The Mexica Movement is the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) rights educational organization for the people of Anahuac. We work to educate Nican Tlaca primarily in Anahuac ("the United States", Canada, Mexico, and "Central America"), but we see our work as applicable to the rest of Cemanahuac ("North and South America"). 

We are educators and liberators for all Nican Tlaca people in the "Western Hemisphere".

We declare ourselves independent from the Europeans on our continent. We refuse to be slaves to their culture or their interests! We are taking the necessary steps that will liberate our people. This web site is one of those steps.

We do not advocate violence or terrorism (as the Europeans have done against us, and are doing to us even to this day). We know that militarily (through violence & terrorism) we cannot win our continent back anywhere in the near future, but we will win our continent and our lands back through a disciplined united educational liberation war under the guidance of the Mexica Movement.


The Mexica Movement's 
educational liberation
message is the main message of this web site.


We do advocate the Anahuac-centric education of our people,

and the education of the European people who are now our oppressors

(keeping us from the wealth of our continent, the accomplishments of our history, our true identity, and the knowledge of their crimes).


The Mexica Movement is not part of any terrorist, Marxist, capitalist, anarchist, or "New Age" agenda.

Nor are we part of any of the corrupted rituals, sacrilege, "Christian Aztec danza",

or the "spiritual" masturbatory frauds and music-revolutionary posers

that misinform and confuse our people.

We reject all Eurocentric or colonialist-serving agendas,

and anything that keeps our people from the true knowledge, courage and dignity

that will give our people complete liberation.

The Mexica (Meh-shee-kah) Movement knows that the best and quickest fair solution,

to this problem of ignorance and modern enslavement,

is to provide our people and the world with the knowledge of our Anahuac history, our Mexica identity, and our true heritage in context of ourselves as Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people).

This knowledge must be presented in a positive and constructive manner, and in the liberation interests of our people as Nican Tlaca, as the Anahuac nation.

The Mexica Movement is working to get the media, the education system, and our people to learn our Anahuac history. This knowledge will give our people a true sense of pride---pride in a heritage that should be the pride of all of humanity. Knowledge of our people's accomplishments will change how we, and how the world, view our people.

Knowledge, vision, courage, and discipline will change our people into an authentically proud people, and a revived creative world force. We will be unburdened of the racist ignorance that dominates our lives today.

Knowledge of our people's great accomplishments will give us the great role models that we have been missing. We will hold our heads and hearts proudly. We will happily know who we really are. We will take pride in being Nican Tlaca, the Anahuac nation, the Mexica people that we are, heirs to one of the great civilizations of the world. We will see that we can be a people of genius and courage, once again.

Join us in our fight for knowledge, courage, and liberation.

We will one day have liberation from ignorance and cowardice, 
because we will have earned it with study and examples of courage.

We will one day have liberation from the Europeans who define and control our reality, 
who strangle our lives and steal from our continent, because we confronted them and because we were disciplined in our confrontation.

The liberated future of our people is waiting for us! 
Find your courage to join us!

The Mexica Movement philosophy (love of wisdom) is founded on an Anahuac-centric study base and a Mexica way of being. These are our two initial goals:

1) BASIC RESEARCH that takes an Anahuac-centric approach to studying our codices (our books), art, anthropology, archeology, cosmological-theological sources, linguistic, and other resources that will provide the necessary resource base from which we can educate our people and envision, define, reconstruct, and liberate our Anahuac nation.

The Mexica Movement uses the best of our Anahuac ideals and accomplishments as a starting point from which to reconstruct our Anahuac nation.

2) COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT that takes into account the absolute necessity of properly (positively, constructively, and non-Eurocentrically) educating all of our people in our complete heritage.

We reject the popular Eurocentric "New Age" nonsense that says that our people can learn their heritage from their blood, through "energy", by rituals and dance, or by posing as an Argentine-Cuban "Che" Marxist revolutionary.

We know that our people have to be educated in the interests of all our people, and not just the individual, and not through Eurocentric capitalist or Marxist dogma (capital that was made from the Genocide of our people and the theft of our continent; and Marxist theory that is based on our "collective" approach to our society). We know that it is absolutely mandatory that we learn our Pre-European Mexica education system, our ideals, ethics, morality, logic, and science, in a positive and constructive way. We need to re-learn our ancestor's sense of obligation and loyalty to the whole of our people, not the materialistic needs of the individual. We also need to learn our ancestor's cosmology-theology in a way that is respectful, scholarly, and sacred.

We invite all courageous, disciplined, and honorable people to join us as a part of the Mexica Movement's educational liberation of our people.





For over 500 years, we Nican Tlaca have been forced to do slave labor for Europeans (the so-called white people). 
We are poor. 
We have been made poor. 

We are poor because they are rich from having stolen our continent and our labor.

They have told us for five centuries what we should want and what we should need, 
and what we should not want and not need.

We pay rent to them for our own land, on our continent!

But we don't complain about any of this in any meaningful way. We're just losers, the inferiors of "white people", we think. 
They have taught us to think that way.  
They keep us ignorant of these facts, this reality.

Today we are slaves to the European. 
They allow us to be good servants, gangsters, politicians, drug dealers, the soldiers of their armies, 
but mostly we do "service" work for the European.

There are of course the few exceptions, the "house slaves", who are allowed to be in the "professions". 
We are all serving the Europeans as slaves whether we want to or not, whether we admit it or not.

Some of our people have become more than just slaves to the Europeans. They love Europeans and hate their own people. They want to be part of the white race. They want to be part of their family, their blood.

Too many of our people have become like the poor dog that is beaten, mistreated, kept ill-fed, berated, and still that dog loves the master, because the dog thinks it has no other option.

We are not dogs! We are human beings with a great heritage. 
We are the remnants of the Anahuac nation. 
Our ignorance is the only thing keeping us in a condition worse than dogs.

We already know that some of our people will talk bullshit about this information. Some will write sarcastic comments about "stupid Indians". Some will praise this work but they personally will do nothing. Some will outright attack the contents of this website in outrage because they are so in love with white people, and they think that somehow this is threatening to their marriage to a white person or their dreams of marriage or a relationship with a white person. There of course will be the university types who will intellectualize positively or negatively on this work and then pass on their studied or unstudied treason opinions to other students. Finally, there will be those who will sing songs, cry, become sad, but they will simply do nothing, because they cannot get themselves out of their cowardice.

But for those of you who do understand and who are moved to the disciplined united actions necessary for the liberation of our people, we ask you to start by educating yourself only in the interests of our people.

Be serious, scholarly, and cautious when you read the materials that we recommend, because they all have some flaws.

Read this web site again and again to absorb the full impact of the information.

Then, come join us as liberating warriors, men and women, who are breaking the chains of ignorance, slavery. and cowardice. 
Join us in liberating the future of our people.





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