October 23, 2005 EDITION

This petition is to serve as a complaint of racism and discrimination to the FCC, EEOC, and to the Spanish language commercial sponsors and marketing firms. 

This is also the beginning of a class action law-suit against Telemundo, Univision, and the other Spanish language television networks in the United States.

We petition the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), as well as all commercial sponsors, advertisers, and marketing firms to listen to our complaint of racism against Telemundo, Univision, and the other Spanish language television networks in the United States. We urge you to read and to listen to our complaint and to pressure these networks to end their racist practices. 

We who are the signers of this complaint, the people of Mexican and "Central American" descent who make up 82% of the so-called Hispanics/Latinos in the United States (2000 Census) and 92% of said "Hispanics/Latinos" in the Western United States, and other people of Indigenous descent, are the majority of the viewers of Telemundo, Univision, and of the other Spanish language television networks.  The Mexican segment of this population are the ones who started Spanish language television in the 1960's.  We had it slowly taken out of our community and out of our control.  

We sign this petition to show our protest against the racist practices of all of these Spanish language networks who discriminate against us and who defame, insult, and destroy our people and our true Indigenous heritage with their Hispanic and Latino colonial propaganda.

We, the people of Mexican and "Central American" descent, are overwhelmingly a mixed-blood and full-blood Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) people, by 99% of our population. We are not Hispanic (Spanish descent), not Latino (the Latin European people are the people who invaded and settled “Latin” “America” from Europe), not of European descent, not Spaniards, and we are definitely not Europeans (white) beyond 1% of our population.

We, the people of Mexican and "Central American" descent, have a glorious Pre-European history that goes back to 2300 B.C. with the Olmec civilization through to the great Maya civilization and down to the Mexica (so-called Aztec) civilizations. Teotihuacan in 500 A.D. was the largest city in the world. In 1519 Tenochtitlan (Mexico city) was larger than any city in Europe.  Tenochtitlan had a population of 350,000. London was Europe's largest city with a population of only 80,000 inhabitants.  Tenochtitlan had universities, universal education, 78 temple pyramids, astronomy, medicine, the largest marketplace in the world, zoos, botanical gardens, libraries, hospitals, and many other magnificent accomplishments that are among the wonders of this world: all of this on an island-city in a lake called Texcoco.  Our accomplishments were many, but our people and most of the world know nothing of this greatness. We have been intentionally kept ignorant by the Europeans since the 1519 invasion of Anahuac (the continent of "North America").

We, the people of Anahuac ( Mexicans, "Central Americans", and all of the "Indigenous" people of what is called North America ) developed our own calendar, the mathematical concepts of zero and vigesmal (decimal) point, hieroglyphic writing, elegant architecture, philosophies, literature, and other civilized arts.

When the Europeans came, they destroyed hundreds of our cities and towns, burned our libraries and art, tortured and killed our educators and leadership, annihilated our people by killing 95% or our population by the intentional use of smallpox biological warfare to wipe out our civilization.  23 million of us were killed in Mexico and "Central America".  Those of us who survived were terrorized, tortured, worked to death, and made victims of the other diseases that Europeans knowingly used against us.

Spaniards and their descendants enforced an ignorance on our people about all of our accomplishments and all of their crimes against us with the 1577 law of King Phillip II which prohibited the teaching of our heritage and our languages to our people. 

We are today ignorant of our great civilizations and of the genocidal and enslaving methods that Spaniards Europeans (and their descendants) have used against us in order to steal the wealth of our continent.

That is where we are today, subject to the colonial descendants of the tiny minority Spaniard Europeans are the true Hispanics or Latinos.  They impose the labels that apply to them (Hispanic/Latino and "Latin") on us as a way to exploit our demographics, our economic buying power, and to make us their cultural slaves. 

African Americans speak English, have some European blood and have British surnames, but that does not make them a British people or English, or of European heritage.  That same logic applies to us. African Americans are black and not European or British. People of Mexican and "Central American" descent are Nican Tlaca (Indigenous), Brown.  We are not European, not white. The less than 1% minority European descendants who unjustly dominate our lives and who practice discrimination based on national origin, race, and color, continue to enrich themselves by manipulationg the wealth and power that controls and governs our lives.

There is a long history of racism in the Spanish controlled "Americas". We the Nican Tlaca of Mexico, "Central America", and the United States are a people who have been invaded (1492, 1519, etc), colonized, exploited, raped and culturally castrated by Spaniard Europeans throughout our history. That history of racism and exploitations has not stopped in “Latin America”, and it has not stopped in the United States.  Over the last 25 years a neocolonialism and racism has taken root here in the United States via the Cuban (European descent) and South American (European descent) control of Telemundo and Univision, and later the other Spanish language television networks. The control of all of this racist media comes out of Miami, Florida.  There is no reason for our media to be controlled out of Miami.  Miami is not the top market in population or in the viewership of Spanish language television.  Los Angeles has the largest Spanish speaking population in the United States!

The Miami control of Spanish language media keeps all Spanish language television networks ”white" (European descent).  These networks are the only television that the majority of our people get.  The networks discriminate in their hiring practices in giving preference to European descent people in front of the camera, behind the camera, and in the content and point of view of their programming.  They impose a racist and colonialist agenda in their programming.

The financial success of the Miami racism against us is based on the 500 years of colonial racism and exploitation of our people and our media resources.  This new pirate-like method that uses the invade-destroy-occupy-exploit technique to enslave our population by taking away our resources is just a continuation of colonialism.  This Miami-based racism is just a duplication of what exists throughout “Latin” “America”.  The Miami formula for success is based on the 500 years of continued Spaniard exploitation and the cultural castration of the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) populations. 

We Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) are the vast majority of the viewership of Telemundo, Univision, and the other Spanish language networks.  The people who control these networks are not working in the interests of our people.  They are in fact working against the positive interests of our people.  Their racist control of our minds, identity, dignity, and economic well-being must come to an end.

We have been subjected to the loss of our identity as an Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) people every time this Miami-based racism forces on us their “Hispano” or “Latino” identity. Under a guise of unity we are fooled into celebrating the racial rape and cultural castration of our people by using terms like Mestizo and Raza to describe ourselves.  The Latino/Hispanic identity is a form of genocide against our people.  Under the racist and genocidal Hispanic/Latino agenda we have no future as a Nican Tlaca people. 

The propaganda machine of this genocidal agenda has white (European) faces and Cuban accents coming across our television sets, bombarding us daily with “Hispano” and “Latino” to destroy the self-esteem and the pride of the people of the Mexican, "Central American", and other Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) descent people.  The effects of this genocide can be seen in our communities in the form of the bleached blonds, blue-eyed contacts, bleached skin, plastic surgery to achieve a "European"look.

The shows, views, talent, politics, employees and the cultural content destroy all Nican Tlaca identity.  These networks promote the colonialist and genocidal White-European-Hispano-Latino agenda.

When the Nican Tlaca subject matter is mentioned, it is done in a patronizing manner, racist tone, or with a minimal amount of air time to give it a feeling of irrelevance.  We hardly see ourselves on Spanish language television.  And when we do we see ourselves, it is only in a negative or inferior light.

We are filing our complaint based on discrimination by national origin, color, and race.  We charge these networks with discrimination against the majority Nican Tlaca (Full-blood and Miixed-blood) viewership.

We are asking that the law of the land be enforced, through the FCC and the EEOC, against  Telemundo, Univision, and the other Spanish language television networks. The proof for our complaints can be found through simply viewing the programming and visiting the stations to see the overwhelming dominant white faces of the majority of the people who are employed as producers, talent, crew, writers, and all the forces that make up the European descent people who control the Spanish language networks.

Economic empowerment opportunity is being denied to the majority Nican Tlaca (Mexican and "Central American") population. Subliminal and racist propaganda is being bombarded against our people on an hourly basis. We are being programmed to adore things European, to hate ourselves, and to be permanently subservient to people of Spanish European descent.

We ask for the following remedies:

1) Use of the Rico Act as a federal enforcement tool against the historically documented organized criminal racism, exploitation, defamation, and cultural destruction of the Nican Tlaca population of the United States.

2) The full weight of the FCC and EEOC fines and penalties that will break up Telemundo and Univision.  Telemundo and Univision would each be broken up into two publicly owned segments.

One segment to encompass the market that is the U.S. Southwest, West and Midwest region of the United States.  This is the market for the Mexican and "Central American" descent population who are the majority of the viewership of all Spanish language television networks.  The majority of the assets should go into this new "Western" Telemundo and Univision. 

The other segment would serve the Eastern United States.

The assets for each segment should be proportionately distributed to its segment of viewership in each region. 

3) On air and all other talent and persons employed by Telemundo and Univision should reflect the race, interests, needs, education and empowerment of the Nican Tlaca population that makes up the majority of the viewership.

4) The Western new entities created out of the Telemundo and Univision corporate headquarters, funds, talent, employees and productions should be located in Los Angeles, California which is the largest Spanish language population, market, viewership and future in the Western segment, and in the United States.

5) The Eastern new segment should be headquartered in New York, New York, with all its funds, talent, employees and productions removed from Miami.

We ask that our petition be handled expeditiously and that any obstructions, delays, failure to cooperate, or use of air time to fight our complaint by Telemundo or Univision should be used as further proof of their guilt.

We the undersigned have read the two pages that make up this petition labeled PETITION TO THE FCC AND THE EEOC IN COMPLAINT OF RACISM AGAINST TELEMUNDO AND UNIVISION and agree to join in the complaint by signing onto this page.


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