This self-hating "Mexican" is a traitor to our ancestors and to the millions of our people that were slaughtered and whose culture was destroyed by the European Spaniards.

David Stannard wrote in AMERICAN HOLOCAUST: "...Genocide is the coordinated and planned annihilation of a national [Mexican]... or racial [Indigenous people] group by a variety of actions aimed at undermining the foundations essential to the survival of the group as a group [Mexicans]. [Raphael] Lemkin's definition included attacks on political and social institutions, culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of the group.  Even non-lethal acts that undermined the liberty, dignity, and personal security of members of a group constituted genocide if they contributed to weakening the viability of the group [our survival as an Indigenous Mexican people] . Under Lemkin's definition, acts of ethnocide... also qualified as genocide."

These are EDWARD JAMES OLMOS' racist and genocidal crimes:

1) He has promoted racism and genocide against our people with his last film, the Steven Spielberg produced film THE ROAD TO EL DORADO.  Olmos promoted our people as stupid, as whores, as savages, and he made it look as if the Spaniards came to save our lives in 1519.  The truth is that the Spaniards killed 95% (23 million) of our people.  They also raped our people, burned our libraries, destroyed our cities, massacred our leadership, and enslaved our population. This film was aimed at our children!  In this film Edward James Olmos is committing racist genocide by Lemkin's definition, by anyone's definition.

2)   These crimes are not new for this racist genocidal criminal.  Olmos was also involved with  'AMERICAN ME', a film which misrepresented our people and has encouraged gangs and crime to grow in our communities. This film has caused the death and crippling of thousands of our people because it encourages our teenagers to be part of gang culture.

3) He has also been spreading his racism and genocide against our people with his promotion of the racist genocidal terms "Hispanic" and "Latino", terms which are anti-Mexican, anti-Chicano, anti- "Central American", and anti-Indigenous.  Hispanic just means Spaniard.  Latino is another word for the colonialist people of southern Europe who invaded our lands.  We are not Spaniards, colonialists, or Europeans. Both words deny us our true Indigenous Anahuac heritage and identity.



It is obvious that you do not know nor do you care about the history of our people, the people of Anahuac (Mexico, "Central America", and the "Western United States").  We would like the world to know the information that we have sent you, and which you have rejected in your stubborn racist way.  This is the material:

Over the last five hundred years we have been lied to, made victims of genocide (23 million, 95% of our population killed), and have had our cities, art, libraries, leadership, and civilization destroyed. We have been forced to serve the interests of the European invader of our land, and to speak their languages (Spanish and English), use their names, and to serve their culture.  The branding of our people as "Hispanic" and/or "Latino" has made us slaves to the Eurocentric colonizing and parasitic exploitation and destruction of our people's lives, land, and our Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) Anahuac history and heritage.

We are today still serving the interests of the European colonizers, the Canadian, "American" and Spaniard-European descendants in both the English and Spanish speaking worlds of our lands.  We have no real control over our land, history, media, education, or the true present and future interests of our people.

 In the Spanish language and English speaking world we are forced to use the labels Hispanic (meaning Spaniard) and/or Latino (descendants of southern European colonizers) and to deny our Nican Tlaca identity (without giving recognition to even the minimal national identities of Mexican and "Central American" --- or the confusion of Chicano/Mexican-American).

 In Mexico, "Central America", and the "United States" we and the world have been kept in ignorance of our great Pre-European Anahuac history and of the crimes of the Europeans.  This is being done in order to keep us from our land and the wealth and power that our land would give us. We have been falsely told that we had nothing until the Europeans arrived, that we were uncivilized savages, of no worth, of no significance.  And of course Europeans and their descendants claim to be civilized and Christian in spite of their enslavement of our people, the theft of our lands and property, and the genocide of 23 million of our people --- how very Christian and how very civilized these people have been.

 We have been forced to submit to racism and to take the odious "mestizo" pride in the rape and defeat of our people.  "Mestizo" (mixed-blood) has been raped into us physically and/or mentally.  30% of our people have no Spanish blood and the other 60 to 68% are mixed-blood Nican Tlaca people who have been labeled with this false "mestizo" concept.

 Being mixed-blood Nican Tlaca does not negate being Nican Tlaca and it does not by default throw us into the dubious category of "generic human being" --- as Eddie Olmos would have us be.  The false "mestizo" concept denies us our true Nican Tlaca identity and our rights to our land and heritage.

 "Mestizo" is supposed to be a blend of Spaniard-European and Nican Tlaca, but there is no blend!

--- only Spanish language, Spanish names, Spanish religion, Spanish culture, Spaniard-descendant control, and the destruction of our people (as Nican Tlaca) through a slow process of economic enslavement and genocide.

 Genocide, in context of this document, needs to be understood.  In David Stannard's AMERICAN HOLOCAUST he quotes from Raphael Lemkin and puts it this way:

 "...genocide is the coordinated and planned annihilation of a national, religious, or racial group by a variety of actions aimed at undermining the foundations essential to the survival of the group as a group. [Raphael] Lemkin conceived of genocide as 'a composite of different acts of persecution or destruction'.  His definition included attacks on political and social institutions, culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of the group [Mexicans].  Even non lethal acts that undermined the liberty, dignity, and personal security of members of a group constituted genocide if they contributed to weakening the viability of the group [Mexicans].  Under Lemkin's definition, acts of ethnocide... also qualified as genocide.

 Genocide is the denial of the right of existence to entire human groups [one of them being the Mexican people], as homicide is the denial of the right to live of individual human beings.."

 Today we are being denied our right to exist as Nican Tlaca people --- the people of Anahuac, the Mexican people, the Mexica. Europeans and their descendants have weakened our viability as a group by diluting us with their "Hispanic" and ""Latino" labeling.  They have corralled us under these labels --- they have enslaved us to serve their interests.  We are in fact still victims of the theft of our land, the destruction of our history and identity, and we are slaves of the Europeans on our land and their Eurocentric interests, and their ongoing genocide of our people.

 The genocidal criminals include those true descendants of Spaniards --- Cubans and Argentines --- in Miami and elsewhere, and the Eurocentric and mostly false descendants of Spaniards in Mexico City. These criminal colonialists push their Eurocentric media, politics, history, and racist agenda on our people.

 Their control of our  media pushes white faces, false blondes, false histories and a colonialist mentality that is being spat upon our people on an hourly and daily basis.

 Our people are being taught self-hate and a ridiculous, lethal, and obsessive love of Europeans and of things European.  In turn this becomes a hate of our Nican Tlaca selves --- a hate of our ancestors, as witnessed by the proliferation of skin bleachers, bleached blondes and the exploding sales of blue-eyed contacts in all of our Nican Tlaca communities.

 As a result of this ongoing genocide, our people have no real leaders, no real cultural centers, and no real pride in our community or our Nican Tlaca Anahuac heritage.  We only have sell-outs and assimilationists leading us to the slow-motion genocide of our people. Assimilation is presented to us by the Eurocentric English language and "Hispanic/Latino" media and education systems as: our only future. Assimilation is in reality only the slow-motion killing of our people. Assimilation is genocide.

 We of the Mexica Movement refuse to allow our people to continue to be enslaved or destroyed as a people.  And we refuse to be assimilated. We will not allow this ongoing racist enslavement and genocide of our people to continue.

 We need the true defenders of our people to step forward and to join us as the educated warriors fighting in the interests of our people, as supporters or members of the Mexica Movement.  We need our people to join us in the defense of our people and against this slavery, this genocide machine.

 The Mexica Movement sees that there is only one realistic solution to ending this genocide and our ignorant enslavement to European interests.  That solution  is to educate our people and the world on the true and complete Anahuac history of our people as it was before the arrival of the Europeans.

 There is a rich history, great role models, and pride waiting for our people in this knowledge.  We, all people, need to know this great history of our people and we need to be taught the crimes that the Europeans committed in the Western Hemisphere and around the world. We all need to know this history in order to understand the reality of how we got to be where we are today:  ignorant, poor, culturally castrated slaves to the European genocidal interests that are destroying us. This ignorance, poverty, cultural castration, and slavery even affects those of us who are middle class and in professions that are considered the domains of the wealthy and empowered.

 There is great glory,  pride, comfort, and hope for our people in knowing the true and complete histories of our people (and we also know that there is great shame and embarrassment for descendants of the Europeans who continue to profit from the genocide of our people, the enslavement of our people to their interests, and theft of our land). All of the reality of the  knowledge of this truth, these crimes, and our pride will transform our people into a creative, significant, and relevant people, once again.

 The Mexica Movement is dedicated to ending our ignorance, ending our cultural enslavement to Europeans, and ending the ongoing genocide of our people.  This can only be done through a new beginning for our people as an educated people --- educated in our own interests!  We realize that ignorance keeps most of our own people fighting against their own interests.  And when we do fight in our interests it is usually too passive, too little, and always too late.  As the best example of this we can point to how difficult it has been for our people to fight or resist the deceit and racism of the colonialist Cuban Miami community (Havana Cubans are not the same, we have no quarrel with them).

 Miami Cubans boldly and without shame continue their exploitation of our people's media, demographics, buying power, and they continue their cultural castration and distortion of our heritage.  These racist-colonialist Cubans do this to enrich and empower what they perceive as their own white race --- and their Cuban community at the expense of our people who pay with "Hispanic/Latino" cultural enslavement and genocide.

 They use the false "Hispanic" and/or "Latino" labels as a way to seduce our people into being willing slaves of the Eurocentric racist interests that are exploiting and killing our people.  A perfect example of this is the "Latino Grammy's" of September 2000 in which the racist Miami Cubans excluded Mexican music and favored Cuban and other white Spanish language Eurocentric music and artists.

 It has been and is the duty of the Mexica Movement to educate and confront those who use ignorance, racism, and genocide as weapons against our people.  We will continue to fight against all of the racist people who threaten the existence of our people, and our true Pre-European Anahuac history.  We will also confront those of our own people who exploit and/or enslave our people to Eurocentric interests and the racist genocide machine. This includes you Eddie Olmos!  Mr. Almost Mexican!  Mr. Never Mexican!

 We, as the Mexica Movement, have chosen to focus on teaching the unknown Pre-European Anahuac history of our people and the crimes of the Europeans in the "Western Hemisphere" because it is the only way for us to begin to understand ourselves in context of our situation (ignorance, slavery, poverty, and our people's bizarre and racist shame in not being European --- a false shame that has been force on us).

 You cannot begin in ignorance to find the solution to anything.  You need to know (which means doing research) where you have been (which is history) in order to understand where you are (ignorant, enslaved, on our own land, in an ongoing genocide) and where you should be in the future (in knowledge and courage without Europeans controlling our lives or our land).

 Vendidos (sell-outs) have been part of the ignorance of our people. They have knowingly  participated in the ongoing genocide and destruction of our people --- with their promotion of the anti-Indigenous (and anti-Mexican, anti-Chicano, anti- "Central American") terms "Hispanic" and "Latino".

 In the film industry which is the most influential of all media, vendidos (like Eddie Olmos) have in the past participated in the production of films where they themselves did not hire Mexicans to play Mexicans (in good films like La Bamba, Selena and Mi Familia, and in racist films like Road To El Dorado and countless other lesser known films).

 Vendidos have fanned the proliferation of Cuban, Puerto Rican and other actors at the expense of developing Mexican and Chicano/Chicana artists. Selena was played by a Puerto Rican.  That same actress has gone on to play another great Mexican: Frida Kahlo.  This anti-Mexican pattern in films and television has reached epidemic proportions. Vendidos have knowingly or unknowingly been part of this anti-Mexican racism.

 Vendidos and vendidas have spread their poison through the use of the enslaving and genocidal "Hispanic" and "Latino" labels.  They are doing this in history books, novels, music, commentaries, editorials, art, film, schools, universities, organizations, and cultural groups.  They have even penetrated into our families and into our individual concepts of who we are.   We are not Hispanic or Latino!  We are Nican Tlaca!  We are Mexica!  We are the people of Anahuac!


 We close this letter by reminding you that we demanded that you repudiate your involvement in THE ROAD TO EL DORADO and AMERICAN ME. You refused to repudiate these films or to meet with us.  In this document we confront you for your criminal genocidal actions and for your treason to our people!

 You claim that you need no label, but you promote "Hispanic" and "Latino" while denying us our Mexican/Nican Tlaca identity.  You claim to be "just a human being".  How convenient for you!  How vendido of you!   How monstrous of you! 

Since you  claim that you are not Chicano/Mexicano or Nican Tlaca, we demand that you stop doing films or projects having to do with our people.  Do projects about anyone but our people!

You will respect this last demand or we will continue to picket you and boycott your projects until you are no longer involved in spreading your poison, racism, and genocide.  You have done too much damage with your racist "I'm just a human being" routine.  You refuse to reform your racist genocidal ways.  The whole world must know that you are a racist genocidal vendido.  You must be stopped because of your criminal actions against our people.  Leave our people!   Leave us completely!  Don't do films about us! 


1) Eddie Olmos is confronted by members of the Mexica Movement, as a reporter from La Jornada (a Mexican national newspaper) looks on.

2) A crowd gathers around to listen to the exchange.

3) Members of the Mexica Movement confront Eddie Olmos at the "Latino" Film Festival in Hollywood, in July 2000. Eddie Claims the he needs no labels -- but he forces the "Latino" and "Hispanic" labels on us to keep our people enslaved, ignorant, poor, land less, and victims of racism and genocide.

ion call (323) 981-0352


Protest at the Laemmle's Theater in West Los Angeles




This self-hating "Mexican" is a traitor and a dishonor to our people, and to
Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Alfaro Siqueiros


"This movie should be played by a Mexican. I want to tell this story about my country and my people."

Hayek demanded when there were two rival FRIDA films being proposed by non-Mexicans Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. But when she finally gets to produce the only Frida film herself, she refuses to hire Mexicans for the lead roles. This film is an insult to the 30 Million plus Mexican community of the "United States" and the one hundred million Mexicans of Mexico. Salma hired two Europeans for the FRIDA film to play two of the most Mexican of Mexican historical figures: Rivera and Siqueiros. Diego Rivera is being played by Alfredo Molina, a European of Spaniard and Italian parents, born in England. David Alfaro Siqueiros is being played by Antonio Banderas, A Spaniard European who has made a career out of playing Mexicans in Hollywood. DESPERADO and ZORRO, and a failed attempt to play in a proposed ZAPATA film, a film on our great hero and national icon Emiliano Zapata. This last project was killed due to our organization's picketing of Disneyland and Disney products for over a year.

It is sad for our community that we have been denied the opportunity to develop talent for the film and television industry. It is also sad for Hollywood that they have discriminated against Mexicans in general. This is the 2002 and they still refuse to hire Mexicans to play Mexicans. This is beyond racism. It is absurd. Yes, we know that there are some exceptions. But those exceptions make up less than 3% of the Mexican role that our community could have had. This is why we say "shame on you Salma Hayek!"

This in reality is all about Hollywood racism and discrimination against Mexicans. Salma Hayek has now joined in that criminal activity. Salma has also, subtly, distanced herself from here Mexican heritage by focusing on her "Arab" father and "Spanish" mother, thus negating any Mexican heritage in her. She has done this to give out the message that she is more European than Mexican (Indigenous). We can only guess that this means that Salma Hayek is not really Mexican.

To give you a better context to this problem we will present to you a short list of television and film productions that were about Mexican descent characters, but had no actors of Mexican descent playing those role:
LA BAMBA (Lou Diamond Philips and Esai Morales are not of Mexican descent);

TRAFFIC (Puerto Ricans);

SELENA (Jennifer Lopez is Puerto Rican);

ALL THE PRETTY HORSES (Penelope Cruz, a Spaniard);
MI FAMILIA (Mostly Puerto Ricans);

RESURRECTION BLVD. (no Mexicans at all in the top leads);

AMERICAN FAMILY (Brazilians, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, a Bolivian and a self Proclaimed human being, but no Mexicans).

When is our community going to be able to write, produce, direct, or star in films about our people, when Spaniards, Puerto Ricans, Brazilians and Cubans and everyone else is playing Mexicans? Those communities are exploiting our culture and history. They are enriching there own communities ( Cuban,Spaniard, and Puerto Rican) with the wealth and acclaim, that should have gone to our community.

We know most of us don't recognize the ridiculous Puerto Rican accent on a supposed norteño Mexican in TRAFFIC. The same problem exists for the Spaniard accent of Antonio Banderas in all of the films were he played a Mexican. This nonsense is like passing off Flamenco dancing as Mexican dancing, or Chinese egg rolls as Mexican burritos. If you are an ignorant Kansas European-American it does not matter.

There is racism in this. This is the same racism that forces the Hispanic and Latino labels on our Mexican and "Central American" community as a way to destroy our identity and history. Though this racist nonsense a Spaniard is the same as a Mexican Mayan or a Brazilian is the same as a Chicano from East LA. In a lot of ways this is way beyond just racist. It is genocide: the willful destruction of our community's identity, heritage, and ecenomic sustanance.

These racist hiring practices are the case in 95% - 100% of the projects that are about Mexican culture or history. Is Hollywood ever going to grow out of racism? We are not asking to play Vikings or Malcolm X. What we are asking is that all roles of Mexicans be played by Mexicans.

A closing note to Salma Hayek: This is all about your career nothing about the Mexican people. We do not want you to play anymore Mexican roles! You have insulted our people, and betrayed whatever may have once existed in you that was Mexican.



We, at first, were surprised and shocked to see your company's name attached to this racist attack on our Mexican and "Central American" Indigenous history, heritage, and dignity. Your film portrays the only three Indigenous characters as: one who is pure evil; another one who is cowardly and stupid; and the third one who is a thief and a whore who offers herself sexually to the "white man". That, plain and simple, is racist.

How else is this film racist? This film ignores and hides the genocide and other crimes perpetrated by the Spaniards. It portrays the Spaniards as fun-loving adventurers, innocent of the Nazi-like crimes that were committed against us. It makes insignificant the destruction of our civilizations, their enslavement of our people, the rape of our population, the destruction of our culture, and their continuation of these crimes to the present day (see bibliography at end of this letter; also see proof of this with Spanish language television's blatantly anti-Indigenous colonialist imposition of the Hispanic and Latino labels on our non-Hispanic and non-Latino Indigenous-majority population).

Racism is alive and powerful in your film! It is hard to understand how a film like this ever got produced, outside of Hitler's Germany or early 20th century America (BIRTH OF A NATION and other films like it). What is harder still to understand is how anyone from the Jewish community would support this movie. We are particularly disappointed in you because you are the man who made that great and powerful film: SCHINDLER'S LIST. You should know better, in light of the Jewish community's concern with the denial of the holocaust. It is beyond belief to find that you have joined with the rest of the media and the prevailing wind of "passive" (subliminal and polite) racism that denies the existence of the 16th century Nazi-like Spaniard genocide of our people in Mexico and "Central America".

The time has come for us to confront you for following racist convention in your film. We DEMAND that you stop the distribution of this film that is nothing but racism, sexism, lies, insults, and ignorance.

The Spaniards wiped out the Indigenous population of the Caribbean (variously estimated at 3 to 10 million human lives). In Mexico and "Central America" they killed 23 million of our people (killing 95% of our population from 1519 to 1580). This is all well documented. These Spaniards were not "explorers", "adventurers", "frontiersmen", "romantic guys" or any other such euphemism. They were pirates, thieves, murderers, enslavers, rapists, graverobbers, kidnappers, savages, and serial genocidal maniacs who committed their crimes through five centuries of European and European squatter (so-called settler) trespassing, profit-taking, greed, and lies. There was a European collective failure of conscience, morality, ethics, and justice that could have stopped these uncivilized crimes. "Do unto others as you would have done unto you" totally failed. Christianity failed because there was no sign of Christianity in the Europeans who invaded. "Western Civilization" failed because there was nothing civilized in their invasion of our lands. This invasion set records of land theft, genocide, enslavement, injustice, and duration of these crimes against humanity.

In addition to the serial (1492 to the present) genocide perpetrated against our people, the Spaniards also executed our leadership (Spaniards had a particular skill for killing our people when they were unarmed) , destroyed our cities (three of them larger than Europe's largest city, which was London at that time), burned our libraries (we had books, literature, universities, a calendar, mathematics, astronomy, and many other "civilized requirements"), and finally they culturally castrated our people so that we were unable to make our own history or to reproduce ourselves authentically and free, as an independent Indigenous people.

The descendants of these Spaniards, and other Europeans, did and are doing these crimes against us in order to continue possessing our land and to enslave us to the interests of all the Europeans who control the world's land, labor, education, and commerce.. This enslavement is still going on (look at the white faces of Spanish language television that dominate our lives, and the loss of our Indigenous languages and heritage, and also look at the fact that the richest and most powerful people in Mexico are still the "full-blood" European descendants of Spaniards–––it's not because they're smarter, it's because they are still profiting from the crimes of their ancestors).

In an earlier version of this letter we had written, "It is obvious that you are not consciously working to distort our history and of course you are not intentionally denying the genocide of our people." We no longer believe that statement because you have repeatedly ignored our complaints. You are more than just passively participating in the ugly secret of the Spaniards. You are aggressively, commercially, aiming this film at children and their parents, of all races and cultures around the world, who will be poisoned with your racist lies. In this, you are guilty of spreading racist propaganda against the Indigenous people of Mexico and "Central America", and elsewhere in this hemisphere. It is irresponsible of you, and it is disrespectful to our people, to project your racist and genocide-denying film to the children and the people of the world.

Instead of this attack on our history and culture –––where you have the evil Indigenous priest (a caricature along the lines of Nazi-portrayed rabbis), and our people being portrayed as buffoons, whores, and cowards–––you could have educated the world on the beauty of the world that existed here before the invasion of the Spaniards. You could have shown the Spaniards in the full truth of their own words. You can find all of these words (without a hint of shame) in their own journals, chronicles, and other written evidence that details their Nazi-like crimes.

You and the rest of "Western Civilization" cannot continue with the denial of the genocide of our people––and the lies, omissions, distortions, and biases that cover up the true history of Europeans in the Western Hemisphere.

The Spaniards and the rest of the Europeans were not invited here. No matter how many lies are told, this fact cannot change. We did not freely offer up our land, our labor, our wealth, our lives, or our women. Nor did we freely accept the cultural and physical enslavement of our people. We will not allow the destruction of our civilizations and the genocide of 95% (23 million human lives) of our population to be forgotten––just because it is an inconvenience and embarrassment to most of the European Squatter Nations in the Western Hemisphere.

This complaint is about crimes against humanity, much like the crimes against the Jews in World War II. Hidden crimes. Hiding crimes. Ignoring crimes. Your film callously laughs at our near extinction. It ridicules our civilization, our theology, and the worth of our lives and dignity. You demonize our clergy, and our people as a whole. All of this negativity is of course in the context of an implied perfection of society in Europe at the same time. That is a lie. Look at the racist treatment of Jews in Europe of the 1500's, as an example of uncivilized European behavior. There were burnings of heretics (a form of human sacrifice) and the tortures and killings of the Catholic Inquisition. Europe's society was far from just, far from being truly civilized (by today's standards, which is how we are being judged).

ROAD TO EL DORADO is done as if we no longer exist. There are over 40 million full-blood Indigenous people in Mexico and "Central America" alone, another 90 million of us who are mixed-blood Indigenous people, not counting those 20 to 25 million full-blood and mixed-blood Indigenous people of Mexican and "Central American" descent in the "United States".

You and the Jewish community (and our own community) would be justifiably upset if this cartoon was about a Nazi commandant (portrayed as a happy-go-lucky romantic guy) in a "recreational" Jewish camp during World War II. In that Jewish "recreational" camp he is constantly looking to get rich off of the Jewish campers. Add to this, that he falls in love (lust) with a Jewish girl and then lives happily ever after with the wealth he mysteriously acquires from Jews at the camp–––without ever mentioning Nazi racism, persecution of Jews in Europe, or the holocaust of the Jewish people. You would not accept this as a "complete fantasy/fairy tale" that is "not based on any historical fact or reality" and that it is without "political overtones of any kind"–––as your DREAMWORKS head of marketing wrote to us in her letter in reference to ROAD TO EL DORADO.

We DEMAND that you:
1) Stop the distribution of this film. Our children will suffer untold horrors of racism (additional to the European imposed self-hate and ignorance of identity and history that is already there) as a result of this film. The rest of the children of the world will learn racist sociopathic attitudes and reaffirm their distortions, lies, and ignorance about the Indigenous people and the civilizations of Mexico and "Central America".

2) Destroy this film. It will haunt you the rest of your life, or leave you remembered much like Leni Riefenstahl––who is now only remembered as a Nazi propagandist. Or at best like D.W. Griffith (BIRTH OF A NATION) who is acknowledged but not personally admired by most decent people.

We PROPOSE that you make amends by:
1) Do a commercial television mini-series (along the lines of ROOTS) that will tell of the glory and the pride of 4,300 years of Indigenous Anahuac (Mexico and "Central America") civilization.

2) Encourage Universal Studios, and the other media that employs less than one percent of our population in above the line positions (our Indigenous Mexican and "Central American" population is about half of the population of Los Angeles county and over 70% of the school children in the county school system), to build a Mexican and "Central American" Indigenous museum that will tell the world of the details of our 4,300 years of civilization, and the horrors of the genocide of our people and the destruction of our civilizations.

3) Currently the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles denies, by ignoring and failing to realistically present, the genocide of our people. We would appreciate your influence in correcting that disgraceful, infamous, and dishonorable Eurocentric omission that may have lead to your actions and inactions on this film.







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