white people
It’s about reconstructing ourselves as Nican Tlaca.
It’s about confronting
the enemies of our people.
It’s about confronting the traitors of our people.
But it’s not about rituals, dancing, or music.
Those are the sacred things that must be earned,

in altruistic warrior ways.
Earned ritual is always about warrior societies, women's societies.
Earned is about knowledge and courage.
Earned is about having achieved honor.
Earned is NOT about
entertainment and exhibitionism for white people.
Earned is not “folklorico” or theater.
Earned is not about feeling good
or dressing up as a warrior in unearned regalia.

Liberation for our people
is also not found in Christianity
and not in gangs
and not in Marxist agendas.
And it’s not found in the Hip-Hop or Rap
---music that has betrayed the roots of
revolutionary thought
and replaced it with shit and vomit,
opportunism, and treason to every cause
Hip-Hop or Rap ever had.

And participation in Capitalism
is not about liberation.
Liberation is not about money
and its not found in sports or drugs
and not found in cars or clothes
and not gained when you pose macho cool.
It’s not about that white man named Che.
We don’t need no pinche Che!
We have Emiliano Zapata,
land and liberty,
our continent and our liberation.
We don’t need no pinche Che.

Liberation is collective, not individualistic
or having it your way
---everyone deciding individually,
ignorantly, Eurocentrically,
how liberation is to be achieved.
That is assured defeat.
10,000 people having it their own ignorant selfish way.
100 people each having it their ignorant way, each on their own.
20 groups having it their way, most operating on ignorance,

most refusing to study or to have the discipline of warriors.
That is how we have been defeated
for 500 years.
We have to have collective unity
under the Mexica Movement,
or we can continue with
everyone doing it their own way
to assure our defeat.
Every 15 year old declaring his/her
own version of liberation.
Every one who reads our plans
will now come up with a plan.
Where were their plans before
we made this call for liberation.

Individualism is treason.
Selfishness is treason.
To steal the work of warriors is beyond treason.

Unity of disciplined warriors
under the collective leadership
of the Mexica Movement
is assured victory, assured liberation.

Traitors and opportunists have done nothing
and will do nothing
but destroy the work of liberation.
The European has many of our people
willing to serve the evil Empire of Europeans.
Traitors and opportunists are both
the same thing: self-haters.

Liberation is also not about waiting around
for the right time to participate
or procrastinating about learning liberation.

Liberation has been going on since 1992
with the Mexica Movement.
We have been paving the path
to liberation with knowledge
like this material that you are reading
or listening to.

It’s time to wake up
and to participate.

Liberation time is a time to be warriors,
orderly warriors,
disciplined warrior,
knowledgeable warriors,
real warriors
men and women warriors,
warriors with
collective actions,
united actions,
actions of liberation,
Mexica Movement guided liberation.
Mexica Movement means
being part of the inevitable
liberation of our continent.

The beauty of our people
The genius of our people
    is being wasted every day
    that you hold back
We are kept
    from the wealth of our continent
We are kept
    from the knowledge of
           our Anahuac civilization
           in all its true meaning,
    when we fail to be part of
    the liberation of our people.

Can’t you see that?
Won’t you see that?
Don’t be a coward.
Don’t put this off.
Do it today and not tomorrow.
Let’s wake our people.
Let’s shake our people
with Anahuac knowledge
and the courage of warrior example.
Discipline and honor!
Our liberation
Our continent!
Our liberation!:
the order of the day
the order of justice
the order of our destiny

Let’s wake our people
Let’s shake our people
With knowledge and courage
Discipline and honor!

Mexica Movement!

These are the words and actions
of the Mexica Movement.

Mexica Movement!

Anahuac Liberation Now!

Make the move.

Liberate yourself
so that you can
liberate our people.

Make the move.

Join the movement.

Mexica Movement! Now!


FACTS  Y O U   S H O U L D   K N O W !

MEXICA    Mexica (Meh-shee-kah) is the original Nahuatl (the so-called Aztec language) way of pronouncing Mexican, Mexicano, and Chicano and Chicana. The Mexica was the last of our great Anahuac civilizations (1325 to 1521).  Mexica is the only one of our cultures and civilizations which has enough surviving material from which we can reconstruct our Anahuac nation.  The Mexica were victims of an ethnocide that left no one today who can authentically call themselves Mexica, much like in Italy there is no one who can authentically call themselves Roman.  Therefore, the rest of us who have lost all of our civilization identity and culture or tribal identity and culture, and even those of us who have a civilization or tribal identity, can and should embrace Mexica identity as a collective identity for all of us that we use in order to reconstruct our Anahuac nation and as a means of Liberation.  Mexica does not negate Maya or Huichol or Comanche or Shoshone or any of our other Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) civilizations or cultures.  Mexica is our point of unity and our means of reconstructing all of our nation.

ANAHUAC    Anahuac (Ah-nah-wak) is the true name of our nation. We are all part of the Anahuac civilization that gave us the Olmeca, Zapoteca, Teotihuacan-Toltec, Maya and Mexica civilizations. The Mexica part of our Anahuac heritage is how we can reconstruct ourselves as a Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) nation, as the Anahuac Nation. We have historic, cultural, linguistic, and racial factors that make us one Anahuac nation, which includes all of our civilizations and cultures. The Mexica heritage gives us a history, language, theology, and study base from which we can rebuild all of our Anahuac heritage.  We are a beautiful mosaic of civilizations and cultures throughout this whole continent that Europeans call "America".  But this is not "America", this is Anahuac.

NICAN TLACA    Nican Tlaca is our Nahuatl (Mexica) language way of saying "We the people here", in reference to all of us who are Indigenous to Cemanahuac (what Europeans call "the Western Hemisphere") and more specific to Anahuac which is the northern part of Cemanahuac (which is falsely called "North America"). Nican Tlaca refers to all of the people of our race in the "Western Hemisphere".  We are not Indians or indios because those are the people of a nation called India.  We are also not "Native American" because we are not related to Amerigo Vespucci, nor do we accept the concept of "Native" because it is always used in a derogatory manner.  Notice how there are no "Native" Europeans.

NOT MESTIZO    Mestizo is a racist term imposed on us by the Europeans.  Mestizo (Mixed-blood)as an identity denies us our full humanity, it enslaves us to the European world.  Full-blood or Mixed-blood we are still Nican Tlaca. Being Mixed-blood (so-called Mestizo) does not stop us from being Nican Tlaca, no matter how "white" one looks. The shades and physical looks of our Mixed-blood people are just scars from the rape of our nation. The scars do not define us! Our history, our heritage, and our continent ARE what defines us.

"CENTRAL AMERICA"    "Central America" was artificially created in 1823. Before that date we were all part of Anahuac. Anahuac includes Mexico, "Central America", Canada and the so-called U.S. We are not "Central Americans", therefore we use that term it quotes to reject it; while at the same time we know that most of our people are ignorant to its racist and colonial terms and that is the only way that they will know what we are talking about.  Much like us using the English or Spanish language, we use them in order to communicate with our people but we know that they are not our languages.  If we wrote the whole website just in Nahuatl or Maya the majority of our people would not understand a word of our website.

NOT HISPANIC    Hispanics are the Spaniards, the people of Spain. We are not Spaniards! We are Mexica! We are the people of Anahuac.  We are the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people) of this continent, the true owners of this continent.  We are not Spaniards or the property of Spain.  Calling ourselves "Hispanic" denies us our true Nican Tlaca Anahuac identity, history and heritage. It enslaves us to the interests of the "Spanish" white world. Calling our people Hispanic is racist.  Calling our people Hispanic is like calling the African descent people in the U.S. Britannic because they have British names and because they speak English.

NOT LATINO    Latinos are the Latins: Southern Europeans--the Spaniards, French, and Portuguese. Calling ourselves "Latino" makes us cultural slaves of Europeans. Like Hispanic, Latino is cultural suicide. It is cultural genocide. It betrays our true Nican Tlaca ancestors.

NOT RAZA    "Raza" is not an identity. "Raza" is basically the same thing as using the Eurocentric term "Mestizo"--it takes pride in Spanish blood (what little or nothing that we may have) and puts shame in our Nican Tlaca blood and culture. Calling ourselves "Raza" is a way of saying, "I'm not an 'Indio', I have some, mostly, Spanish blood". In Mexico "Dia de la Raza" is celebrated on October 12---Columbus Day. Imagine that! We are celebrating the rape of our mothers, the rape of our nation, the enslavement of our people.

EUROPEAN, WHITE AND CRIOLLO are basically the same thing. These are "White" people who are on our continent. Europeans can call themselves "Canadian" or "American" but their homeland is still Europe and they are still trespassing on our continent. A Criollo is someone of "authentic Spanish-European" descent who is still on our land exploiting our people, our resources and our wealth. GENOCIDE as defined by Raphael Lemkin, " the planned annihilation [killing] of a national [Mexican] or racial group by a variety of actions [biological warfare, oppression, enslavement] aimed at undermining the foundations essential to the survival of the group [Nican Tlaca of Anahuac] as a group.

MEXICA MOVEMENT is leading the way with actions that defend our people, actions that provide a vision for the liberation of our people, actions that confront the racism against us and the occupation of our continent by Europeans. We declare ourselves independent from the Hispanic-Latino European colonialism and racism that has enslaved us for over 500 years.


1) Study this document and go to our website for more information:

2) Read the recommended books listed below under BIBLIOGRAPHY.

3) If you can't get your books from your local library buy them from the

4) Share your knowledge! Make good quality copies of this material and pass it on.

5) Study the materials and the website. If you live in the Los Angeles area call us at (323) 981-0352 so you can visit us, join us in activities, or to become a supporter. You can also donate money to support our movement (we are a non-profit organization).

6) Once you understand our philosophy, and you have found the courage to change your life, become a part of the Mexica Movement.



None of these books are perfect, but they are the best of the best that are out there.  Read these with caution.  These books are from 90 to 100% right on the history and issues of our people.

(Read in this order, please)

1 Daily Life of the Aztecs by Jacques Soustelle

2 Mexico by Michael Coe

3 Mexico Profundo by Guillermo Bonfil Batalla

4 American Holocaust by David E. Stannard

5 Anahuac Book by Olin Tezcatlipoca  located on this website  click here

6 Year 501 by Noam Chomsky

7 Colonizer's Model of the World by J.M. Blaut

8 Mexica Handbook by Olin Tezcatlipoca

9 Mexico's Indigenous Past by Lopez Austin and Lopez Lujan

10 American Indian Contributions to the World by

Emory Dean Keoke & Kay Marie Porterfield


11Latin America: From Colonization To Globalization by Noam Chomsky

12Encyclopedia of World History 6th Edition by Peter Stam

13 Oxford Atlas of History 2002 by Oxford Press

14 Course of Mexican History by Michael C. Meyer and William L. Sherman

15Oxford History of Mexico 2000 by Michael Meyer and William Beezley

16 In the Language of Kings by Miguel Leon-Portilla

17 Skywatchers by Anthony F. Aveni

18 Flayed God (out of print, get used) by Roberta and Peter Markman





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