There Is Only One

Mexica Movement

by Olin Tezcatlipoca


Last Edit December 2, 2009


We embrace our Creator
through the non-Eurocentric study
of our Anahuac heritage, the non-Eurocentric teachings,

and liberation dialogues,
intellectual collective meditations,
and our disciplined warrior actions
that take the form of liberation
and non-violent confrontation
of the enemies of our people.



This embrace of Our Creator is the only true prayer,
the only acceptable ritual,
the only united front against
cultural castration,
racial rape,
and the slavery in which we exist.

We are proud to be the Mexica Movement.
There is only one organization

that is called the Mexica Movement.

To the opportunists and the vendidos, we say this to you:
Do not steal from our work
or our actions or the ideas
that we have formulated.
Do not call yourself a warrior or dress yourself
in our words, our actions, when you are not part of us.

To the rest of our people:
Judge us by the warrior and educator work
that we have done and that we are doing.

We can be measured and weighed

with our actions and words, members and supporters,
against all pretenders and traitors

who exploit our words and our actions
for their individualistic, and selfish, motivated reasons.

Our unique Mexica Movement words, actions,
and philosophy are a challenge
to the Hispanic/Latino white supremacy, colonialism,
and the Genocide that rules and enslaves our lives.
This angers the white supremacists, criollos, Spaniards
and the vendidos and the cowards.

We have proven ourselves with our education actions
and by presenting the beginning of what will be
the reconstruction of the liberated minds of our people.


Our Words

Our words confront
the white supremacist interpretations
and the devaluing of our Nican Tlaca
and Anahuac/Cemanahuac history, culture, identity,
and our rights to our lands and our continent.

We say invasion, not discovery.
We say stolen continent, not “the Americas”.
We say Nican Tlaca, Indigenous,
NOT RAZA and NOT MESTIZO as identities for our people.

We say cultural castration, not assimilation.
We say Genocide, not Western expansion.
We say racial rape, not mestizaje.
We say theft, murder, racism and slavery, not capitalism.

We say white supremacists will not give us the choice
of liberation for our continent
with their Euro-centric democracy,
not in a democracy where the only choice is
to vote for treason against our people,
or to contribute to the Genocide of our people
or to help maintain white supremacy over our lives.
We had our own democracies, truer democracies.

We know that most of our people
speak in ignorance and cowardice.
We know that on the one hand false words
and white supremacist repression of truth
can enslave us to our selfish interests,
and that on the other hand
true knowledge words
when they are fully and freely understood
can liberate all of our people.
We choose venerable Anahuac/Cemanahuac knowledge
for our complete liberation.
We choose the words and actions
of Anahuac education for our people
on the northern part of our continent
and Tawantinsuyu education for our people
on the southern part of our continent
as a means for the total liberation
of our people in Cemanahuac (“Western Hemisphere”).


Our Actions
Our actions confront traitors
and the enemies of our people.
We do this with pickets, protests, demonstrations, posters,
press releases, newspaper articles, videos, website pages, fliers,
and outreach and lectures into our communities.

We take our actions with the pride of knowing
that we are defending our people

and confronting the enemies of our people.

We know that no one else is aggressively teaching
our Pre-European Anahuac or Tawantinsuyu history

and the crimes of the Europeans,
and that no one else is confronting
this Genocide of our people,
or remembering the holocaust

that killed 70 to 100 million of our people

in Cemanahuac ("North and South America")
that killed 95% of our people on this our continent
and that put us in our present enslaved condition
under the occupying European forces.

We know that our people are only hearing our enemies' words

of ignorance and cowardice and white supremacy
in what they encounter
in our day to day slave lives.

White supremacy is the evil heart
of what is the Hispanic/Latino agenda
of criollo-controlled media
that our people hear in the Spanish language
and that is forced upon media in all languages.

The same white supremacy exists
in the ignorance and cowardice
of what now has become a perversion:
Chicano Studies.
It now exists in a castrated and raped form that
has been transformed into a "Latino Studies" program
(white supremacist, pro-colonialist, and pro-genocide studies).

More of this white supremacy
and cowardly dishonor of our ancestors
exists in the Carlos Castaneda created institution
called New Age.

New Age promotes Eastern religion's ideas
of ying/yang and "cosmic energy"
and falsely passes them off as "Indian/Native spirtuality"
which has nothing to do with our theology or our heritage.

This would be bad enough with white people doing this
but now our own people from "the rez" and "the barrio"
have bought into this shit
and brought it into what little we had of rituals.

When our people participate in these
New Age perverions of our theology
and drag their
"peaceful warrior" (cowardly) nonsense
to our people, they are participating
in the desecration of our culture, in treason to our people.

These "red/brown" New Agers have perverted our culture
and desecrated our "rituals, dance, ceremonies"
and made them into their Euro-centric "spirituality" distortions
that are a dishonor of our warrior societies and our ancestors.
These New Age theatrics are a sacrilege upon our theology
and a treason to our Mexica, Lakota,
and other Nican Tlaca heritage.
To them cowardly peace and surrender
is war,
fear and dishonor
are courage,
ignorance is knowlege, cowardice is courage,
and confronting our Mexica Movement warriors
is not treason
but acts of peace and good "energy."

We have seen them in Las Vegas style Eurocentric rituals
with their Jesus crosses, dyed blond hair,
and their New Age treasons that dishonor all of us.
These New Agers have the "courage" to confront
Mexica Movement in our education/liberation work
and to "bless" the "American" flag in their "ceremonies".

Our philosophy confronts

their Eurocentric passive “spirituality” and “energy” movements

that have perverted and desecrated our theology.
This "spirituality"-energy movement

accommodates colonialism by adopting New Age religion
and passing it off as

authentic urban Nican Tlaca Mexica Anahauc theology
or the theology of the Lakota and other tribal people.

We confront this fraud

at its empty Christianity core

and its treasonous Eurocentric rituals.

These New Age fools use

individualism’s selfishness

and the “Indian” movies theatrics
as their "sources" of knowledge
to fulfill irrelevant selfish ego desires

and the cowardly goals of personal pleasures

that try to pass themselves off as

"Indigenous" awareness.

We know for a fact that if we
of the Mexica Movement
had not taken our actions
of education and confrontation,
with the longterm goal of liberation,
that our present condition would be even worse
with only these New Age Hispanic/Latinos
as the only option for our people.

We do our work in the traditions of the work of
Dr. Atl, Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Siqueiros,
Guillermo Bonfil Batalla, and Emiliano Zapata.
If it had not been for them
we would not be able to do the work that we do today.


Our Philosophy

Mexica Movement philosophy starts

with study of all sources of our history
(codices, archeology, linguistics,

carbon 14 dating, journals,

and other sources).

We re-interpret and re-translate

the significance of our ancestors’ worldview.
We analyze the impact

of the European invasion-occupation of our continent
and the Genocide-enslavement of our people,
and we work to undo the crimes
and the damage done by those crimes.

We do no public “sacred rituals”

or dance for the entertainment of tourists
or for the ignorant and "Christian" feelings

of our own people.
We also do no “rituals” or dance theatrics

for people who know nothing of our theology.

We do no unearned Lakota sweatlodges

or Mexica temazcalli.
We do not dishonor our ancestors

by mocking them with our ignorance
in doing any such unearned warrior rituals

or other "priestly" rituals.
There are no Anahuac warriors alive today

who have earned such warrior rituals.

We do the work of warriors

by confronting the enemies of our people.
We do the work of venerables

by guiding with studied knowledge.
Or we take guidance from venerables.

We do the work of liberators

by learning, teaching, writing,
and confronting the ignorance of our people
and the enslaved condition of our people.

We give meaningful significance

to the existence of our people
with the knowledge, words, actions,

and guidance of the Mexica Movement.

We are respectful of our ancestors

by working to earn honor
by our warrior actions

and our venerable actions.

We are dedicated to the liberation of Anahuac
and Tawantinsuyu by using our disciplined actions

of learning and teaching our Nican Tlaca heritage
and by our non-violent

educational confrontational approach
to the liberation of our people and our continent.

We reject the Marxist-Che

or Capitalist-Colonialist approaches
that enslave our people to European dead-end ideologies.
We reject the cowardice and ignorance of a status quo.
We reject the traitors and the vendidos.


There is only one Mexica Movement.
Do not accept copycats, exploiters, bullshiters,
intellectual masturbators, "spirituality" masturbators,
or “revolutionary” posers who claim that they are
part of the Mexica Movement!

There is no acceptable theft of our work

or the distortion of what our work is all about!

All others can call themselves whatever else they want:
Aztec Dancers Movement,

Red Road Movement,

New Age Movement,

Latino Movement,

Hispanic Movement,

or Vendido Movement)
but there is only one organization

that is called Mexica Movement!
Do not steal from the work, warrior actions,
or the name of the Mexica Movement!

Nican Tlaca Race!
Nican Tlaca Civilizations!
Anahuac/Tawantinsuyu Nation!
Cemanahuac Nation!



"Spirtuality" is a European concept
that has been imposed on us

by Europeans through our slavery to Christianity

Our ancestors did not speak or know of "Spirituality"
We understood Mother Earth and Father Sky as "The One Creator In Duality"
It was always understood that Mother Earth was part of Father Sky
and that Father Sky was part of Mother Earth,
that they were two parts of the One Creator.

We knew Mother Earth and Father Sky
to be one and the same: Our Creator, Ometeotl.
That was the way our theology spoke of Our Creator.
Our Creator is The Mover of all things Material.

Our Creator is The Mover

who moves Material, moves the things in the Universe.
Our Creator is both the Mover and the Moved

(Our Creator is the writer and the reader of the book,

and is also the pages of the book

and the hand turning the page).

Our Creator is all Material

and all that which Moves Material.

We will use the word "Mover" with the understanding

that this is the "action" of Our Creator.
But be aware of the limitations of this English word,
and be aware of the baggage that this word carries.

We will not use the word "spirit" here because it has many meanings
and a history amongst our people which distorts the meaning
which we would want to limit it to:
the meaning of being a Mover (that which "spirits away"),
that which Moves the Universe
that which Moves our blood,

that which Moves our thoughts,
that which Moves everything in existence.

Our ancestors knew that

you could not speak of Mover (that unseen hand which moves things)
without knowing the full context

of that which is Moved (the Material).
Much like you can't just speak of a car
without knowledge that a human built it
and that only a human can drive it.
You can speak of the car by itself

but only with the unspoken understanding
that a human designed and built it
and that it is only usable

for a human to drive or to move it.

Our ancestors knew that you could not speak of Life realistically
unless you spoke of it in context of its other half: Death.

This was understood. 

Much like rain is wet and fire is hot.

You do not have to speak that they are wet or hot,

they are understood to be wet, to be hot.
They are both understood by their obviousness,
but that obviousness is only obvious through experience,
the experience of wetness and heat.

Our ancestors undestood that if you spoke of life

you were in full unspoken context also speaking of death.

Death is the thing that we all eat everyday
(vegetables, fruits, nuts and/or meat, the dead and the dying things)
Even if you do not think of it as eating Death,
it is still a reality that your Life
is dependent upon the eating of Death.

This is true even if you deny it

or are unaware of it.

Just because you don't acknowledge it
and you only Eurocentrically speak of Life as a thing all by itself,
it does not make it in reality a thing all to itself,
Life is not independent of Death.

Death is not independent of Life.

This is said here to have you understand

that when you speak of "Spirituality "
you are speaking as a Eurocentric:

Christian, incomplete, not in our traditions.

"Spirituality" speaks of "Spirit" as if it is an independent entity.
This is in the individualism and selfishness view of the world of Europeans.

You cannot separate the Mover ("Spirit") from the Moved ( "Material").
or the Moved ( "Material") from the Mover ( "Spirit").
One cannot exist without the other.
Therefore no one can speak of an independent "Spirit" (Mover)
anymore than they can speak of an independent Material (Moved)
because they are both the inseparable parts of Our Creator.
The existence-reality of both would cease if there was a separation!

The Mover moves the Body:
through the Space and Time in which it is in.
Only Mover can move the Moved (Material, the Flesh of humans)
or the bodies and parts of the Universe (that which is Moved).

Material cannot move itself, it needs a Mover.

Mover cannot be a Mover

without Material (the Moved)

to Move.

Mover and Moved are one.
Speaking of "Spirituality" is like speaking of the body only in terms of blood.
Yes, without blood the body is dead!
But blood without the context of the rest of the body is not a reality.
You cannot realistically speak of the heart without the body!
The brain without the body is nothing!
Body needs heart and blood, and a brain just to function as a body!
It needs a Mover to give it all life,

to give it the spark of life!

The Body (that which is Moved) is only complete
when it is whole---with its Mover, its ignitor!

"Spirituality" is not in our tradition!
It is superstition and not in the traditions of Anahuac.

It is make-believe, like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny,

cute to believe in when you're a kid

but grotesque and pityful to believe in

when you are an adult.

"Spirituality" is more of Christian "belief"

(something for which there is ZERO evidence)
It is totally a pretend game

of heaven and angels, the devil and evil "spirits" and superstition.
It is not the reality acknowledgment of Ometeotl, Our Creator.
"Spirituality" is more of a New Age "spiritual masturbation"
than anything of Anahuac traditions.
"Spirituality" is more like the Tooth Fairy or the Boogey Man.
It's a game that requires mass "belief" in order for it to function as a pseudo reality.

Ometeotl is observable, provable, logical, and a reality.
We know that Material is immovable

without the Mover manifestation.

We also know that if there is no material to be Moved, then there is no Mover.
Space and time cease to exist. Reality ceases to exist.

All Material is the body of Ometeotl
Mover is inseparable from the Moved (Material).
You cannot speak of "Spirituality" in our traditions
without making sacrilege to Ometeotl and dishonoring our ancestors.

In Our Traditions We Had No "SPIRITUALITY":
In Anahuac, with our ancestors, we had both Venerables and Elders.
The Venerables were the priests and teachers of our cities.
The vast majority of our population lived in cities and large towns.
We have to get away from the notion that we were all tribal,
or that the majority of our population was tribal.
The Elders were the priests and teachers of our tribal areas.

Venerables spoke from the books that we had written
(the books that we had before the European invasion).
Venerables studied our books and taught from our books
in the universities of our cities.

Elders spoke from memorized oral high theological traditions
(oral high theological traditions that were kept secret in warrior societies).
Elders also taught in general to our tribes of the basic theology and traditions.

Both traditions served our people well
in the large cities and in small wandering groups:
Venerables in the cities; Elders in the wandering tribes.
But only one tradition has survived less tainted then the other:
The written traditions of the Venerables of 500 years ago.

These written traditions have some or many translated-interpreted corruptions,
but there are many sources from which we can study to find truth out of them.
The oral traditions have been thoroughly corrupted
with Christianity's impositions and/or New Age Eurocentric tastes
that have nothing to do with warriors, our traditions, or the liberation of our people.

For our people of the occupied Anahuac of today
must acknowledge Our Creator, Ometeotl, in order to be authentic.
Ometeotl is our Father the Mover, our Father Sky, our Father Time.
Ometeotl is also inseparably our Mother the Moved (Material),
our Mother Earth, Our Mother Space.
This is the complete Duality of Ometeotl!

We must forbid and eject "beliefs" in the European
and Christian traditions that have polluted our theology
with their deadly virus of "Spirituality".

Acknowledgment of Ometeotl is not a belief.
Acknowledgment of Ometeotl is to look at Sky and Earth
and to make acknowledge Our True Mother and Our True Father.
Acknowledgement of Ometeotl is to see, smell, taste, touch, and hear
the four manifestations of Ometeotl:

Water, Earth, Air, Fire.
These four manifestations are the cloth of the Universe.
These four manifestations are also the cloth of your body.
These four manifestations are not something that you have to "believe."
These four manifestations are there for your senses to acknowledge.

You don't have to pretend about acknowledging Ometeotl.
You can use your senses to confirm Our Creator as Ometeotl.

Ometeotl is Space and Time.

Ometeotl is Life and Death.

Ometeotl is Mother Earth and all Material.

Ometeotl is Father Sky and all that Moves The Universe.

You cannot confirm "Spirituality" or "belief".
Use your Creator-given logic and senses to confirm the reality
of Ometeotl, Our Creator. Study our ancestors' acknowledgements of Ometeotl.

Leave the Christian-European pretend game of "Spirituality" & "belief".
Ometeotl is both Creator and Universe,
Mover and Moved,
Life and Death,
Order and Chaos.

Acknowledge this by simply looking at the Universe all around you.
You cannot separate the Mover from the Moved
and still speak in our theology.

Spirituality is a European concept!

Spirituality is not in our tradition!

that has been imposed on us by Europeans through Christianity!


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