Original November 12, 2005

Updated April 7, 2010


A vendido is one who has sold out his people in exchange for personal advance or personal financial reward from the European colonizer.

A vendido can also be one who hates their own people and who is insanely in love with Europeans and all things European, without financial gain.

A vendido can also be one who sabotages our people in our struggle for liberation.

A vendido is, more simply, one who works against our people.

Here we focus on those who are AGGRESSIVE VENDIDOS.  These vendidos have no shame.

Sadly they continue to do their treason because not enough of us are confronting them.


This list is just the beginning.  We will add to this list as needed.  For now we will just list a few of them.  In the following weeks and months we will add to the list and explain in more detail why the people on this list are vendidos.


1.  Gregory Nava the new king of vendidos for his latest exploitation of Mexican culture and history, while at the same time refusing to hire people of Mexican descent.  His latest project is BORDERTOWN.  In this film about the killings of the women in Juarez, he hired Antonio Banderas, Jennifer Lopez, Matin Sheen, Juanes, and other non-Mexican descent people in the starring roles of his film. 

In the past he tried to do a film on Emiliano Zapata, starring Antonio Banderas (Spaniard).  Mexica Movement picketted his film for over a year so that it wouldn't get made.  We were successful.  Disney cancelled the project.  See more click here

2.  Eddie Olmos the old king of vendidos and biggest vendido of all time.

You can link here to see why he is a vendido.

3.  Lalo Alcaraz the most unfunny vendido of them all

This vendido promotes the Hispanic/Latino colonizer agenda on our people through his syndicated cartoon strip LA CUCARACHA.  He uses "humor" to defile our people.  This is the traitor who did LATINO USA with the colonizer traitor Ilan Stavans.  Examples of his treason will follow in the next few weeks.   See our Mexica Movement article CLICK HERE

4.  Richard Rodriguez

This is a long-time vendido who has been confronted at universities and other forums.  He persists in promoting his self-hate and insane love of Europeans.  He now not only promotes his "American-ness" to our people but also his Catholic agenda:  goes something like, "que sera sera, what ever will be will be, be a slave and don't fight the white man, lick up to the white man".

5.  Sandra Cisneros

This woman, who has the tattoo on her arm with the word "Latina", promotes the colonial Latino/Latina agenda while making a living from Mexican/Chicana culture.  She is very aggressive in promoting this "Latina" agenda to our people.  More to come on this vendida.

6.  George Lopez

This man has been nominated to be on this list by many of the readers of our website.  Perhaps some of you can email us all the reasons this man deserves to be on this list.



The people on the list that follows are not technically vendidos, since they are not part of our people, but they were born in Mexico, so technically they are Mexican citizens. This is as if George Bush was born in Mexico, therefore he would be Mexican in citizenship, but nothing else would be Mexican about him.  Vendido technically applies to the people on the list below because everyone thinks that they are Mexican but in reality they are not Mexican: They are colonials of non-Mexican descent who are promoting the colonial agenda.

1.  Carlos Fuentes

This man who is of European descent by both his parents, who by accident was born in Mexico, has proven all of his treason in most of the works that he has written but his book A NEW TIME FOR MEXICO documents his ingratitude and his treason to our people.  You should see for your self what he did with his BURRIED MIRROR book and television series that makes an emphasis on the positive of Spain and its culture and all of the negative of the Nican Tlaca of Mexico and Anahuac. This is the monster who suguested that Mexico should put a statue of Hernando Cortez in the Zocalo.  This is the man who co-wrote with the Vendido Olmos another book to destroy our people: AMERICANOS.  This book says that we should be and call ourselves Americano, or Latino, or Hispanic, but don't be Nican Tlaca, or Mexican, or even Chicano.  We will add more explanation over the next few months....

We would like to say that most Spaniards in Mexico have a better attitude than this monster, but we can't because he represents that racist-patronizing attitude of most criollos and Spaniards in Mexico.

2.  Salma Hayek

This woman of Lebanese descent father and of a Spanish descent mother has shown her ingratitude and her treason to our people.  See link by clicking here.

Most Lebanese in Mexico have a better attitude than this woman.

3.  Ilan Stavans

This man of Polish Jewish descent born in Mexico of Jewish parents has shown his ingratitude and his treason to our people by promoting the "Hispanic" agenda, which is the same as the "Latino" agenda (His book LATINO USA with the other vendido, Lalo Alcaraz, uses mostly Mexican/Chicano and Anahuac culture to promote "Latino").

Most Jews in Mexico have a better attitude than this man.

List of Vendidos April 2010
1. Gustavo Arellano
2. Lalo Alcaraz
3. Carlos Mencia
4. Sandra Cisneros
5. Eddie Olmos
6. Richard Rodriguez
7. George Lopez
8. Gregory Nava
9. Carlos Fuentes (actually a criollo)
10. Paul Rodriguez