We are poor because we have been robbed of all of the wealth of our continent.  Our oil, forests, rivers, farmlands, minerals, and all the other wealth of our continent is being stolen from us every day by Europeans and descendants of Europeans who have stolen the wealth of our continent. 

Forget Aztlan, Mexico, "Central America", and the "borders" of the Spaniards, this whole continent is ours.  We Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) are all one people, divided by the European occupation of our continent.  Don't get fooled by the borders or the languages, or the shades of color in our people. 

This is the reality check that you need to make about our continent and our people.

We don't make any aggressive or even small effort claim  to our land, our continent, or our rights to the wealth of our continent.  Therefore, Europeans think that we don't mind being robbed and kept poor.  But the reality is that most of our people don't know the simple fact that we own ALL OF THIS CONTINENT, and that we are being robbed of the immense wealth of our continent.