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September 2005


Mislabeled and Abused

We Are Not Hispanic

We Are Not Latino


Friday, September 30, 2005

In an article in the Los Angeles Times this week, a reporter explained how the Samoan community was rebelling against being lumped into the federal government’s Asian Pacific Islander label.

They explained that they are not the “model minority” that the Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, and other Asian communities are. They tried to show the disaster of their circumstances by showing the differences between

Samoan and Asian  by the examples of how they do not have the majority of their children graduating from universities and running their own businesses. In fact, they have more high school dropouts than graduates from universities. They are a poor people with a large segment of their populations doing time in prisons.  They feel it is wrong, that it is false to be tied to the Asian community, to Asian heritage, and to be severed from the reality of their own heritage and the problems of their real community.

They feel that it is unfair to be considered part of the wealthy or at least middle class Chinese and Indian stereotypes of computer geeks and savvy business people.

There's a connection here for our people.  Except that this is the exact reverse.  While the Samoans are in fact a tiny percentage of what are mislabeled as Asian Pacific; we Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people of what is called “North America”, Mexicans and "Central Americans") are in reality the vast majority of what is falsely called the Hispanic/Latino community of “the United States”. It is a crime to continue this fraud. Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Argentines, Dominicans, and Spaniards have nothing to do with our history, our people, or our culture.  Lumping us with them is wrong.  It is criminal.  This is a cultural castration of our people. This is a re-colonization of our people in the worst sense.

We, Nican Tlaca Mexican and “Central Americans”, are forced into a category that includes the European Argentines who are in fact just Europeans on our continent.  The same goes for European Uraguayans, European Chileans, and African Dominicans. We have nothing in common with any of these people. Yes you can say that we all speak Spanish, but in reality a lot of our people don’t speak Spanish, we speak English or in some cases we still speak our own languages (Maya, Zapotec, Nahuatl, Otomi, etc). On the other hand you can just as falsely say that Jamaicans, Irish, and the people of Hong Kong are one people because they all speak English. But we all know that is not true and in fact to say that would demonstrate a great deal of ignorance.

The reality is that the Nican Tlaca population which is the majority of the Spanish speaking population of the “Western Hemisphere” is mislabeled as Hispanic and mislabeled as Latino. We are being abused for our demographic potential, our economic power, and to keep us from realizing that we are the true owners of this continent.  This is all a trick to have us identify with the Spaniards and the Latin Europeans.  We are neither Spaniards nor Latin, which is the true meaning and origin of Hispanic and Latino. We are not Europeans, not white, no matter how light we may look.

We are Nican Tlaca, Mixed-blood and Full-blood. We are not Hispanic or Latino by history or DNA.  We are not Hispanic/Latino anymore than Jews are Germanic just because of their association with Germanic surnames, the Germanic Yiddish language, or their thousands of years of residence in Europe. If none of that makes Jews Germanic, than a thousand times more "Hispanic and Latino" do not apply to us in any logical, historical, or realistic way.  Slavery to Spaniards and Europeans is more what this is all about.  You can see it in Spanish language television and Spanish language magazines with all of the white faces.  You can also see the reality in that the majority of the people seeing television and reading the magazines look nothing like the people that they see on the screen or in the magazines.

Just because they have forced themselves onto our continent and they have forced their language and surnames onto us, and they raped their DNA into some of us, and because they still control our continent, our wealth, and the daily lives of our people, it doesn’t give them the right to label us with their heritage, their racial identity, or their interests.

So, hopefully soon there will be a similiar article on our people in the Los Angeles Times, and Time Magazine, because our people would be loudly and aggressively complaining about this racist and colonialist monstrocity of Hispanic/Latino.

This Hispanic/Latino cultural castration of our people is criminal. Our people are being destroyed through this misuse and abuse of these labels.

Here we will link you to our website titled THE CRIMES OF HISPANIC AND LATINO LABELS:


Olin Tezcatlipoca


Syndicated Vendido

Spreading Treason


Friday, September 23, 2005


The following is a review of the syndicated cartoon strip LA Cucaracha.  The cartoon strip is from the Los Angeles Times.

Treason has a name:  Lalo Alcaraz.  He is a vendido from way back.  For his treason he has been rewarded by the white man with a syndicated cartoon strip and a radio show on KPFK in Los Angeles.  He can now spread his hate of our people to Europeans who can enjoy a laugh with Lalito, at our people's expense.

In the "cartoon" above, he first insults Frida and Diego by calling them Hispanic.  He then goes on to ridicule them physically. Why didn't he ridicule Salvadore Dali or Picasso, two real Hispanics that looked really funny.  Why not make fun of some of the stupid paintings of Picasso or the nonsense of Miro.

I guess if we put a picture of his mother and showed her as a prostitute with a label that said "Lalo's Mother is a Whore", I guess that would be funny, if we thought like Lalito.  He has whored his meager talents for money, while spitting at our people.  All of this in the name of "art and good fun". 

Take a look at this second exhibit of treason.

Here let's sit back and look at this cartoon as if a white man had done it.  What would your reaction be?  Probably it would be that this is obviously a racist cartoon and you would scream, "Damn white racist!"  But this is Lalito! 

Then again, what does "Aztecs" (Mexica) have to do with "Hispanic".  And then this "HMO cheap medicine" implication.  And of course the standby distortion of our heritage with "Human Sacrifice" to be representative of our culture.  Why isn't Greek civilization represented by men having sex with boys?  It was a major part of their culture, their art, the military, the education system.  Why isn't Greek civilization portrayed in this manner?  Because people wouldn't like it!  Because people would never want to find out about the great things that the Greeks did.  Why then does he perpetuate this distortion of our Mexica heritage. 

If he wanted to do Hispanic Heritage why not a cartoon on the 32,000 Spaniards killed by the inquisition in Spain.  Or the 100,000 tortured and mutilated  by the Spanish inquisition.  Or the 23,000,000 of our people killed by Hispanics in Mexico and "Central America" and the other 75,000,000 killed in the rest of the Western Hemisphere by Spaniards and other Europeans.  Now that is a real Hispanic heritage which Spaniards and traitors like Lalito can be proud of.

But to get back to the issue of making it seem that we had inferior medical standards to those of Europeans, let's look at the facts to see that our hospitals, pharmacies, surgery, and all forms of medicine were vastly superior to those of Spain and the rest of Europe.  See the following link for more information:

In closing we can only hope that our people begin to complain about the racism of this Lalo Alcaraz.

Here is how he portrays himself without shame on the left, and our addition on the right with Emilino Zapata calling him what he is:



Olin Tezcatlipoca


Presentation In Modesto


Friday, September 16, 2005

On Wednesday, September 14th, 2005 the Mexica Movement gave a presentation at Modesto Junior College, California.   Listen here online:

The presentation was given in the context of the campus Mexican Independence Day festivities, sponsored by the college's M.e.c.h.a organization.

This was the first time any such presentation was ever made for the students of Modesto JC and fortunately, it was done on the busiest day of the school week. At one point, as many as 200 people were present in the Quad area of the college, as the Mexica Movement discussed our people's identity, civilizations, accomplishments, and the crimes of Europeans against our people.

Attendees were able to see a series of visual aids that demonstrated some of our fantastic achievements in astronomy, mathematics, writing, architecture, as well as the horrific crimes that Europeans have committed against our people. Several Mexica Movement flyers were also passed out entitled "Our Teachers Should Be Teaching This." The flyers documented many specific topics discussed in the lecture. It was a positive sign to see that every single flyer was grabbed up.   After the presentation, approximately eight people approached the speaker and showed a positive enthusiasm in their questions. Even two European people asked questions: one in particular, a philosophy student who wanted to know more about our Nican Tlaca philosophers (he was directed to explore the book "In The Language of Kings" by Miguel Leon-Portilla). Another, a European woman, asked about our indigenous languages.  

Most of our peoples' questions were about books they could read and what they could do as a next step in their learning process. Some just wanted to share experiences, finding validation in the Mexica Movement presentation for things they had personally been thinking all along.   One person said she was proud to see that we are a people with so many accomplishments to our credit. She said she was going to try and introduce this material into her Chicano Studies class discussions.   The only non-positive comment came from individual who asked "I agree with most of what you say, but why is there is only one Mexica Movement? Shouldn't this be something for ALL the people, not just one organization?"   The speaker responded, "It IS for all of our people. It's for our collective liberation. All of our people are encouraged to participate."  

The tragic irony of the event was that our people were celebrating "Independence Day" when we are really not an independent people. As the mariachis played away and the reggaeton music blasted from the radio station booth, our people still remained enslaved to the poverty and ignorance forced upon us by Europeans.   Perhaps this event was a small step forward for one or two people in the crowd. If this sounds like you, we are waiting for you...join the Mexica Movement and put your talents to work for our people's liberation!  




Bogus Celebrations


Friday, September 9, 2005

This week the Spanish language newspaper, La Opinion of Los Angeles, published two articles on the same page that once again testify to their lack of knowledge of our Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) history and to their deep-seated racist colonialism that is forced into our lives and our thoughts through their newspaper.

The first story covered, “The Pobladores”, the once a year event where hundreds, if not thousands of people (mostly Nican Tlaca), gather and march for 9 miles to commemorate the “founding of Los Angeles".

This "Pobladores" event is tragic and in many ways it is especially sad, in context of the overall ignorant condition of our people, especially the ignorance of our true Nican Tlaca history. We are not aware of the fact that we are under occupation and that we are still colonialized (by Europeans who are trespassing and are staying illegally on our continent), and the fact that we don’t know that all this continent and all of its wealth of resources is totally ours. 

Why couldn’t it have been a march in the millions to commemorate the beauty and glory of Anahuac?

A march in remembrance of the holocaust committed on our people that killed 33 million (95%) of our people on this continent?

A march to demand that dignity and honor to be re-instated in our lives?

A march to justly demand that Europeans stop controlling our lives, and imposing themselves on our lives and our continent?

The second article dealt with the bogus celebration of the so-called Mexican Independence, which in reality was no liberation for our people, it was just an illusion to keep us enslaved to Spaniards . The liberation, the independence, was really for the Criollos (Spaniards born in Mexico) who used our people to fight their Spanish brothers, the Peninsulares (Spaniards born in Spain), so that they could be free.  This was much like the Americans who became free from their English brothers.  We are still under Criollo control.



Nelyollotl Toltecatl

Hurricanes and History


Friday, September 2, 2005

Today the news is filled with the hurricane in Louisiana and Mississippi.  Our thoughts here at the Mexica Movement are of how our people have survived on this continent for over 50,000 years enduring things like this hurricane.   We have suffered probably thousands of years of hurricanes on our continent that is now called "North America" (United States, Canada, Mexico, and "Central America"). 

A few years back we saw the impact of another hurricane in what is called "Central America".  That hurricane and this new hurricane should wake us up to the reality of why our people abandoned cities in the Maya area which is prone to yearly duels with hurricanes.   In Cahokia in what is now called the "Midwest" we can see where floods and bad freezing winters are sometimes overpowering to the point where there would be mass migrations, as in out of Aztlan, as in how in the last few days hundreds of thousands of people have fled the area where the hurricane hit.

In other parts of our continent like the Anasazi area we had droughts that were just as deadly as a hurricane or a freezing winter.  Other parts had earthquakes and tornados. 

All of this activity of nature had us with a clearer understanding of how our planet was alive and how the universe was alive, and how Our Creator was very much alive in moving our lives and our death in what ever manner they were to be moved.  

Yes, we have our hearts in concern for the people in New Orleans, especially all of the African descent people who are clearly being double victimized by the slow reaction in getting aid.  We're sure that if these were Northern European blonds that aid would have reached them ten times faster.  We are also aware that there are a lot of our own people in the area who have suffered.  We hope that they are well and that they receive aid quickly.

In closing, we can only offer hopes that the people who have suffered from this disaster and all who sympathize with them will demand that the money being spent in a war of oil conquest in Iraq be redirected to reconstruct an area that will probably require a trillion dollars or more to be made back to what it was before August 2005.


Olin Tezcatlipoca