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The Secret And Forbidden History

Of The People Of Mexican, "Central American" , And "Native American" Descent

by Olin Tezcatlipoca



People of Anahuac:
Mexicans, "Central Americans", "Native Americans", and "First Nation People"

We Mexicans and "Central Americans"

eed To Understand That We Are Nican Tlaca
(Indigenous People Who Are Full-bloods And Mixed-bloods)

The Rest Of Our Nican Tlaca People ("Native Americans" and "First Nation People" )
Need To Embrace All Of Our Nican Tlaca Brothers And Sisters
As Equals, No Matter What Language We Speak

Or On What Side Of The Colonial Borders Of Our Continent We Reside In

This Book Will Teach You Why We Are One People
And Why Our True Identity And United History
Has Been Kept Secret And Forbidden


In this book is the secret and forbidden history of our people.

The contents of this book will end the ignorance that exists about our true history. It will present our history in our interests, not in the interests of Europeans. It will clarify our true Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) identity and our collective ownership of this whole continent.

Read this well, with your liberated mind, Nican Tlaca heart, and an imagination strong enough to see our people waking and liberating themselves out of this European-made hell that we are forced to exist in.

This is our land and our continent, this is not property of the Europeans or their descendants. Not one inch of this continent belongs to Europeans, no matter what lies or distortions of ownership they may present.  European squatters are today stealing not just our land, they are stealing the wealth of our oil, our forests, our farmland and all of our other resources. They are also stealing our honor, our dignity, and our sense of being one Anahuac independent nation. We have a human right to exist as a people who are independent from European control of our lives, our continent, and our wealth.

Remember that we have only temporarily (and illegally) been deprived of the rights to our continent and our heritage. This occupation of our continent is not a permanent condition. We can change the colonial slave condition of our people! We know that none of the Europeans will easily give up all that they have stolen from us.

We know that Europeans will continue to steal from us if we do not declare our rights to our continent and the resources of our continent that they are now stealing from us.

The first step to to take in order to reclaim our continent and all of its wealth is to let everyone know of the criminal and genocidal history of the Europeans on our continent and their ongoing crimes against us and their illegal occupation of our continent.

Our people and the world have an obligation to know this of monstrous history of European savage behavior. Europeans on our continent also have an obligation to know of the savage crimes of their ancestors on our continent.

The European's ("Americans", Miami Cubans, Mexico City Criollos, and other "whites") colonial propaganda machine teaches us "American" history, European history, a diluted and distorted version of "Mexican Independence ", a vendido-Latino-Hispanic version of "Chicano Studies", the dead-end Argentine-Cuban "Che Guevara Studies" and anything else that will keep us away from understanding the secret and forbidden history of our Anahuac nation's accomplishments, our ownership of this continent, and the monstrous crimes that the Europeans have committed against our people.

We were once a great civilization!

We will be a great nation once again!



EUROPEAN refers to all people of European descent anywhere in the world, including those colonialists born on our Nican Tlaca continent.

TERRORISM is European colonialism's main tool against Non-European people all over the world. It was first used against us (in the "Western Hemisphere") by the Europeans in the "Carribean" area of our continent in 1492 .  This first attack was by the pirate-terrorist Columbus and his raping criminal racist thugs.

The second attack began in 1519 under the genocidal gangster Cortez on the mainland of Anahuac. In the first one hundred years of heavy racist terrorism, Europeans collectively destroyed our civilizations by genocidal biological warfare. These terrorist crimes have continued against us non-stop for over 500 years. We are still being kept terrorized by Europeans in order to finish off their genocide of our people. They want to own our continent, without the threat that we may grow the courage to take it back one day. They want to be assured that there are no remnants of our people claims to our continent or to any pride in the accomplishments of our great civilizations.

COLONIALISM is the European parasitic habitual crime of invading other people's land, stealing their resources, destroying their society, committing genocide against the majority of the people (whenever they could use biological warfare), enslaving the remaining population, and culturally annihilating them by executing their leaders and destroying pride in their heritage. Colonialism is by its very nature parasitic in that it depends totally on the stolen foreign land and the enslaved foreign people to sustain it. Colonialism depends on getting "free" gold, silver, land, and other wealth in order to build its "capital" for the criminal nation that exports its terrorism, pirates, and its diseases.  Colonialism never benefits the colonized people (no matter what Europeans say). Colonialism uses terrorism as its main tool of gaining wealth.  Colonialism means the total destruction of the people who are colonized.

RACISM is a major aspect of European terrorism and colonialism. It manifests itself in exploitive-oppressive acts (by the colonizers who see themselves as the superior "white" race and all other races as "non-white" inferiors, subhumans). Europeans have historically looked upon "non-whites" as less human, and of course that makes "them" not worthy of having rights to their lives, their wealth, or their own land or nation. Racism is the oppression of one race by another. Racist Europeans have massively scattered themselves across the globe as parasites and cancers on the rest of humanity. Parasites in that they suck off the wealth of other nations and in order to enrich and to gorge themselves, leaving an emaciated people and a devestated nation when they have sucked all of the fat of the land.  They are a cancer in that they have taken whole races and nations into extinction with their use of biological warfare.  No other racism in the history of humanity has killed as much of humanity, enslaved so many, robbed so many, while expressing no real apology or restitution for its crimes. 

The opposite of apology has happened, in that we are told to stop "dwelling on the past".  We are told that we should "get over it and move on".  That's easy for modern day Europeans to say when they are still benefiting from the crimes of their ancestors.  Well, we are still suffering from the crimes of their ancestors.  We are still being deprived of the wealth of our continent.  Racism oppresses. Racism kills with excessive oppression. Racism is the monstrous child of Europe's false sense of its "honorable", "moral", "ethical", "progressive", and "civilized" place in history.  Racism is alive and well in the culture of Europeans, it is wealthy and it is murderous.  We still live under its racism, its cruelty, its criminal behavior, its fist, its sword, its pistol, its atomic bomb, its terrorist threat.

EUROCENTRIC refers to one who is always looking at everything from a European racist-colonialist point of view. They defend European crimes by saying that those were not real crimes, "...and anyway it was so long ago". The Eurocentric view is mostly a condition of Europeans and European descendants on our land, but it is also a monstrously forced-upon condition of the majority of our people.

LIBERATION means: to be free from our enslavement to the colonialist Europeans ("whites") who control our lives and who control the wealth of our continent. Liberation means an end to European terrorism over our lives and our continent.

ANAHUAC  (Nahuatl for "the land between the waters") is the name of our nation. Our Anahuac cultural nation includes the people of Mexican, "Central American", "Native American", and "First Nation People" of Canada descent of the continent that is called "North America". Anahuac is united by the Olmec origins of our civilizations, our corn culture, our one race, our linguistic ties, and our common world view that was spread throughout this continent.


Mexica (Meh-shee-kah) is the original Nahuatl (the so-called Aztec language) way of pronouncing Mexican, Mexicano, and Chicano and Chicana. The Mexica was the last of our great Anahuac civilizations (1325 to 1521). 

Mexica is the only one of our cultures and civilizations which has enough surviving material sources from which we can reconstruct our Anahuac nation. 

The Mexica were victims of an ethnocide that left no one today who can authentically call themselves Mexica, much like in Italy there is no one who can authentically call themselves Roman. 

Therefore, the rest of us who have lost all of our Anahuac civilization identity and culture or tribal identity and culture, and even those of us who have a civilization or tribal identity, can and should embrace Mexica identity as a collective identity for all of us, along with our known civilization or tribal group.

We need to have this Mexica identity in unity in order to reconstruct our Anahuac nation and as a means of assured reconstruction of Anahuac and as an assured tool of Liberation. 

Mexica does not negate Maya or Huichol or Comanche or Shoshone or any of our other Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) civilizations or cultures. 

Mexica is our point of unity and our means of reconstructing all of our nation.

is the name of our last great civilization. The Mexica left us vast amounts of written knowledge from which we can collectively rebuild our Anahuac nation. Mexica is our collective identity because Mexica is the only study basis from which we can realistically reconstruct ourselves as a united and totally independent Anahuac nation.

NICAN TLACA (Nahuatl for "We, the people here") refers to all of the "Indigenous" people of the "Western Hemisphere".


Read this book
without the Eurocentric or biased
that will keep you
understanding the significance
of all of the contents of this book.

Open your eyes!
Open your mind!
Open your heart!
You need to understand
the importance of these major terrorist crimes of the Europeans:

1) the criminal and unrepentant THEFT of our continent and its extreme wealth of resources which have made "Whites" the wealthiest thieves on the planet;

2) the biological weapons of mass destruction GENOCIDE that killed 23 million of our people in Mexico and "Central America" and another 10 million in what is now called Canada and "The United States" which almost emptied our continent (killing 95% of our population) to "make room" for the European squatters who now hold our all of our continent;

3) the SAVAGE EUROPEAN DESTRUCTION of our nation, cities, libraries, and education system which has kept our people fearful, ignorant, and leaderless;

4) the RACIAL RAPE of our population which has left a debilitating scar on our people and an unnecessary racial scar and confusion as to our true Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) identity;

5) the CULTURAL CASTRATION of our nation which has kept us from being able to reproduce ourselves as the proud and independent wealthy Anahuac nation that we should be; and

6) our total ENSLAVEMENT to the racist and parasitic interests of European terrorists and their descendants on our continent.

We are today like the victims of a beast that is slowly devouring us. A parasitic leach that drains our energy and our lifeforce.  The Europeans are that beast, that parasite. They are sucking the blood and sweat from our people. They are taking the wealth from our continent like robbers entering a jewelry store to take all that they want, for free, without penalty.  Europeans are devouring the future of our existence. They terrorize us everyday of our lives to keep the silence of their crimes intact.

There is no need for our ignorance, our fear, or our poverty. The Europeans have no right to be on our continent and they have no right to enslave us to their enrichment from the wealth of our continent.  But we need to educate ourselves on all of this and we need to yell this out to the world.

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The secret and forbidden contents of this book will liberate our people.

This book is a plan for the liberation of our people unlike any in the history of Anahuac. It is a plan for liberation through the Anahuac-centric education of our people and the Anahuac-centric education of the rest of the world.

The history in this book has been kept secret and forbidden by Europeans because it is about the past, and the ongoing, crimes of the Europeans against our people.

This secret and forbidden information proves that Europeans have a long history of being collectively immoral, unethical, criminal, and a fraud, by presenting themselves as a "civilized" and "Christian" people to the world and to themselves. Their terrorist criminal and uncivilized actions of the last 500 years prove them to be a total perversion of "civilized" and "Christian". They have no true understanding of the words "honor" or "justice".

The history documented in this book has been forbidden to us because it will wake us from our ignorance, and make us knowledgeable, proud, and angry. It will give us the courage to want and need to be a liberated people once again.

This book explains why we have a right and a duty to exist as the creative, significant, relevant, and liberated people of Anahuac, who are totally independent from Europeans.

This book is dedicated to the Anahuac-centric knowledge enrichment of our people's proven intellectual and philosophical abilities.

We know that the resulting enrichment of our people's knowledge will give us the courage and imagination to bring about the liberation of our nation.

Embrace this knowledge! It will liberate our people, and in turn it will liberate you!


The great majority of our people are today called "people of Mexican and 'Central American' descent", and the rest of us are called "Native Americans" or "First Nation People". We are also insultingly and falsely called "Hispanic" and/or "Latino" (see GLOSSARY at the end of this document for the genocidal implications of these terms), but we are in fact the Nican Tlaca people of Anahuac. The majority of us are the descendants of the great cities of Anahuac.  This is one of the first realignments with reality that we have to make.  Remember that the majority of our population was living in cities, large towns, and small towns.  A tiny minority ofour people were living as wandering tribes.

Even though our people are today divided by borders, forced relocations, lies, and ignorance, our people have in fact been historically united for thousands of years as part of Anahuac---by blood, culture, languages, and a shared heritage. We are united across the false borders of the "United States", Canada, Mexico, and "Central America". This includes areas where we live, where we once lived, and areas from which we were removed by Europeans.

We are also a part of the Mexica civilization of great cities, which was our last great civilization before the European invasion of Anahuac. The Europeans destroyed Mexica society by ethnocide. The Mexica people were destroyed, but Mexica culture has survived in us collectively; and that is why we embrace Mexica identity---it is a way of saying, "You Europeans may have destroyed our Mexica brothers and sisters, but we the people of Anahuac have collectively embraced them as our ideal. They are the vanguard leading us to the reconstruction of our nation---they live through us today!"

We are the Mexica culture, the Nican Tlaca people, and the Anahuac Nation.

Remember that before the European acts of terrorism, piracy, and Genocide began, the majority of our people lived in the great cities and large towns of what was then the blossoming heart of the magnificent urban civilizations of Anahuac.

The Mexica were the cultural leaders of our civilizations, and the inheritors of an ancient civilization that began with our Olmec civilization that began between 3000 B.C. and about 2300 B.C. This Olmec Mother-Father civilization of ours came to the Valley of Mexico (in central Mexico) and gave birth to what became Tlatilco, Cuicuilco, Teotihuacan, The Toltecs, and finally the Mexica civilization. In other parts of Anahuac other civilizations were also born out of this Olmec origin.  The Zapotec, Maya, Otomi, Huaxtec, Mixtec, Purepecha, and other civilizations blossomed from their Olmec root.

The surviving Mexica books, chronicles, known history, philosophy and theology (excluding the ignorant or racist interpretations and distortions) are the only solid and realistic means by which we will be able to reconstruct and liberate our Anahuac nation.

We must liberate our people with knowledge, courage, education, honor, and logic. We already know that justice is on our side. This book is meant to be one of your guides in the work of studying our heritage.

We must study and struggle to properly learn and earn our people's vast knowledge, before we can teach this knowledge to our people, and to the world. We must learn this knowledge thoroughly by studying it all of our lives, in the way that our ancestors studied every day of their lives. In our Anahuac societies we did not graduate from study.

Constant study of our heritage will mean that the liberation of our people will come sooner.

Today we have many obstacles blocking our liberation. One of those obstacles is the 500 years of European-enforced ignorance on our people. This has caused our people a collective psychological damage that manifests itself with self-hate and an obsessive insane love of Europeans.

Our second obstacle is the uninvited (raped) European blood-DNA in our gene pool that clouds or lessens our determination to take back our rights to our true Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) identity, and our rights to our Anahuac land and its immense wealth of resources.

The centuries of waves of European invasion and occupation have produced the monstrous and unforgivable crimes of Genocide and the destruction of our cities. Their massacres of our leadership, the closing and destruction of our education system, and the hiding of our beautiful heritage, are unforgivable crimes.

Under our present circumstances it might take decades or centuries to be liberated from European colonialism. It will most likely take a long time to recover from the barbaric crimes that they have committed against us, but we will recover and we will be liberated.

We have to take steps toward that goal of liberation, or else we will remain motionless, and frozen in our present slave condition. Educating our people on our history is the most important step. It needs to be followed up by the Anahuac-centric solutions that will lead us to the eventual liberation of Anahuac.

In struggling for liberation in the last 500 years, we have made a lot of mistakes. The worst of our mistakes were the actions that embraced European solutions to our problems of European occupation. Over the centuries Europeans have offered us meaningless friendship, peace, "Christianity", relocations, reservations, "equality", revolution, capitalism, Marxism, anarchy, money, and even assimilation into the "white" race.

Under our present circumstances, we don't have the luxury of trying out any more of their dead-end "solutions". This applies even to the best of the "well meaning" European people's Eurocentric Marxist missionary work. These solutions only offer us internationalist European-led solutions, or Marxist social agendas. These Marxist agendas ignore or minimize the ongoing colonialism and the past and the ongoing racist crimes of the Europeans.

The best solutions that the Marxists are offering us were researched by Karl Marx from our Nican Tlaca societies. We don't need the European Karl Marx interpreting the success of our ancestors' collective societies to us. With proper study, we can interpret ourselves to ourselves a lot better than Mr. Karl Marx.

But worse than the Marxist approach for our people, is the suicidal embrace of individualism, materialism, capitalism, "Christianity", sexism (the machismo and the feminist approaches are both sexist), new age superstitions, and the many other forms of selfishness that exist. Each of these approaches offer us the "opportunity" to work within colonialism---and the guaranteed extermination of our people.

Our present condition is a catastrophe because we exist as a colonized people, ignorant, culturally castrated, and racially raped. Our extinction has been planned for over 500 years. We are today in the process of being digested by the worldwide European empire that has been built on massive piracy, exploitation, lies, oppression, racism, slavery, cultural destruction, and genocide. The world has hypnotically accepted this behavior as normal, because Europeans have told us that this is normal. These crimes are not normal!

We have not just lost 95% (33 million in all of Anahuac) of our population to the unbelievably immoral and uncivilized biological warfare of Europeans, we have also lost the wealth of our land and the honor and dignity of our people. We cannot regain the losses of our population but we can regain our continent (and its wealth), our honor, and our dignity.

Our continued European colonized condition is dependent upon our people's ignorance of our complete heritage, which is our ownership of our continent and its wealth, and our history. It is also dependent upon our people having an insane and suicidal love for all things European. Our liberation can only become a reality within a strategy that has, as its priority, the complete re-education of our people (and the world) as to our Anahuac heritage and the crimes of the Europeans. We have to point out the fraud that the Europeans have perpetrated in the lies that they tell, of how they "honorably" acquired our continent, our land and our wealth (read COLONIZER'S MODEL OF THE WORLD by Blaut).

We not only need to be educated in our interests, decolonized, liberated, and reconstructed as a Nican Tlaca Mexica Anahuac nation; we need to have a future where we are not slave to (or dependent upon) Europeans in order to survive and progress as a Nican Tlaca Mexica Anahuac nation (read MEXICO PROFUNDO by Bonfil Batalla) .

In order to accomplish even the smallest bit of all of what is being proposed in this book, we absolutely cannot allow ourselves to be attachments or followers to the interests or agendas of Europeans or of Eurocentric movements.

We must exclusively embrace a future where we will be liberated from Europeans and all of their chains, strings, webs, and deceptions that they have used on us to enslave us for the last 500 years.

We must fully embrace a future where we are free from all Europeans, and where we can independently create our own future.

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For People of European Descent

For those of you who are of European descent who want to learn about our people: you are welcome to this book, especially if you are teachers or communicators. We want you to learn about our Anahuac history and identity---from our Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) point of view. We need you to share our view with your students or your audiences---especially if they are of "Native American", Mexican, or "Central American" descent---in a positive and constructive way.

When you read this book and our website, remember that the phrase "objective view of history" (to people of European descent) has always meant a "European view of history". This presentation of our Nican Tlaca Anahuac history will be from our point of view and interests and not the European point of view that we have heard all of our lives.

Please try to listen to our point of view, even if it does not hesitate to list all of the European crimes that were committed against our people.

Keep in mind that we never took one inch of European soil or resources.

Be aware also that we do not advocate violence or racial hate against Europeans in these pages (but we do want you to be aware of the crimes of your ancestors and of our anger). Be further aware that because we defend our people's interests doesn't mean that we are racist, no more than Jewish people are racists because they speak of the crimes of the Nazis and the Neo-Nazis. Racism only comes in when one race oppresses another because of their race. We are not now capable of oppressing Europeans, nor do we intend to oppress Europeans. We intend to educate Europeans on the crimes of their ancestors. We want to show them the injustice of our enslavement to their interests and the ongoing theft of our wealth of the natural resources of our continent.

We are not timid about demanding that our people take back all of what has been stolen from us. We want absolute liberation from Europeans. We do not hesitate to point out all of the European crimes of the past and how they are still affecting us to this day.

The information in this book should make you aware of the savage crimes collectively committed by your ancestors and/or your race. We say all of this not to harm you, but to liberate you from 500 years of lies. This truth should make you free. Embrace this truth, and help us to be free!

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What tribe do you belong to?
Aren't All The Aztecs And Maya Dead?

Most of our people have been asked variations on these questions when we assert our Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) identity.

Those of us who have some knowledge respond with "I am Mexica". The majority of our people, who do not seriously understand our history, will respond with, "I am Aztec" or the worst of all answers is "I'm not really an Indian."

There are problems with these three answers, but there is a bigger problem with the question. It assumes that all or most Nican Tlaca are or were tribal and that we have all been assimilated or killed off. The truth is that we have been colonized, culturally castrated, racially raped, kept ignorant of our heritage, deprived of the ownership and the wealth of our land, but we are still here (ignorant and damaged as human beings, but we are still here).

Over the last 500 years we have suffered racism's indignities, and the European parasitic uses of our people and our continent. Because we are ignorant of our history and our true identity it is difficult for our people to respond to the two questions listed above. We are a people who have been left traumatized and leaderless from the 500 years of European persistent assaults on our humanity.

When we are armed with knowledge, we should respond like this, when we are asked:

What Indian tribe do you belong to?

Before I answer your question, I would like to know what tribe you belong to.

But I'm not an Indian, I'm white!

Well, you're more like a pink or a yellowish person, or very pale, but you are definitely not the color white.

You know what I mean, I'm European American, of German and English descent. We have no tribes, never had tribes. We have always been civilized.

That's not true. The Germanic tribes, your ancestors, came out of central Asia about two thousand years ago and they invaded Europe. The Romans called your ancestors "Barbarians". Your tribes were called "Uncivilized", and many other uncomplimentary names, because they were a savage people. Most of your ancestors only became somewhat civilized about 1,500 years ago, and some only in the last 1,000 years. Your ancestors were very savage and very primitive. Our ancestors were building cities, bathing, developing astronomy and mathematics over 4,300 years ago. Your people only started bathing 200 years ago. These are known facts, some of this history was written down by the Romans, as you were vandalizing and destroying their civilization. More of this uncivilized behavior of your people also happened as you were savagely vandalizing and destroying our civilization.

Our people have been civilized for over 4,300 years. The majority of our people were living in large cities when your pirate ancestors were invading our land in 1492.

Yeah, but we're not tribes anymore. I didn't mean to offend you. I just noticed that you look like an Indian and I was curious as to what tribe you were. You're implying that you are part of the Aztecs or Mayas. I thought that we had killed all of them.

We have been trying to educate your people since you first broke-and-entered onto our land 500 years ago, but you won't listen:

ONE: Indians are people from India. Columbus and his pirates still thought that they had come to India when they started to invade our land. Columbus' ignorance and racism live on to this day, in that we are still erroneously called "Indians". The piracy and uncivilized behavior continues. It is continued by the European illegal squatter descendants of those pirates, that's you, here, talking to me. You, the ones who call us "illegal" and "foreigners".

TWO: When your ancestors invaded our continent, the majority of our people were living in large cities, large towns, and the cluster villages (suburbs) that were around those cities and towns. We were in our majority an urban people with no "tribal" status. We were not savage or primitive as you imply. Even our people who were "tribal" were not savage or primitive. The Europeans who invaded our urban and tribal areas were the ones who were savage in their behavior, and primitive in their humanity.

THREE: Your ancestors killed the majority of our population. They also destroyed our cities and built European cities on those sites, using us as slave labor and the masonry from the ruins of our cities (to build those "new European cities" on our continent). Our Anahuac "European Indian Schools" and Trail of Tears really started back in the 16th and 17th centuries.

FOUR: During the first 100 years of European invasion, the 5% of our cities' population that survived the savage Genocidal attacks of the Europeans, were divided and relocated to reinforce our enslavement. Some of us were sent to the sparsely populated tribal northern areas of Anahuac, and some into the densely populated south of Anahuac, as a way to extend the European invasion---and their squatter settlements. The relocation and mixing of our people from the different cities and towns was a way to dilute and destroy our culture, our languages, our history, and our theology. It was also a way to force the Spanish language, Spanish names, Christian religion, and Spanish culture on our people. During that same period of forced relocation, our people were formally enslaved and we were subjected to constant rapes and more killings. Our leadership and educators were massacred during this period.

Adding to our confusion, our relocated people from the different language cities intermarried in these times. Some of the children of those mixed urban cultured children intermarried with the children of the raped. Later these urban people intermarried with tribal people of the north and the children of rape were themselves raped for another generation and generations after that.

These added confusions have all brought about the destruction of us as an independent Nican Tlaca people and the collapse of our Anahuac civilizations. It has left us ignorant of our true identity and our true heritage. We have suffered all of this humiliation and disaster and all of the savage stunning blows of the European genocidal agenda for the last 500 years.

So, we have to explain all of this to you Europeans (and to our own people) so that we can say that our people are Nican Tlaca and that most of us are of no particular tribe. Most of us never belonged to a tribe. We are part of the Anahuac nation which is made up of over 150 million descendants of those people, who (in our majority) lived in great cities and small towns. We are part of the forced mixing of the people from the different cities of Anahuac. We are also part of the rural (northern) forced mixing of one tribe with another. We are, further on in our history, part of the mixing of the city and the tribal people throughout our Anahuac nation. And, yes, sadly most of our people have had our gene pool polluted to different degrees of scar with the cancerous DNA-blood that was raped into us by Europeans, but 30% of our people were lucky enough to have not been affected by the rape of our nation, they still have no European blood in them. The rest of us have been culturally and/or physically disfigured by these historic rapes, relocations and the attacks on our identity and our humanity.

But this rape issue does not take away from any of us being Nican Tlaca, or part of the Anahuac heritage of our people, no matter how light or how "European-looking" some of us may be. The majority of us can remove all doubts as to our Nican Tlaca identity by looking at our whole family (cousins, aunts, grandparents, great-grandparents) to see that we are Nican Tlaca. We only have to look at the land on which we stand to see that this is not European land, it is Nican Tlaca land. And the racial rape and cultural castration of our nation does not take away our ownership of our land or its wealth---no matter what European squatters claim, or what European broken treaties were made, or how many soldiers and atomic bombs your people have, this is still our land.

You need to look at us as the victims of your people's ongoing criminal racist greed---and past barbaric criminal actions. You need to look at us realistically, not as some remnants of some almost extinct animals that you have caged in a zoo (that you call a ghetto or a reservation) for the amusement of your people. You need to put yourselves in our shoes to see our people's losses of the wealth of our land, and your missing guilt, and your ignorance of how you profit from the crimes of your ancestors, and your people's lack of humanity in all of this monstrous history.

And this isn't just in Anahuac that your people have done this. Your people did this in Hawaii, the Philippines, Alaska, and everywhere else that your race has gone on our planet.

There are also implications in the general tone of voice when you speak to us that need to be addressed. When you asked your questions, you asked them in a tone that says that you are superior, and that you are the guiltless legitimate (by force) owners of our land. That practiced superiority in your voice needs to be confronted.

Your people are not superior to us in any way! You are in fact inferior to us in your morals, ethics, and humanity---by your collective actions of the last 500 years.

You have been successful at keeping us ignorant of our heritage and of our true condition of slavery. You have caused us the poverty in which we live---depriving us of the vast wealth of our land.

We have barely survived your attempts at ethnocide and genocide.

But through all of the genocide, destruction, enslavement, and the other crimes that you have committed against us, we have lost one major battle, and that was the battle to keep our sense of being important human beings. This item on the list of crimes that your people committed should be your everlasting shame.

We are arming our people with knowledge and courage to undo that damage and all of the other crimes that you have done! We are going to be "in your face" about the crimes of your ancestors and your ongoing participation in those past crimes, and your ongoing crimes.

But the Spaniards were the ones who did all of those crimes to you, not us.

So, now you, as an English/German people, want to separate yourself from your brother and sister European Spaniards, the ones who "discovered" our land and began the genocide (and taught you how to do it). Your ancestors came here also as murdering pirates, genocidal monsters, liars, etc., just like the Spaniards. You are all Europeans. You all claim to be "Christian", but in reality you are all part of one genocidal European people colonizing-oppressing-exploiting this planet! These crimes that we speak to you about are collective European crimes because you have all benefited from these crimes. We will not let you weasel yourselves out of your past crimes or allow you to continue in your current parasitic behavior.

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Anahuac is divided into nine European-descent controlled areas:


"El Salvador"
"Costa Rica"
and "the United States"

These artificial divisions of our continent and our people are the result of the last 500 years of European colonialism, Genocide, forced relocations, and other crimes. There are over 150 million of us in all of the segments of occupied Anahuac.

We have 40,000 to 50,000 years of being on this continent, our land, without Europeans. That is a longer time than the 2,000 to 2,200 years that the Slavic and Germanic tribes (Germans, English, Dutch, Scandinavians, and French) have been in Europe (Slavic and Germanic tribes came out of central Asia).

The current colonized condition of our people does not permanently define us as a people. This has to be clearly understood!

We will change from being the ignorant slaves of the Europeans into an authentically free people, people who are free from all of the controls of the Europeans.

In order to change our present colonized condition, our people need to be taught our true and complete Pre-European Anahuac history in a way that is positive and constructive.

We, as a race and as a nation, have been criminally, savagely, and unjustly enslaved by the Europeans into a poisonous sleep of death. Under this immoral spell, our nation has suffered the European terrorism of their biological warfare, the Genocide of 95% of our people, the theft of our land, and the almost total destruction of our heritage.

This series of European crimes have left us as a ruined people. These crimes have left us as an impoverished people, and as incomplete human beings. Under Europeans, we have suffered their parasitic sucking of the blood of our nation's wealth, and the slow-motion mass murder of us as a people.

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Genocide is defined as,
"...the planned annihilation [killing] of a national [Mexican/ 'Central American']
or racial group [Nican Tlaca] by a variety of actions [biological warfare,
oppression, enslavement, denial of Indigenous identity
] aimed at undermining
the foundations essential [our Pre-European Anahuac history and the wealth of our continent ]
to the survival of the group as a group".

Genocide, in context of this book, needs to be understood. In AMERICAN HOLOCAUST David Stannard puts it this way:

"...genocide is the coordinated and planned annihilation of a national, religious, or racial group by a variety of actions aimed at undermining the foundations essential to the survival of the group as a group. [Raphael] Lemkin conceived of genocide as 'a composite of different acts of persecution or destruction'. His definition included attacks on political and social institutions, culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of the group.

Even non-lethal acts that undermined the liberty, dignity, and personal security of members of a group constituted genocide if they contributed to weakening the viability of the group ["Native Americans", Mexicans, and 'Central Americans' as a united Nican Tlaca people]. Under Lemkin's definition, acts of ethnocide... also qualified as genocide.

Genocide is the denial of the right of existence to entire human groups, as homicide is the denial of the right to live of individual human beings..."

We, the Nican Tlaca people of Mexican, "Central American", and "Native American/ First Nation " descent, the people of Anahuac, are ignorant of the fact that everyday of our lives we live as slaves to European culture and European people in the "United States"---and Canada, Mexico and "Central America". We are colonial possessions of Europeans. The false Hispanic and Latino labels intentionally confuse us as to our true identity.

We are ignorant of the destructive and exterminating goals of the European assimilation process that is being used against us. Assimilation's goal is the complete genocide of our people.

Ignorance has kept us unaware of the Genocidal horror being committed against us. Ignorance has also kept us from the great history and accomplishments of our Anahuac civilizations.

Our great history of accomplishments, and our land, should be our pride. But we have been robbed of that pride, and our land and its wealth.

Once we learn this great history of our people we will regain our true pride. Once we know of the full meaning of the crimes of the Europeans, we will know that we have only one option: we have to take back our history, our land, and its wealth.

We are ignorant of the fact that we have the option of having a great future for our people---without Europeans in our lives or on our land.

Today it seems unimaginable to us that we could ever be without Europeans controlling our lives---or our land. They have made it seem impossible for us to ever be free from their control of our land or our lives. Europeans and their descendants have tortured that false idea of European undefeatable superiority, and hopeless inferiority for us---they have pounded this defeatist and cowardly mentality into our blood, flesh, breath, and heart for over 500 years.

But for those of us who study our ancestors, we know that we have to be free from Europeans. We can imagine total liberation. We know that it is possible, and that it is an absolute necessity to be free from Europeans. We of the Mexica (Meh-she-kah) Movement are now working for that total liberation.

We know that the process of gaining liberation requires an obligation to regain our history and our heritage, our honor, and our land.

We can gain all of the necessary knowledge that will liberate us when we seriously, positively, and constructively study our history (without Eurocentric colonialist interpretations). In that study we can find the beauty of who we are as a people and the barbaric crimes of the Europeans---if we open up our eyes to the reality of our enslavement to the Europeans of Europe and the Europeans on our land. These semi-independent Europeans on our land call themselves "Americans", Cubans of Miami, and "Criollos of Mexico and 'Central America'". They are in fact colonialists.

We have to see the absolute need to be free from these colonialists and their monstrous and parasitic control of our lives and our land. Yes, it is still our land, no matter what the European thieves say! We just have to find the courage to tell them that this is our land, and that all of the wealth of our land belongs to us. If we do not say this we are in fact saying that we approve of our slavery and of the theft of our wealth and land---and what does that say of us!?

All of our people have to see that the only honorable choice for us is to regain our heritage and our land---to be liberated. When we wake up to the "reality" understanding of all of this, we will see that we have been fraudulently and perversely taught to identify with the Europeans, their history, their religion, their destiny and their interests---and we will also see that their interests are to continue to enrich themselves (as thieves) from our land, at our expense.

The wealth of our land and our slave-wage labor are what has made Europeans wealthy all over this planet for the last 500 years. This theft and Genocide has been done by people who now call themselves "white", "American", and "descendants of Spaniards".

None of these people would have wealth today if their ancestors had not stolen our land, killed 95% of our population, and made slaves of the remainder of our people (read AMERICAN HOLOCAUST-Stannard).

500 years ago Europeans needed us to stay ignorant, and today they still need us to stay ignorant. But, they have also made sure that we have become a self-hating and European-loving people. We have been brutally trained to become a very happy group of ignorant slaves! They give us the micro-crumbs of capitalism and we are happy. They give us stupid songs to sing and meaningless sports to watch on dumb-tv and we are happy. They give us drugs, alcohol and hypocrite Christianity, and we are happy. We are so grateful to our criminal European masters for giving us the opportunity to copulate with their race (the "voluntary" rape of our people, assimilation as genocide). They have taught us to want to be just like them.

Europeans continue their enrichment from our land, and they continue the slow-motion genocide of our people. For over 500 years they have slow-motion used terrorism, the theft of our wealth, and the assimilation of our people, as different means with which to slowly destroy us as a people (read YEAR 501-Chomsky).

In order to accomplish their goals they have taught us to fraudulently call ourselves "mestizo" and "raza", or "Hispanic" and "Latino" or "American", and to pretend some false or weak blood-historical ties to Europe and/or the Spaniards (see GLOSSARY in this book).

But if we honestly look into our mirror, our families, our history, and our people as a whole, we will see the truth of who we are: the Nican Tlaca of Anahuac, the full-blood and the mixed-blood, the light and the dark; we are the scarred survivors of a holocaust.

It is sad that we have been taught to love the lies that the Europeans tell us and the lies that we repeat to ourselves.

Many of our people now dye their hair and bleach their skin to bring out what is supposedly the true European blood in them. This is so sad and shameful. Europeans laugh at our people when we do this. We should also be laughing at our people when they do this, but we don't. But why don't we? Fake blond or red hair on our people is a lie.

A little over 500 years ago we were a great civilization, equal and in most instances better than the culture of the Europeans. Europeans criminally and monstrously destroyed our civilizations and killed 95% of our population---23 million of our people were killed in Mexico and "Central America", and another 10 million in what is called Canada and the United States!

This is the part of our history that has been kept secret and forbidden. It is our birthright as human beings to know this, as is our right to our continent. The whole world needs to know this. Europeans have a special duty to learn this, if they are now truly a civilized, ethical, and moral people as they claim.

When you finish reading this book you will understand why so much has been hidden from us and why Europeans don't want us or their own people to know of our heritage and of their crimes against us (read LATIN AMERICA-Chomsky).

This book is not about hating Europeans! It is about loving our own heritage and our own people.

On the other hand if you study the general European materials in schools written about our people, you will notice that whenever Europeans speak of our civilizations they speak of "savage human sacrifice" and "primitive culture" as a way to demean our civilizations and to kill our interest in the accomplishments of our people (our pride). This is somehow not looked at as spreading hate about us, nor is this supposed to be racist in any way. They say that they're just telling the truth. Why don't they tell the truth about that "refined Greek civilization" and its core cultural factor of men having sex with boys or that all of the "Greek" ideas were really Egyptian and Middle Eastern inventions and ideas? How about telling the truth about Christianity's forced recruitment technique of killing and torturing people as a way of terrorizing people into becoming Christian. The reality is that they teach us to hate ourselves and they also teach their people to hate us. They teach us the lie that they are superior, and the lie that we are inferior.

Europeans control our media and education systems in order to reinforce their lies about themselves and about us. Through their media and education systems they trick us into looking at ourselves as "almost passable" Europeans. We have been taught by them to love European culture and the European people. We have been taught to want to be like them and to hate ourselves, and to be a part of them, even if only to serve them.

We have been told that we are somehow artificial Europeans by the fact that the majority of us speak only their languages (English and/or Spanish) and because some of us have had their DNA raped into us and that we carry their cancerous and parasitic blood in us. They have scarred, defiled, and wounded us with their presence on our land and in our flesh. This is not a permanent condition. We can recover.

We can, in the future, cure ourselves of the curse of their blood and their occupation of our land, and with a careful and studied reconstruction of ourselves as the Mexica Nican Tlaca people of Anahuac. We can (with time and the educational work of liberation) be rid of Europeans from our lives and our land. We can do this with the Anahuac education of our people, the Anahuac education of the Europeans, and the Anahuac education of the rest of the world.

Yes, with this book we want to teach you to love our heritage and our people. We also want to teach you (Nican Tlaca and European colonialists) to help our people to free themselves from all Europeans.

We need you to have all of this knowledge in our people's interests, and the courage to defend those interests.

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Our beginnings as a civilized people began before Rome or Athens were even started, or before any part of Europe was even civilized! Our civilization is over 4,300 years old.

Anahuac was one of only three civilizations in the world that had their own independent origins and development. Anahuac was the civilization of corn. Sumeria was the Middle Eastern civilization of wheat. China was the civilization of rice. There were no other completely original civilizations in human history. All other civilizations of the world are branches of these root civilizations.

We originated our own civilization on our land without the aid or influence of Europe, Asia, Africa, or any other part of the world.

Our Anahuac civilization created and developed magnificence in art and architecture out of our own genius.

We have so much to be proud of as the Nican Tlaca Mexica people of Anahuac, but we remain ignorant of this glory, or we devalue it by our mental enslavement to the Eurocentric thinking that has been forced on us.

Our first Anahuac civilization began around 2300 B.C.(but most likely around 3000 BC) in what today are called the Mexican states of Veracruz and Tabasco. This mother-father civilization of Anahuac is called the Olmec.

The importance and antiquity of our Olmec civilization has undergone drastic changes in the last 70 years. For a long time the Maya were considered our oldest civilization (read MEXICO-Coe and MEXICO'S INDIGENOUS PAST-Lopez Austin & Lopez Lujan). From the point Carbon-14 dating was accepted and started being used in 1959, the dates of Olmec origins have been changing. In the last 40 years they have gone from 400 A.D. to 500 B.C., then from 500 B.C. to 1200 B.C., then again from 1200 B.C. to 1500 B.C., then to 1800 B.C., and now 2300 B.C. (Arqueologia Mexicana, October 2002, pushed it to 2500 B.C.).

You will find different dates as you go from history book to archeological book, depending on the year it was printed, the racist interpretation factor, and how well it was researched. Each new well-researched book that comes out pushes the dates of Olmec origins deeper and deeper back into history. The saddest part of the best of these non-Eurocentric books is that they are being written by Europeans or European colonialists. The worst (most racist) books are being written by our own people (in an attempt to please Europeans).

Our origins will be pushed back in time more and more as archeological work progresses. We will learn more about ourselves in the research of the next ten to fifty years than we have known in the last 500 years.

For a long time, our civilizations were looked on as some "tribal" curiosity by Europeans, as if we were nothing of importance, but they couldn't just keep ignoring pyramids larger than those in Egypt and art which was grand and beautiful---by anyone's standards. When the racist Europeans unjustifiably tried to look at us as primitive and uncivilized, it was done so to justify the monstrous acts that their ancestors had committed against us. These crimes against us were crimes which they themselves had documented in their invasion journals. For a long time it was convenient for Europeans to look at us as inferiors, as an irrelevant people. If they kept thinking of us in that way, they wouldn't need to deal with the monstrous crimes that they had committed.

For over 500 years racist interpretations of our Nican Tlaca and Anahuac history and civilizations have held back the importance and the antiquity of our heritage. But slowly things began to change in the last 100 years, and they are still changing.

You need to know that all of our Anahuac civilizations and cultures came out of our Olmec origins which probably began way before 3000 B.C., but for now our civilization has been proven to go back to at least 2300 B.C. in most of the new books.

Our Olmec civilization was based on our development of a scientific approach to the agriculture which brought us corn. There were steps to the development of the science of agriculture. Each step of development brought us closer and closer to building a civilization. It was a long process (starting 8,000 to 9,000 ago).

We began by developing a way to efficiently and dependably feed our people.

In order to be more efficient in growing corn, our ancestors needed to know the best time to plant it and the best time to harvest it. In order to do this we had to develop the concept of time. To do this properly we had to keep records based on our scientific observations of the cycles of the seasons, movements of the sky of the night and of the day, and the nature of the universe. Our written records helped in the development of experiments that improved the quality and size of our corn, while at the same time developing a calendar that would tell us the best time for planting and harvesting all of the agriculture that we were developing.

Our Olmec ancestors developed solutions to many of our problems with the development of the calendar method of tracking time. This scientific research brought about many philosophical questions and answers that brought about our active participation in understanding the cosmology-theology of the Creation that was and is all around us.

The development of the calendar was not magic or belief, it was the scientific development of an instrument with which we could measure time. Our scientific observations gave us astronomically accurate records by which we could refine our calendar. This whole scientific research required astronomers, mathematicians, an education system, and a writing system with which to write down all of the data. This research was gathered over a period of several generations. The information was then charted, evaluated, and tested, to determine the length of the cycle of a year, the cycles of the moon, and all of the other necessary information that gave us a calendar with which to properly measure time. Our obsession with time was initially to make sure that we knew the right time to plant and harvest, but it gave us something much more valuable: knowledge; an education system; and most importantly, it gave us civilization.

The whole development process to secure food sources for our people gave us a calendar. But before we had the calendar we had to develop the new instruments of astronomy, mathematics, and a writing system. Architecture became a by-product of this investment in agriculture and time keeping. Architecture developed out of our need to have fixed observation points: observatories. The architecture of all of our cities eventually became huge instruments for observing the universe.

Our ancestors' concepts of architecture and the city were tied to astronomy, which to us was inseparably tied to theology. Our theology was not a belief system. It was the result of scientific observation and philosophical dialogues through metaphors and art. Our observation buildings became both observatories to view the sky and temples to contemplate (to metaphorically embrace) Our Creator. From those platforms we became obsessive lovers of knowledge and devoted lovers of Our Creator.

Architecture also served the purpose of devising artificial caves for storage of all excess food that came from the success of agriculture. All of the other accomplishments that followed over the centuries and millenniums were just side benefits to our studying of the universe and Our Creator.

Our Olmec ancestors immediately set out to share these great observations and accomplishments with the rest of our world. The Olmecs traveled far by land, rivers, and along coastlines to spread their liberating "idea of civilization". They went far north, south, west, east and along the coastlines of what are today called the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico and "Central America".

From their 2300 B.C. origins, our Olmec ancestors had rapidly expanded and established their first seeding of the "idea" amongst our people in the Valley of Mexico around 1200 B.C. Out of that seeding came the civilizations of: Tlatilco (1200 B.C.); Cuicuilco (600 B.C.); Teotihuacan (300 B.C.); Toltec (700 A.D.); and finally the Mexica (1300 A.D.).

Slightly after this move into the valley of Mexico, at about 1,000 B.C. the Olmec "idea" had reached the Oaxaca area and had seeded their second area that developed into what became the Zapotec civilization.

By about 1,000 B.C., the Olmec civilization had also reached our people in its third area along the Gulf of Mexico, up the Mississippi river and up the Ohio river into what today is called "The Midwestern United States". This seeding created what became the corn cultures of Poverty Point in Louisiana (1,000 B.C.), the Adena (500 B.C.), Hopewell (200 B.C.), and the large towns of Cahokia (near East St. Louis) and the Mississippian Moundbuilders (both areas at about 700 A.D.). In the so-called Southeastern United States our Nican Tlaca brothers and sisters of the "Southeastern Moundbuilders" also benefitted from the Olmec "idea". The Anahuac cultures of the Alabama (so-called Creek) area survived well into the 19th century when they were destroyed by invading "U.S." racist military forces under Andrew Jackson who literally butchered our valiant warriors in this area.

By about 600 B.C. the Olmec had penetrated the area of the far south into what is now called Yucatan, Guatemala, and Chiapas. Here, in this fourth seeding, was created the greatest and most beautiful of our civilizations: The Maya.

These four areas of seeding were changed forever in a positive and constructive way with the Olmec "idea".

The Olmec spark of genius brought about all of the other accomplishments that followed in all of Anahuac.

Anahuac's roots in Olmec civilization gave us our theology, our agriculture, commerce, ballcourts, pyramids-temples, as well as our rituals, calendar, astronomy, and other scientific and cultural knowledge.

The other civilizations that were the offspring of the Olmec civilization include the Izapa, Purepecha, Otomi, Huaxtec, Tajin, Mixtec, and Pipil civilizations. There were also agricultural large towns that benefitted from Olmec origins, which included: the Anasazi, Mogollon, Hohokam, Zuni, Pueblo, and Hopi---and the hundreds of tribal cultures throughout our Anahuac cultural lands.

In those thousands of years of our Anahuac civilizations, we can be proud to say that we made discoveries and developments in mathematics (concept of zero and point placement), astronomy (truer calculations of the movements of the stars, planets, moon, and occurrences of eclipses), medicine (real doctors, surgeons, gynecologists, pharmacists, hospitals, and physical therapists), and a calendar system. These discoveries and developments were superior to anything that Europe had at the time of their invasion of our land. We were collective first class thinkers, inventors, philosophers, and visionaries in our cities and in our tribal areas.

Most of our people, and the rest of the world, do not know of any of these great accomplishments of Anahuac. Our people don't know that we, the people of Anahuac, had built three cities (that still existed in 1519) that were larger than Europe's largest city of that time, London (population 80,000). We had Tenochtitlan with 350,000 inhabitants, Tlaxcalla with 100,000 inhabitants, and Cholula with 100,000 inhabitants (read DAILY LIFE OF THE AZTECS by Jacques Soustelle).

We had dozens of other large cities and thousands of large towns. Contrary to popular ignorant belief, only a small minority of our populations were actually living in nomadic tribal societies. The majority of our people were living in cities, towns, and villages.

We had independently developed agriculture, engineering, architecture, commerce, philosophies, and all of the civilized arts---all of this began long before 2300 B.C.

We were the first people in the history of humanity to have mandatory education for males and females, of all classes.

We had developed universities that were in many ways superior to those of Europe and Asia.

We had libraries in all of our cities and major towns. Our written literature was extensive. We had the greatest scientific cosmology-theology in the history of the world.

We were the first people to develop the mathematical concepts of zero and positional values. We had created our own world of brilliant accomplishments and genius. Our ethics, morality, logic, and legal system were equal to or better than any in the world.

Our Anahuac civilization and cultures covered an area that started in the north at the Adena and Hopewell cultures in what is now called the "Midwestern United States". From that "Moundbuilder" area in the north, we were connected down to the Mississippi river and down to the whole "Southeast".

West of the Mississippi we were what is now called the Anasazi culture. South from the Anasazi there were all of the cultures and civilizations of Mexico and "Central America" that we know today. The rest of the continent was made up of our people, our culture, our world view, and our unity of race.  All of this is Anahuac.

Our future was bright and blossoming.

We had created one of the greatest civilizations in the history of the world. Our people had the necessary proven intelligence, motivation, creativity and the natural resources and wealth of our land to have made us the greatest and the wealthiest of all nations. But this greatness and wealth was all stolen from us by Europeans

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Europeans first assaulted our Cemanahuac lands ("The Western Hemisphere") with their terrorist attacks of 1492 (Columbus the pirate, enslaver, and genocidal murderer). In 1519 Europeans (Cortez, the twin beast of Columbus) invaded our Anahuac lands (Mexico, "Central America", "The Western and Southern United States") with more terrorism, massacres and enslavement.

The Europeans (Spaniards, French, and English) and their Criollo descendants broke up our Anahuac-culture continent into what they called: "The Louisiana Purchase" (1803); Mexico (1821); "Central America" (1823); and the "U.S. Southwest" (Texas in 1836 and the rest in 1848).  Before that they had already taken what they called "the United States" and Canada. This was a way of making us foreigners on our own continent.

We have been made slaves to the interests of the invaders and squatters (people who come to our continent to claim it as theirs) who have stolen our rights to the resources and wealth of our all our lands on this continent.

The other lands that are not part of the cultural unity of Anahuac belong to our other Nican Tlaca brothers and sisters of this hemisphere, not to the Europeans.



Throughout this campaign of terror, theft, and Genocide, that Europeans have euphemistically called "discovery and exploration", they behaved exactly like murderous terrorists, pirates, barbaric vandals, graverobbers, enslavers, thieves, liars, rapists, and a culture of uncivilized people. They used deceit, dishonesty, and their general dishonorable behavior, as tools against us.

They also used biological weapons as their cowardly weapon of choice against us-in the form of smallpox and other diseases to which they knew we had no immune defenses. This monstrous biological warfare and their uncivilized behavior are what truly destroyed the military defenses of our people. It was not horses or canons, or "military genius" that defeated us and killed millions of our people.

For those who say that Spain and the rest of Europe did not know that they were spreading biological weapons on our people, we respond:

Compare the present-day situation with AIDS and the colonialist-period diseases (primarily smallpox) that the Europeans used as a biological weapon against us.

We'll use an example of a person who has AIDS. This person (he or she) is a carrier of the disease (meaning that they themselves don't die or show symptoms from AIDS). That AIDS infected carrier then has sex with several people. These people later die from that sexual contact. At first that carrier may not have known that they had the disease or that they are carriers of the disease. But from the point that they do know that they are killing people by having sex with them, from point, that infected person has the moral duty to stop spreading their disease.

But when that person continues to have unprotected sex knowing this, and more people die from that sexual contact, this person is now a murderer. That murderer can selfishly justify to himself or herself that they cannot help themselves from having sex because their sexual appetite is so strong. The reality is that they know they are killing people. They know that it is wrong but they are deriving personal pleasure from the act of sex and they feel that they cannot stop that pleasure even if it kills dozens or hundreds of humans.

If that person was a moral person they would simply stop having sex or at least use condoms while engaging in sex to cut the percentage of those killed. But when this person doesn't care about human life and their monstrous greed for sex is unquenchable, and they knowingly continue to have unprotected sex, they have then become serial killers, mass murderers, monsters.

We can compare this scenario with what the Europeans did when they invaded our lands. They immediately saw the deadly effects of contact with our people in the islands of the Caribbean. Within one generation they saw the death that they had impaled our people on. 90 to 100 percent of all of our people on those islands who they came in contact with were killed by European biological warfare.

Columbus and his pirates spread this biological warfare (in the form of small pox) throughout the rest of the Caribbean (they killed 10 million human beings). Cortez used this same weapon in Anahuac (23 million killed). Pizarro used it in the Inca areas (20 million killed). Europeans continued to use this biological weapon all the way down to the establishment of the 18th century "missions" in California. Individual "Americans" and the "U.S." government used smallpox with blankets in the 19th century as a way to "clear Indians off the land" (this made an additional 10 million of our people that were killed in the rest of "North America" from the point that the English and French Europeans invaded our lands there).

The Europeans' monstrous initial appetite for our gold and the enslavement of our labor quickly became a genocidal appetite for our land. Immediately after they saw that they were killing us with their diseases, they could have simply stopped contact with us (if they were a decent caring people) and taken their people back to Europe (which would have been the moral thing to do), but their greed had them coming to our land in boatloads (as pirates, invaders, terrorists, squatters and killing machines), killing us in every possible way that they could, whenever they made contact with us.

They knew of their deadly effect on our people, but they (like the AIDS carrier in the earlier story) didn't stop.

This uncivilized and criminal Genocidal behavior has become not just the crime of Columbus and Cortez, it has now become the collective and ongoing crime of the Europeans in Europe and their descendants on our land. Europe and the European squatters on our land continue to benefit from the crimes of their ancestors.

From the first hour of October 12, 1492 when Europeans illegally first landed on our land, they changed their reality, their morality, and their truth forever:

European Terrorism on Our Continent, and Crimes Against Our People became
"discovery and conquest", "expansion", "gaining land" ;

Stealing All of Our Continent and Wealth, and Making Us Poor,
became the birth of the lies of "white superiority", and "manifest destiny";

Murdering Our Leaders, and Massacring Our Women and Children
became "military operations", "necessary actions", "a civilizing force";

Enslavement of Our People and Continent to the Interests of Europeans
became "the birth of captialism" and a crime against humanity;

European "accomplishments" based on Stealing Our Wealth became
"Western Civilization";

and the Monstrous Evils of Colonialism, Slavery, and Genocide
became "America", "the American way",

and the lies, poverty, and slavery that we live today.

There has been nothing civilized, "Christian", moral, or ethical in the behavior of Europeans since the moment that they illegally set foot on our land. They killed unarmed men, women, and children in the tens of millions. They assaulted, mutilated and tortured our people in order to keep us terrorized, and in a state of constant submission to the process of genocide.

In the last 500 years, in addition to the terrorizing of our Anahuac people, the theft of our lands and the theft of our wealth and natural resources, we have seen: the enslavement of our people; our life-or-death forced conversion to Christianity; the destruction of our Anahuac cities; the burning of our libraries; the execution of our leaders; the theft and/or destruction of our cultural wealth; the theft of our labor; and the theft of our true Anahuac identity, history, heritage, and theology.

But the worst of all of their crimes was, and still remains being, the genocide of 23 million of our people (the 95 % of our population that was savagely killed from 1519 to 1580). Additionally, another 60 to 80 million (or more) Nican Tlaca were annihilated in Cemanahuac ("Western Hemisphere") in the last 500 years.

This genocide is worse than the Jewish, Armenian, African, or any other holocaust or genocide in the history of humanity. We have only begun to seriously understand this in the last 50 years. We are only now beginning to see the monstrous effects that this has had on us as a people.

In order to more properly understand the immensity of this, you have to know that in 1519, Anahuac had a population of about 25 million human beings. In 1519, China also had about 25 million human beings. Today China has over 1,300,000,000 (one billion, 300 million) people. This means that there are over one billion of our people who are not alive today. There are only a little over 150 million people of Anahuac heritage who are alive today. We are what is left of Anahuac's possible one billion people.

The European Genocide of our people destroyed our Einsteins, Shakespeares, Newtons, and all of the other possibilities for greatness that our nation had in the last 500 years.

We must learn all of this history of Genocide in order to properly honor our ancestors. We must remember all of the European crimes committed against us.

We must today, honor and defend our ancestors, and our descendants, by teaching everyone all of the history of Anahuac, including the past and ongoing crimes of the Europeans.

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Throughout the centuries of our enslavement we have not known of these genocidal crimes of the Europeans or of our great accomplishments. It has all been hidden from us to keep us ignorant of our own true wealth (the resources of our land) and to protect the guilty criminals---the Europeans and their descendents on our land who have stolen our wealth, and who are still holding our wealth and our land. This knowledge has been hidden from us to keep us slaves to European culture and interests.

Europeans and their descendants have successfully accomplished hiding these crimes of theft, destruction, Genocide, and countless other crimes by using barbaric and racist European laws---including King Philip II's racist law of 1577 that prohibited educating anyone about our history and our heritage, which to this day has intentionally kept us ignorant of our accomplishments and their monstrous crimes.

This destruction of our history of over 4,300 years of civilization, along with the racial rape and cultural castration of our population, has left our people hopelessly chained to the interests that enrich Europeans.

We find ourselves slaves to a European-initiated cycle of problems that include an abundance of ignorance, poor education, low self-esteem, poverty, crime, gangs, dropouts, lack of Indigenous representation, and an inferiority complex of the worst kind: the self-hate of an entire people. Look at our people buying blue-eyed contacts, dyeing their hair blond (and brown and red), bleaching their skin, to try to look like Europeans. How sad that they mask their Indigenous beauty. How ridiculous they look with their European masks and attitudes.

These ongoing tragedies that have been inflicted on our people have served Europeans well in the exploitation of our people, and their enrichment from the wealth of our land. This has happened everywhere in our "Western Hemisphere".

Today we insignificantly exist as an unproud and passive people. We seem to serve happily as maids, busboys, gardeners, farmworkers, fast-food service workers and other poverty-equivalent slave jobs, as European colonialists continue to plunder our land and its wealth of resources. Even when we are doctors, engineers, teachers, business people, and other so-called professionals, we are still the equivalent of houseslaves, just a notch up from a fieldslave. But we do not think of ourselves as ignorant slaves! Even European squatters don't think of us as slaves---they just think of us as an inferior and stupidly irrelevant people.

The reality is that when you have no independent cultural control over the land, labor, wealth, education, or power in your life---and no possibility of ever having independent non-European control---you are in fact a slave. It is perhaps a modern, kinder, gentler, form of slavery, one without physical chains, but it is still slavery. It is a slavery in which we are too ignorant of our real choices---the most important choice, the one in the interest of all of our people, is the one that calls for liberation from the European descendants on our land. But how can we have, or know of such a choice about the future of our people, without knowing our past? We have to know the greatness of our heritage and the reality of how the ongoing slavery, theft, and occupation crimes of the European descendants are still affecting us today! We have to understand the importance of these crimes in our everyday lives. This 500 year history of ongoing injustices and ignorance has to stop. Common decency and justice demand that it be stopped!! If "the truth will set you free", then lies can enslave you! If "knowledge is power", then ignorance is lack of power. We are enslaved to a false reality and to ignorance! We are enslaved to lies and cowardice. We are slaves. We are ignorant slaves. But we will change that!

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Remember that there is no such thing as a "Latin" nation, race, or ethnic group---there is only the racist colonial term of "Latin America" ("Latino" just means Latin in Spanish) which refers to the colonialists and the colonial possessions of the Europeans of southern Europe (Spaniards, Portuguese, and French) in the "Western Hemisphere" (our land). The only thing "Latin" about our land is the 500 years of racist colonialism that has killed 95% of our population, and the theft of our land and its wealth.

"Latino" denies us our true Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) identity and heritage. It keeps us slaves to European interests and Spaniard culture.

Collectively, we have no Latin genealogy, Latin blood group, Latin history, or a common Latin culture of food or mythology.

The "Latino" labeling of our people is a colonialist-racist act of Genocide---an attempt to "kill off" our people's true identity, history, independence, and our rights to our land and its wealth. Notice how this is not about "Latino Americans" in the U.S. This is about all of the "Spanish speaker" European Spaniards and their colonies of Nican Tlaca and Africans in the "Americas". What they are in fact doing is separating us from our Anahuac Heritage (Mexican and "Central American" Nican Tlaca identity and history) and enslaving us to their needs.

THE CONCEPT OF HISPANIC is even more racist than "Latino" because it completely denies us our true Nican Tlaca heritage by not even referring to our colonized condition of being in "Latin America". We now become direct possessions of Spaniards. This is an attempt (successful so far) to actively reactivate the Spanish colonial empire through their colonials on our land. The media is their main tool in this parasitic renewed colonialist machine of the European Spaniards.

A side note: A Mixed-blood is not a Criollo or a European.


Spaniards, Europeans, And Their Squatter Descendants On Our Land Who Force Their Eurocentric, Racist, & Anti-Indigenous "Hispanic" & "Latino" Labels On Our People!

Eurocentric, Racist, & Anti-Indigenous Cuban-Miami Television & Mexico City Criollos (White People) Who Control Our Knowledge, Identity & Future!

Eurocentric, Racist, & Anti-Indigenous Concepts of "Mestizo" & "Raza" That Enslave Our People To European Interests & Identities!
The Europeans And Their Descendants Who Have Denied Us The Beauty Of Our True Anahuac Heritage And The Ownership Of The Wealth Of Our Land!

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1) THEFT OF OUR CONTINENT was the initial crime of the Europeans. We did not ever give up the ownership of our land, nor did we ever invite Europeans onto our lands.
by Europeans (along with the violation of our laws) and their unethical and immoral behavior, were what brought about their taking of our land, the genocide of our people, the enslavement of our remaining population, and all of their uncountable crimes against us.
3) RACIST TERRORISM has been the European method that was used to shock us into submitting to their control of our land and our lives.
4) PIRACY (looting, taking what is not yours to take) has been the European profession of choice by which they stole our people's wealth of precious jewels, gold, silver, and other valuables, along with the wealth of our land.
5) VANDALISM has been another signature of European barbaric assaults on our civilization and culture. This defacement was done upon our physical landscape and upon the psychological well-being of our people.
6) KIDNAPPING of our people (as a prelude to extortion and /or enslavement) has been a violation of all nations' sense of decency, law, and civilized behavior.
7) EXTORTION (usually for gold) from our lands has been another favorite crime of the Europeans. They mostly killed their victims, even when ransom was paid.
8) MURDER OF OUR LEADERS was a peculiarly vicious and dishonorable ongoing crime of Europeans. This crime exhibited the total failure of a sense of honor amongst the Europeans. Deceit was usually involved in the murder of our leaders.
9) MASSACRES of unarmed civilian men, women, and children on our lands. This at first happened in the dozens, then hundreds, and eventually it led to routine slaughters in the thousands.
10) GENOCIDE of our people became possible when they discovered that they had built-in biological weapons of mass destruction in their bodies' exposure to smallpox and other diseases---for which we had no immune defenses. They used this biological weapon which was 90 to 98% effective in killing us.
11) TORTURE AND MUTILATION was initially used to get us to surrender all gold objects to Europe. This technique was later used by the church to force conversions and to get confessions out of our people.
12) GRAVE ROBBERY has been an ongoing habit of Europeans from the beginning. This was a way of quickly stealing wealth that was not guarded.
13) ENSLAVEMENT OF OUR PEOPLE to do the work that they were too lazy to do themselves, has been another nasty European habit.
14) DESTRUCTION OF CITIES to take away our pride in our heritage, has been an almost totally successful European crime.
15) BURNING LIBRARY BOOKS in the tens of thousands by Europeans, has been one of the most devastating crimes that can never be mended or reconstructed.
16) UNIVERSITIES & SCHOOLS DESTROYED as a means of enslaving us to ignorance and to serving the interests of Europeans.
17) RACIAL RAPE of our people defiled us as a nation and tainted our people with the filth of their racism that says: More European blood is better.
18) CULTURAL CASTRATION in which laws were decreed that prohibited our people from learning our own culture, our languages, or even the simplicity of having our true names and identity.
19) PROHIBITION OF OUR THEOLOGY which forced the hypocritical version of Christianity on our people.
20) CONTINUATIONS OF THESE CRIMES up to the present day without guilt, reparations, or the "reality thought" that Europeans were in any way evil or monstrous in their actions.

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You're not supposed to say that!
You're not supposed to do that!
You're not supposed to
be that mad
saying that we are slaves, that we are ignorant.

You're not supposed to challenge the whiteman's lies, man.
You're not supposed to call him a thief,
or say that he belongs in Europe, in his homeland.
Get on your knees and suffer silent-ly, like me.
We are the whiteman's slave.
We are the living dead, man.
We don't count for nothing.

So don't go out there screaming:
that they are all just foreigners;
that they are the illegals;
that they broke and entered our land;
that they're stealing the wealth and use of
our land;
that this is still every inch of it
all our land!

You're not supposed to say that!

Saying that we want all our land back.
Saying that we want all our land back.
Saying that we want all our land back.
You're not supposed to say that!
You're not supposed to do that!

You're going to get them all pissed-off, man!
This time they'll kill us all, man.

You're not supposed to be
off your knees, man;
speaking like warriors, all you men and women.
You should be saying, "Please, please let me be part of your world.
I want to serve you
in your white world.
Kill me, kill me, please!"
That's what you should say man!
That's what you should be man!
A vendido-vendida, a coward like me and her, man.

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For over 500 years, we Nican Tlaca have been forced to do slave labor for Europeans (the so-called white people). We are poor. We have been made poor. We are poor because they are rich from having stolen our continent and our labor.

They have told us for five centuries what we should want and what we should need, and what we should not want and not need.

We pay rent to them for our own land, on our continent!

They steal the mineral wealth from our land. We accept it as a normal thing. Our mineral wealth, forests, and farmlands are the sources of all of their wealth. They would never have accomplished what they did without the wealth of our continent to finance their empire of capitalism and greed in Europe and the rest of the word.  Remember that they did not trade with us.  They used armed robbery to take our gold and the land on our continent that they wanted.  They used terrorism to keep us under their control.  They used biological warfare to kill 95% of our population.  They raped our population generation after generation.  They enslaved us to their racist selfish needs.  They culturally castrated us so that we would not be able to reproduce ourselves as a free and proud people, with pride in the genius and accomplishment of our civilizations.

But we don't complain about any of this in any meaningful way. We're just losers, the inferiors of "white people", we think. They have taught us to think that way.  They keep us ignorant of these facts, this reality.

Today we are slaves to the European. They allow us to be good servants, gangsters, politicians, drug dealers, the soldiers of their armies, but mostly we do "service" work for the European.

There are of course the few exceptions, the "houseslaves", who are allowed to be in the "professions". We are all serving the Europeans as slaves whether we want to or not, whether we admit it or not.

Some of our people have become more than just slaves to the Europeans. They love Europeans and hate their own people. They want to be part of the white race. They want to be part of their family, their blood.

Too many of our people have become like the poor dog that is beaten, mistreated, kept ill-fed, berated, and still that dog loves the master, because the dog thinks it has no other option.

We are not dogs! We are human beings with a great heritage. We are the remnants of the Anahuac nation. Our ignorance is the only thing keeping us in a condition worse than dogs.

We already know that some of our people will talk bullshit about this information. Some will write sarcastic comments about "stupid Indians". Some will praise this work but they personally will do nothing. Some will outright attack the contents of this website in outrage because they are so in love with white people, and they think that somehow this is threatening to their marriage to a white person or their dreams of marriage or a relationship with a white person. There of course will be the university types who will intellectualize positively or negatively on this work and then pass on their studied or unstudied treason opinions to other students. Finally, there will be those who will sing songs, cry, become sad, but they will simply do nothing, because they cannot get themselves out of their cowardice.

But for those of you who do understand and who are moved to the disciplined united actions necessary for the liberation of our people, we ask you to start by educating yourself only in the interests of our people.

Be serious, scholarly, and cautious when you read the materials that we recommend, because they all have some flaws.

Read this website again and again to absorb the full impact of the information.

Then, come join us as liberating warriors, men and women, who are breaking the chains of ignorance, slavery. and cowardice. Join us in liberating the future of our people.



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The Mexica Movement is the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) rights educational organization for the people of Anahuac. We work to educate our people in Anahuac ("the United States", Canada, Mexico, and "Central America"). We are educators and liberators for all Nican Tlaca people in the "Western Hemisphere".

We declare ourselves independent from the Europeans on our continent. We refuse to be slaves to their culture or their interests! We are taking the necessary steps that will liberate our people. This WEBSITE is one of those steps.

We do not advocate violence or terrorism (as the Europeans have done against us, and are doing to us even to this day). We know that militarily (through violence & terrorism) we cannot win our continent back anywhere in the near future, but we will win our continent and our lands back through a disciplined united educational liberation war under the guidance of the Mexica Movement.

The Mexica Movement's educational liberation message is the main message of this website.

We do not advocate the surrender of our rights to any of part of our continent or our Anahuac heritage.

We are working to end our people's passive acceptance of the ongoing theft of our continent and its resources.

We are working to regain our people's true studied Anahuac knowledge, and pride in our heritage.

We are educating our people against the ignorant suicidal assimilation into European blood and culture.

We are also warning them not to embrace the European culture that is the Genocide (murder) of our people.

We reject the surrender to the exploitation of our people, and the exploitation of our continent.

We do advocate the Anahuac-centric education of our people,

and the education of the European people who are now our oppressors

(keeping us from the wealth of our continent, the accomplishments of our history, our true identity, and the knowledge of their crimes).

The Mexica Movement is not part of any terrorist, Marxist, capitalist, anarchist, or "New Age" agenda.

Nor are we part of any of the corrupted rituals, sacrilege, "Christian Aztec danza",

or the "spiritual" masturbatory frauds and music-revolutionary posers

that misinform and confuse our people.

We reject all Eurocentric or colonialist-serving agendas,

and anything that keeps our people from the true knowledge, courage and dignity

that will give our people complete liberation.

The Mexica (Meh-shee-kah) Movement knows that the best and quickest fair solution,

to this problem of ignorance and modern enslavement,

is to provide our people and the world with the knowledge of our Anahuac history, our Mexica identity, and our true heritage in context of ourselves as Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people).

This knowledge must be presented in a positive and constructive manner, and in the liberation interests of our people as Nican Tlaca, as the Anahuac nation.

The Mexica Movement is working to get the media, the education system, and our people to learn our Anahuac history. This knowledge will give our people a true sense of pride---pride in a heritage that should be the pride of all of humanity. Knowledge of our people's accomplishments will change how we, and how the world, view our people.

Knowledge, vision, courage, and discipline will change our people into an authentically proud people, and a revived creative world force. We will be unburdened of the racist ignorance that dominates our lives today.

Knowledge of our people's great accomplishments will give us the great role models that we have been missing. We will hold our heads and hearts proudly. We will happily know who we really are. We will take pride in being Nican Tlaca, the Anahuac nation, the Mexica people that we are, heirs to one of the great civilizations of the world. We will see that we can be a people of genius and courage, once again.

Join us in our fight for knowledge, courage, and liberation.

We will one day have liberation from ignorance and cowardice, because we will have earned it with study and examples of courage.

We will one day have liberation from the European who define and control our reality, who strangle our lives and steal from our continent, because we confronted them and because we were disciplined in our confrontation.

The liberated future of our people is waiting for us! Find your courage to join us!

The Mexica Movement philosophy (love of wisdom) is founded on an Anahuac-centric study base and a Mexica way of being. These are our two initial goals:

1) BASIC RESEARCH that takes an Anahuac-centric approach to studying our codices (our books), art, anthropology, archeology, cosmological-theological sources, linguistic, and other resources that will provide the necessary resource base from which we can educate our people and envision, define, reconstruct, and liberate our Anahuac nation.

The Mexica Movement uses the best of our Anahuac ideals and accomplishments as a starting point from which to reconstruct our Anahuac nation.

2) COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT that takes into account the absolute necessity of properly (positively, constructively, and non-Eurocentrically) educating all of our people in our complete heritage.

We reject the popular Eurocentric "New Age" nonsense that says that our people can learn their heritage from their blood, through "energy", by rituals and dance, or by posing as an Argentine-Cuban "Che" Marxist revolutionary.

We know that our people have to be educated in the interests of all our people, and not just the individual, and not through Eurocentric capitalist or Marxist dogma (capital that was made from the Genocide of our people and the theft of our continent; and Marxist theory that is based on our "collective" approach to our society). We know that it is absolutely mandatory that we learn our Pre-European Mexica education system, our ideals, ethics, morality, logic, and science, in a positive and constructive way. We need to re-learn our ancestor's sense of obligation and loyalty to the whole of our people, not the materialistic needs of the individual. We also need to learn our ancestor's cosmology-theology in a way that is respectful, scholarly, and sacred.

We invite all courageous, disciplined, and honorable people to join us as a part of the Mexica Movement's educational liberation of our people.


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After you have read this book, we hope that it will be easier to see the real problems of our people: Europeans colonizing on our lands and in our lives---taking our wealth and keeping us in the ignorance and poverty in which we live.

This Mexica Movement book will also make it easier for you to see the solution to all of our problems: The Anahuac-centric education of all of our people, and the absolute necessity to educate the rest of the world on our history. Remember that the Mexica Movement is about learning to love our people and our heritage. This is not about hating "white" people or doing to them what they have done to us.

Our experience has taught us that the majority (but not all) of our young people "know it all", and they refuse to seriously study our heritage, because they have been taught to think in the interests of, and to protect, the "white" people. The older of our people don't want to learn anything new, they say, "You can't change anything anyway". These two attitudes are why our people stay ignorant of their heritage and why they are lacking in imagination when it comes the necessity of getting our people to be free from Europeans.

We have accepted these realities about the majority of our young and old people. But we have hope in those few of our people who are out there who are willing to learn from the information presented in this book. We hope that you, the one who is reading this, are one of them. The warning that follows is meant to help you be aware of the dangers that are out there.

Remember, there is only one Mexica Movement! We make it easy for anyone to access this information. This information is meant to be used for the educational liberation of our people under the guidance of the Mexica Movement. We are aware that the vendidos and opportunists will distort and use this information in an attempt to destroy our work. We are also aware that there will be those who will take this knowledge for their own selfish egotistical use. This last group is the most dangerous to our people because they will falsely claim to be the Mexica Movement. They will say, "Anyone can be the Mexica Movement". These traitors are not the Mexica Movement. Being part of the Mexica Movement requires official recognition from our membership. The Mexica Movement is not to be fragmented, divided, split, or exploited into a million points of useless individuals or groups. These traitors will operate "solo" or as a group of traitors sabotaging the educational liberation work of the Mexica Movement. They steal our materials, language, and philosophy---in the tradition of their white masters.

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There is a reason why you have most likely never encountered a book like this before. The main reason is that many of our own people are cooperating with those who want to keep our people enslaved to Europeans and ignorant of our true Anahuac heritage. These people are called vendidos (sellouts). They confuse our people with the false Hispanic and Latino labels. They claim that they are "just human beings", not Mexican.

Be aware of these vendidos: Richard Rodriguez (self-hating treasonous writer), Eddie Olmos (promotes gangs in "American Me", destroys our Nican Tlaca heritage by promoting "Road To El Dorado", and his use of the "Latino" labels for our people), Salma Hayek (refused to hire Mexicans in her "Frida" film), and their other vendido friends.

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For People of European Descent

There is a modern urban tale that needs to be told to you on this page. This is the story of the wealthy Y family who one day is confronted by the extremely poor X family at the doorstep of their huge estate.

The poor X family explains that they own the house and the land that the wealthy Y family posses.

X family explains that a few years back the patriarch of the wealthy Y family (who was extremely poor then) killed the patriarch of the then wealthy X family. Y then proceeded to kill most of the remaining members of the X family. He did these murders in order to take over the house and the vast wealth of the X family.

This story gets documented by eyewitness relatives of Y's family who felt guilty, and with the assistance of the local magistrate who also confirms the story.

The Y family admits that the story is true, and that they already knew of the crimes years ago. They explain that it was long ago and well forgotten by almost everyone. They further explain that there is no point in further discussion of the past because they are not interested.

Y family offers unconvincing apologies to the X family. They express sympathy for the hardships that they may have endured.

Y family then asks if there is anything that they can do to "make things right, perhaps a glass of milk or some sandwiches". He further adds, "Keep in mind that I had nothing to do with the crimes committed on your family".

X family is a little shocked by Y family's response. The head of X family responds, "All that has been stolen has to be returned to us!" He also adds that, "The Y family cannot be forgiven for the crimes committed by their ancestors."

Y family calmly responds, "You can't seriously think that we are giving you back any of our land!" He then angrily adds, "Sure, there were crimes committed, but that's in the past!"

The head of X family shakes his head, "That past is keeping us from the wealth of our land. It is keeping us poor. It is not like there is plenty of other "free" land around. All of what you call your land is our land. All of what you call your wealth is our wealth (our oil, our forests, our farmland, our property that you are renting and selling to us). You aren't even offering us a part of our land back. You are as bad as your ancestor who killed our family and stole our land".

"We can live with that!", responds Y. "Now you can all get off of our property. Take your authorities and your whining with you. We'll shoot it out with you if necessary, but you ain't going to get any of your land back."

That is sort of how the story ends. But we know that the story can't end that way. There is too much injustice for it to end like that. And there is a lot of guiltless attitude that has to be corrected to avoid a fatal clash.

Think about this story. It's pretty much the same thing that has happened in the history of our people, as presented in this book. Isn't it your responsibility to have the situation made right, like the decent relatives of the Y family? Don't you need to do the moral, ethical, and proper thing? Don't you need to do this even if it means that you and your race has to return all of what your ancestors stole. You have to leave us to our lives and to our land. We don't need or want your race as our masters, our landlords, or as the missionaries of Marx or Christ showing us the way to liberation.

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1) Did Europeans steal our land and its resources? If this is true, why don't they return what they have stolen if they are "Christian" and civilized as they claim? And what is the departure date from our lands?

2) Did Europeans intentionally kill 60 to 100 million (95%) of the population of the "Western Hemisphere"? If they did, where is the apology, the reparations, and what is the departure date from our lands?

3) Did Europeans intentionally destroy our cities, libraries, art, education system (our civilizations); and then systematically massacre our entire leadership? If this is true, why are they not working to undo all of that monstrous damage? And what is the departure date from our lands?

4) Are Europeans making themselves wealthy from the stolen wealth of our farmland, forests, and all of the mineral resources of our land? If this is true, then why are they not at least sharing some small piece of the vast amounts of wealth that they are stealing from us? And what is the departure date from our lands? How about at least educating people on these crimes, and an apology?



1) We will not be defined by Europeans as to who we are as a people ("Latino/Hispanic" labels), nor will we accept their self-serving racist versions of history.

2) We will not be limited by Europeans as to our place in the world or our rights to the wealth of our land, or our heritage.

3) The crimes of Genocide, racial rape, cultural castration, the theft of our wealth and land, and the countless other European crimes of the last 500 years do not mean that we are finished as a people---nor does it mean that we have been permanently enslaved and assimilated as a nation.

4) For those Europeans (and the traitors amongst our own people) who say that we are racist and "too angry" in pointing out this history of racism, colonialism, and Genocide. To you, we ask:

Do you want us to accept the theft of our land and its wealth and to allow Europeans to keep calling it "a gift made to us by the natives of this land"?

Do you want us to call the monstrous Genocide of our people "an unfortunate series of events"?

What does your accusing us of racism in light of so much European racism and crimes say about you? It says that you have no guilt or shame. It says that you are worse than a beast! Even a dog knows shame.

5) We will define our place in the world, based on the Anahuac heritage of our ancestors. We will do this in the venerable ways of our Anahuac education systems, as we see fit, in the collective interests of our people. We will do this with a vision that will liberate our people from the colonized condition in which we exist today.

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(Meh-shee-kah) is the original Nahuatl (the so-called Aztec language) way of pronouncing Mexican, Mexicano, and Chicano. The Mexica was the last of our great Anahuac civilizations. It is the civilization from which we can rebuild our Anahuac nation. This is much in the same way that Italians base their pride in Rome, the civilization that was the height of their culture. Italians also have Greek, German, Arabic and other components to their heritage, but they choose their Roman heritage as the ideal that defines them as a people. The Mexica are the ideal of what we can reconstruct from our Anahuac heritage!

ANAHUAC (Ah-nah-wahk) is the true name of our nation. Anahuac includes Mexico, "Central America", and the so-called Western and Southern U.S. (stolen in 1803 & 1848). We are all part of the Anahuac civilization that gave us the Olmec, Zapotec, Teotihuacan-Toltec, Maya and Mexica (Aztec) civilizations. The Mexica part of our Anahuac heritage is how we can reconstruct ourselves as a Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) nation. We have historic, cultural, linguistic, and racial factors that make us one Anahuac nation, which includes all of our civilizations and cultures. The Mexica heritage gives us a history, a language, a theology, and a study base from which we can rebuild all of our Anahuac heritage.

NICAN TLACA is our Nahuatl language way of saying "We people here", in reference to all of us who are Indigenous to Cemanahuac (what Europeans call "the Western Hemisphere"). Nican Tlaca refers to all of our people, Full-blood or Mixed-blood. Being Mixed-blood (so-called Mestizo) does not stop us from being Nican Tlaca, no matter how "white" one looks. The shades and physical looks of our Mixed-blood people are just scars from the rape of our nation. These scars do not define us! Our core blood, our Pre-European history, our heritage, and our land are all what define us!

"CENTRAL AMERICA" was artificially created in 1823. Before that date we were all part of Anahuac. Once you know the true and complete history of our people, this idea of "Central American" republics will be understood for the frauds that they are. The Mexico and "Western United States" ideas are also a fraud. The only truth is Anahuac---one Anahuac.

NOT HISPANIC Hispanics are the Spaniards, the people of Spain. We are not Spaniards! Calling ourselves "Hispanic" denies us our true Nican Tlaca Mexica Anahuac identity, history and heritage. It enslaves us to the interests of the "Spanish" white world.

Another way to look at this is by looking at the people of African heritage in the "USA". They are not called Britanic because they have British surnames. They are not called English because they speak English. And they are not considered or called European because they have some "white" blood. If anyone called them or they called themselves Britanic, English, or European (no matter how light they are) it would be seen as a joke or ridicule. For those same reasons we refuse to accept Hispanic or Latino. We are obviously not European or "White" collectively. The European crimes of invasion, the theft of our resources and land, Genocide, cultural castration, and the racial rape of our people do not define who we are as a nation. Their slavery-enforced surnames, religion, language, or culture do not define us. They do not define us in their criminal squatter colonialist interests! We define ourselves in our collective Nican Tlaca interests---the interests that will liberate our people!

NOT LATINO Latinos are the Latins: Southern Europeans---the Spaniards, French, and Portuguese. Calling ourselves "Latino" makes us cultural slaves of Europeans. It is cultural suicide. It is cultural genocide. It betrays our Nican Tlaca ancestors. The European "Latins" of the "Americas" is not who we are. We are not Europeans! We are Nican Tlaca!.

NOT RAZA and NOT MESTIZO "Raza" is not an identity. "Raza" is basically the same thing as using the Eurocentric term "Mestizo"---it takes pride in Spanish blood (what little or nothing that we may have of it) and puts an ignorant shame in our Nican Tlaca blood and culture. These two concepts are supposed to define us as a blend of two cultures. If that is true, then why is it that only Spanish names, Spanish language, European religion and European history and culture are what dominates our lives. Where's the blend in all of this? What has happened to us as the Nican Tlaca people of Anahuac in this blend?

Jewish people, Italians, Turks, and the French are all very well known Mixed-bloods, but they don't let that dilute their ethnic identity. They know who they are. They are proud of who they are. They don't speak of themselves as a "mixed" people. They are Jews, Italians, Turks, and French; they are not "Mestizos" in their identity.

In Mexico "Dia de la Raza" is celebrated on October 12---Columbus Day. Imagine that! We are celebrating the rape of our mothers, the rape of our nation, the enslavement of our people.

EUROPEAN & CRIOLLO are basically the same thing. These are "White" people who are on our land, the squatters and colonialists. Europeans can continue to call themselves "Canadian", "American", Cuban, or Argentine but their homeland is still Europe and they are still trespassing on our land. A Criollo is someone of "authentic Spanish-European" descent who is still on our land exploiting our people, our resources and our wealth.

MEXICA MOVEMENT is leading the way with actions that defend our people, actions that provide a vision for the liberation of our people. We declare ourselves independent from the Hispanic-Latino European colonialism and racism that has enslaved us for over 500 years.


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(Read in this order, please)

1 Daily Life of the Aztecs by Jacques Soustelle

2 Mexico by Michael Coe

3 Mexico Profundo by Guillermo Bonfil Batalla

4 American Holocaust by David E. Stannard

5 Mexica Handbook by Olin Tezcatlipoca

6 Year 501 by Noam Chomsky

7 Colonizer's Model of the World by J.M. Blaut

8 1491 by Chales Mann

9 Mexico's Indigenous Past by Lopez Austin and Lopez Lujan

10 American Indian Contributions to the World by Emory Dean keoke& kay Marie


10 Latin America: From Colonization To Globalization by Noam Chomsky

11 Encyclopedia of World History 6th Edition by Peter Stam

12 Oxford Atlas of History 2002 by Oxford Press

13 Course of Mexican History by Michael C. Meyer and William L. Sherman

14 Oxford History of Mexico 2000 by Michael Meyer and William Beezley

15 In the Language of Kings by Miguel Leon-Portilla

16 Skywatchers by Anthony F. Aveni

17 Flayed God (out of print) by Roberta and Peter Markman

Books available at:


If you do nothing,
you accomplish nothing!
If you study, you gain knowledge
and you gain the proper motivation
to embrace the true courage
and the powerful imagination
necessary to liberate our people!

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7) Once you understand our philosophy, and you have found the courage to change your life, come to our office and apply to become a part of the Mexica Movement.

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Olin Tezcatlipoca is the founder and director of the Mexica Movement.

He is a historian, poet, civil rights activist,

and the author of the MEXICA HANDBOOK,


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We have an obligation
to make our own history!

Our history must be made
with actions that will
liberate our people
through an Anahuac-centered education.

Our Anahuac-centered liberation education
must have the Nican Tlaca interests
of our people
at its heart.

If we do not liberate ourselves
in this Anahuac-centered way
we will fail,
and Europeans will continue
to make our history for us!
They will write it
with the profit of our slave sweat
and they will end it
with the blood of our people.


Liberation will come to Anahuac. It may not come in our lifetime and it may not come in this century but it will come. It will come because our people will be studying our Pre-European Anahuac heritage and they will be courageously educating-confronting traitors and the European oppressors on our land.

Copyright © 2002-2005 Olin Tezcatlipoca
November 9, 2005
Abridged Edition
No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without written authorization from the author.

Tlazocamati to all of the members and supporters of the Mexica Movement.

Art Copyright © 2002 Nelyollotl Toltecatl


Mexica Movement telephone number for lectures: (323) 981-0352

We need to reconstruct

our Anahuac-centered knowledge base.

Our Anahuac knowledge starts

with the vast Mexica sources that are available.

These sources are in some case corrupted

but they are NOT UN-reconstructable.

These Mexica sources

are an intellectual, dignified, honest,

and honorable way to study

our Anahuac heritage.

Little by little we can study

the rest of our Anahuac heritage.

But first we must begin

by learning the basic facts:

1) We must learn our true Anahuac history, the history that happened before the European invasion.  That history that happened before 1492, which is 99% of our history.

2) We must learn of our great accomplishments.  These accomplishments are the basis of our true pride, a great pride that is missing from us today.  We are being kept from our pride by the Europeans who control our lives, our continent, and the wealth of our land.

3) We must be clear about our core Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) identity.  Forget the borders, the languages, the shades of color.  Our Nican Tlaca identity cancels out the scar of the rape of our people.  Mixed-blood or Full-blood, we are still Nican Tlaca.  The rape that has scared us does not matter---it is only a scar, that scar does not define us.

4) We must keep an awareness of the past and the ongoing crimes of the Europeans.  This means we should know our proper anger

----and that we should be teaching the Europeans on our continent their proper shame.

5) We must be conscious of our present slave condition.  It is a condition which we must confront with actions of liberation.  These actions can be best done through the Anahuac-centered education warrior work of the Mexica Movement.  The Mexica Movement is the warrior instrument which is leading our people to the total liberation of our people.  This liberation will end all European control over our lives and our continent.






































































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