Monday, October 31, 2005

At first when we heard that Jennifer Lopez was going to star in a film about the killings of our women in Juarez we thought that it was more of the same racism against our people, meaning that again they were not going to hire our people to play Mexicans---to play ourselves. 

We explained a couple of weeks ago how we felt that it was more important for us to deal with the CONQUEST OF MEXICO film which we now know to be called THE SERPENT AND THE EAGLE than to put time or effort into this Juarez film.

A couple of days ago we found out that GREGORY NAVA had written and was now directing this WOMEN OF JUAREZ film.

This last fact changes everything. 

For those of you who don't know, NAVA was the guy who produced and directed the SELENA film.  He went into our communities everywhere supposedly scouting for who would play Selena, while all along he had already chosen Jennifer Lopez, a Puerto Rican. He has pimped our people.  He has refused to hire our people.  He is unrepentant obviously with his hiring practices in this latest film of his.

Needless to say Jennifer Lopez went on to become an international star after staring in SELENA.  Of course that could have been a part played by one of our people instead of a Puerto Rican.

Our Mexica Movement experience with GREGORY NAVA happened when he was trying to produce a film on the life of Emiliano Zapata.  We found out that he was going to use Antonio Banderas to play Zapata.  We protested Disney Studios who was going to produce the Zapata film.  We protested at Disneyland and later we protested in Hollywood at their LION KING production.  We were successful in killing the Zapata film from ever being made.  We got good publicity explaining why it was wrong to hire a Spaniard to play Emiliano Zapata (see link).

And now here he is again, refusing to hire Mexicans to play Mexicans.  Jennifer Lopez was a nobody when she was hired to play Selena.  She made a name for herself and the rest is history.

Now, this vendido Nava continues to be racist against our people.

This vendido has to be confronted.  This film is now on our list of films that have to be confronted.  This film has now moved to the top of the list of films that have to be picketed.

Hopefully you readers out there can help keep us informed as to any appearances that this vendido will make so that we can protest his treasonous existence.



Olin Tezcatlipoca

Rosa Parks



Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A lot of our people don't know who Rosa Parks is.  She is not one of our people.  But she is someone special.  She is a great human being.  She is a great African descent woman.  She is a courageous woman.  She was living, walking, speaking, history until she died October 24, 2005 in Detroit.  She should serve as an example of how one fights for justice and retains their dignity.

Rosa Parks is the woman on the bus that refused to give up her seat to a white man in the segregated south of December 1, 1955. 

She was arrested, jailed, and became history because of her outstanding and courageous act.

You need to understand that in those days black people rode in the back of public buses by law.  They couldn't ride in the front of the bus because those seats were reserved for white people.

Rosa Parks was sitting in the back of the bus after a long day of hard work.  She was extemely tired.  The bus was full.  Black people were supposed to give up their seats to white people even in the back of the bus if all the seats in the front of the bus were full.

On this historic day Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man.  They threatened to arrest her.  She said that they could arrest her but that she was not giving up the seat that she had, and that she had paid for.

In explaining why she refused to give up her seat on that day and was willing to be arrested, she said, "My dignity would not allow me to be treated unjustly."

Her courage inspired other African descent people in Alabama and across the South to take action.

This lead to a successful boycott of the bus system of Montgomery that eventually lead to what became the Civil Rights movement.  This is the movement that inspired the Chicano Movement and has lead to what we of the Mexica Movement are doing now.

Rosa Parks is a hero for all people who love justice, who love all the right of all human being to have their dignity.

If we Nican Tlaca had at least a few Rosa Parks we wouldn't be in the disaster that we find ourselves today.

Everytime I see that picture of her seated on the bus with so much dignity and courage, I feel pride and almost want to cry seeing that beautiful warrior woman.

Check out this link for a more lengthy biography (click here).



Olin Tezcatlipoca


En Español


Friday, October 14, 2005

By now anyone who watches Spanish language is aware of the racism of the "white" gusano-contolled novelas and the South American criollo novelas, the right wing slanted news, and its other exclusive "white face" shows.  We are all aware of all of this but we don't complain in any significant way and the white racist criollos don't change their racist programing because they see our passive attitude. 

In 1993 Mexica Movement protested all of this racism on television for four weeks, but we got very little support from our people.  Everyone agreed with us about our complaints but very few, 15 persons, were willing to go out into the street corners of East Los Angeles to protest gusano-control of Spanish language racist television.

We did get some articles in the Los Angeles Times about our protest but very little changed at the stations.  We did initiate a petition that hundreds of people signed.  We would like put life into that petition drive now.  See our petition and sign it by PETITION DRIVE click here.  You can also start a petition drive in your city, neighborhood, or school when you click into the link in the prior sentence.

For those of you who are not familiar with all of this we ask you to see some of this monstrosity being defecated on our people.  SABADOS GIGANTES is an example of the worst, with "Don" Francisco (from Chile, of European-Jewish descent) and its multi-levels of racism ("Nordic" looking blonds, gusano audience) leveled at our people:  ridiculing our culture, history, and our people; and the white superiority reinforced and demonstrated in most of the dialogue, attitudes, commercials and promotions. 

But not all of the racism against our people comes from the Cubano gusanos in Miami. 

One of the worst shows is a kid show on Saturday mornings called VIVAN LOS NIÑOS. The episode of October 14, 2005 has a story line and a cast of characters that is the worst racism on television.  This show is coming from Mexico city.  This is a production by Mexican gusanos.  Criollos who reinforce our people's self-hate through programs like VIVAN LOS NIÑOS.  It's a kid show that gathers all the dark (Nican Tlaca) kids as losers, unpretty.  The white kids are blond, pretty, rich, winners, and much more intelligent.  For a whole hour this show goes on.

The majority of the shows out of Mexico are also of this type:  racist.

In the 1960's we Nican Tlaca had some control of Spanish language television in the U.S. and in Mexico.  In those days television shows exclusively came from Mexico.  In those days you saw some Nican Tlaca faces.  This was the era in which the tail end of Mexico's Golden Age of Cinema was recent memory.  Maria Felix, Pedro Armendarez, Pedro Infance, Jorge Negre, Dolores Del Rio, and many others were the stars.  These were all Nican Tlaca people.  Beautiful and talented Nican Tlaca people.  Movies like ENAMORADA were examples of excellence in screenwriting, directing, producing, acting, and positive content for our people.  There were dozens of films like this:  classics of cinema.

But it all came to an end with the emergence of criollo shameless promotion of Spaniard culture and Spaniard identity.  By the late 70's we got now:  full blown racism and a genocidal edge to the attitudes against our people.  The promotion of the new Hispanic/Latino identity sealed our doom.

We can break that seal and that doom by confronting all of this genocidal racism.

We Nican Tlaca (Mexicans and "Central Americans") are the majority of the audience of these Spanish language media outlets that give us television shows, movies, radio shows, magazines, and newspapers.  We need to do something against this attack on the very existence of our people.

Join us in our petition drive to confront this Criollo Gusano Racism.

This Hispanic/Latino cultural castration of our people is criminal. Our people are being destroyed through this misuse and abuse of these labels.

Here we will link you to our website titled THE CRIMES OF HISPANIC AND LATINO LABELS:


Olin Tezcatlipoca

Special Note


This is a note of thanks to those of you who wrote to us to let us know of several ongoing assaults against our people in the media.

JENNIFER LOPEZ (Puerto Rican) is again playing one of our people in a film they are making about the killings in Juarez.

ANTONIO BANDERAS (Spaniard) is again playing Zorro.  None of our people played any major roles in this film.

There is a script in the works on a film tentatively titled THE CONQUEST OF MEXICO.  This is a film being produced by Ron Howard. 

We will be focusing our work on THE CONQUEST OF MEXICO because this film has not been filmed yet and because it has a larger historical content.  This film will affect how the world looks at the criminal European invasion and occupation of our continent.  And it will look at the beauty of our great city of Tenochtitlan or it will do what all books and media have done:  human sacrifice focus and ignoring of the crimes of the Europeans.

We will keep you informed as to how we are doing on this project. 

The other projects mentioned here are too difficult for us to handle now.  We need more people to get involved to help with these battles, with the people who are assaulting and insulting our people on a daily basis.  So, don't hesitate to get involved with us or to at least help to financially with the work that we are doing.


Olin Tezcatlipoca


A World In Fear of Bush


Friday, October 7, 2005

Sorry for the late delivery of this weeks commentary, but the following article will explain why we couldn't get the article out this week.

We were at the Federal building in the Westwood section of Los Angeles teaching people why the Iraq-Afganistan war is wrong and why it is just a continuation of colonialism from 1492 when Europeans came to steal our gold and land to 2005 when they are now stealing oil and  land.

We had good conversations with teachers and union leaders. 


Olin Tezcatlipoca


Nothing For Us

To Celebrate!


Friday, October 7, 2005

During the last 30 days or so, we Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people) have witnessed the annual Cubano-gusano initiated farce of "Hispanic Heritage Month," an identity theft crime that the European occupation government has imposed upon our people. Oddly enough, this "month" was once called "Mexican-American Heritage Month." But now, we are told that we should celebrate our so-called Hispanic heritage (a fraudulent concept for us Nican Tlaca who are not Hispanic.) It seems the European colonial structure has realized that even the mere tolerance of a diluted "Mexican-American" idenity is no longer a safe option for them.

Our Nican Tlaca people are fooled into thinking we should be proud of Hispanic culture. But should we be proud if it? Why would we take pride in the savage genocide and rape of our people by Hispanics (people of Spain and Spanish ancestry)? Ask yourself: Would a Jewish person "take pride" in Nazi identity? And yet, we are tricked into believing that we should be proud of the Conquistador-terrorists who savagely slaughtered 95% of our people and stole our continent and its enormous wealth.

No people should ever feel compelled into identifying with their oppressor. That's just un-natural. But this double-victimization is just what Hispanic Heritage Month aggressively pushes upon us Nican Tlaca. It is a wolf in sheep's clothing which comes to us preaching an identity based upon Europeans—Spanish---Europeans who behaved as terrorists and pirates against our people.

It is a deceiver who presents us with images of our pyramid-temples, our peoples' faces, our food...and then tells us that all this is really the pride of an Hispanic (European). What a criminal lie! Why don't they leave our Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) heritage out of it and just talk about Conquistadors and the genocide they committed? The reason is because they want us Nican Tlaca to abandon our Nican Tlaca pride and give our loyalties to the people that continue to steal from us and deny our rights to our continent and its wealth.

Is it any wonder that since it's inception, Hispanic Heritage Month has produced the most disgusting examples of Venidos/Vendidas who sell us out to Europeans? I'm referring to the buffoon and cartoon scribbler Lalo Alcaraz, as well as the "whore of Hollywood," Eddie Olmos, among others. These sell-outs don't even wait until this time of the year to peddle their scam of European-Hispanic lies upon our Nican Tlaca people. But it is during this time that they are most in their Vendido element, like a pig in mud. (On second thought, that analogy is unfair to the pig.)

So what should our people take pride in? How about our 4,300 years of civilization? Let's take pride in that as well as all the many scientific achievements that our people ingeniously developed, like astronomy, writing, mathematics, architecture, agriculture, medicine, and so much more! See our website link to this pride that should be ours click here

But in the meantime, Hispanic Heritage Month is just another Eurocentric scam upon us Nican Tlaca. It's a scam that glorifies the criminals who massacred 95% of our people and stole 100% of our wealth. It's a fraud which denies us our Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) blood and heritage.

For us as Nican Tlaca, Hispanic Heritage is nothing for us to celebrate.  This is a time to realize the disaster in which we live.  This is a time for us to get involved in confronting the racists who are exploiting and destroying us.


Manuel Alderete