What Is Racism ?

Racism is defined as: the belief that one "racial group" is superior to another  
[We Nican Tlaca, the Indigenous people of this continent do not consider ourselves superior or inferior to Europeans. Europeans on the other hand have historically claimed to be superior to all non-white people];

It also refers to the racist practices of the self-proclaimed superior group to maintain its control, usually colonial, over those that they see as the inferior group. Racism is often defined as a combination of
the power of controlling the society of those it considers inferior  
[We Nican Tlaca do not control European colonials on our continent], 

and discrimination to keep the "inferiors" from power or wealth
[We Nican Tlaca are not keeping "whites" from power or wealth].

Racism has been historically promoted and justified on a massive scale by European colonial nations (Spain, Portugal, France, England, and Holland) worldwide, 

  • in the thefts of land and wealth, 

  • and the deadliest and most savage massacres

  • enslavements

  • and genocides that the world has ever seen. The holocaust of our people over the last 500 years has been hidden from the world, from our own people, and even from Europeans.

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End of Ignorance